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Ace Troubleshooter - Madness Of The Crowds (2002)

Average User Rating: 8.78 out of 10
Total votes: 18 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 7

1. The Madness of the Crowds
2. 2:00 Your Time
3. Have It All
4. Amanda
5. Age of Gold
6. Estella
7. Out To Sea
8. But For Grace
9. Let's Go Away
10. Numinous
11. Your Reach

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Posted on 02-29-2004 by Jimvee
This cd is just kinda blah. The vocals are monotone and boring, the lyrics nosensible and pointless, and the music unimaginative and repetitive. Mediocre is the best word to describe it. The first track is the only song worth listening to.

Posted on 05-05-2004 by Unregisted
I got this CD awhile ago and I have to say I like it better than the first Ace CD. It's more varied and interesting, and Age of Gold has a really delicious solo, something you don't see much in punk rock. 2:00, Crowds, AoG, Amanda, But For Grace and Numinous are standouts.

Posted on 06-29-2003 by AllTheWayLive86
Not a bad cd. I liked the first cd better. There are a few songs the cd could definately do without, like track 6. Awesome drum parts, good guitar riffs, and the first Ace solo! These guys are awesome live. I give it a 9.

Key tracks: 2:00 Your Time, Out to Sea, Age of Gold(solo), Your Reach, Amanda.

Posted on 07-29-2004 by j0s1ah
one of my favorite cds,
2:00 your time, estella, and have it all are my fav songs on here.

Posted on 08-16-2003 by jilltinrock
the madness of the crowds is a great cd. i love it sooo much. "have it all" is a beautiful song, but is on the happy christmas cd re recorded and sounds even better. "numinous" is a wonderful worship song. "amanda" and "2:00 your time" are so fun. and "madness of the crowd" is super fun too. "estella" is rad

Posted on 09-05-2005 by Andrew
While this CD doesn't suck at all, it comes very close to doing so. But it is entertaining.


Posted on 11-14-2003 by Skeeter
Top quality. This has swiftly become one of my favorite CDs.

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