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Chapman, Steven Curtis - Signs Of Life (1996)

Average User Rating: 8.29 out of 10
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1. Lord Of The Dance
2. Children Of The Burning Heart
3. Signs Of Life
4. The Walk
5. Let Us Pray
6. Free
7. Only Natural
8. Rubber Meets The Road
9. Celebrate You
10. What Would I Say
11. Land Of Opportunity
12. Hold On To Jesus

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Posted on 03-09-2005 by Unregisted
This album is absolutely brilliant. You almost have to be a musician at times to hear the genus of the execution. It’s amazingly interesting in it’s intricacies and detail – yet it’s presented in such a manner that the casual listener will enjoy it also. The lyrics are terrific. “Lord of the Dance” nails the heart of what life is all about, and every other song is packed with tremendous HEART and lessons in life. This man definitely knows the heart of God and is clearly a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

Posted on 08-15-2005 by matt j t
this has some really good songs on it but not my favorite CD

Posted on 10-11-2002 by Andrew
an 8. good disc overall.

Posted on 11-09-2003 by SCCdcTFreak
Even though I think Speechless was his best cd, this is my favorite cd, 'cuz I'm a major fan of blues and bluegrass. Lord of the Dance starts it off beautifully and it's just got that sweet blues theme going all the way through it. Also, "What I Would Say" is a very touching song to me, 'cuz I have always wondered what I would say if I was to talk to my biological father. I've heard he's done a lot of bad things and was not a very nice person, but nonetheless I would forgive him. I have to say, though that my [i]real[/i] father is the man that actually love me, raised me and married my mother despite the fact she already had two young children when they met. A beautiful song, though.

In Him,
† <>< Stephen :cool:

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