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Dogwood - Building A Better Me (2000)

Average User Rating: 9.14 out of 10
Total votes: 7 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 5

1. The Good Times
2. There's Room For Everyone
3. Building A Better Me
4. Comes Crashing
5. Autobiographies
6. Mycro
7. Come Back Down
8. The Battle Of Them Vs. Them
9. Cheat Me
10. Someone See
11. The Bad Times (Reprise)
12. Overexposed
13. The Bad Times
14. Truth About It Is
15. Great Literature
16. Nothing New

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Posted on 01-06-2003 by Muffinly
Dogwoods best cd. i think it's the best punk cd out there.

9! all the songs are great.

Posted on 03-05-2005 by DKelly
This CD is so awesome. These guys play some of the best punk in all of Christian music
Favorite songs are;
The Good Times,
Building a Better Me,
and Come Crashing.

Posted on 04-04-2003 by matt_aragon
My second favorite Dogwood cd. Musically it's in a safe place not too hard and not too poppy just where dogwood likes to be. Lyrically, it's a story about growing up and going through life. I'd say tied w/ "seismic" for 2nd best and only outdone by the unbelievable "live from chain reaction" cd.

Posted on 04-10-2003 by punker15
this is dogwood's second best cd. my favorite songs are crashing down and building a better me.

i give it a 9

Posted on 07-10-2002 by Insyder778
This band continues to amaze me.
I loved everyone of their last albums, and this one is no exception. Every song is right in your face. I give these guys a 9.

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