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Card, Michael - Poiema (1994)

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1. The Poem Of Your Life
2. The Basin And The Towel
3. Things We Leave Behind
4. Earthly Perfect Harmony
5. Home
6. Lowden's Prayer
7. The Poem Of Your Life (Reprise)
8. The Edge
9. Hope
10. Bearers Of The Light
11. The Greening Of Belfast
12. For F.F.B.
13. Sunrise Of Your Smile

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Posted on 09-30-2002 by JustFollowing
From the opening of "Poem of your Life", you know this cd will challenge and uplift you. It asks you, on a personal level, where you are in your walk with our Lord. Can you take up a basin and towel and wash the feet of those who will run at the first sight of trouble and then can you still love them? The words attach themselves to our souls and make us long for the presence of our Father and "Home". I cannot help but cry joyful yet, sometimes,
apprehensive tears when listening to "Sunrise our your Smile" as I think of my own children and what a blessing, though trial, they have been to me. Michael is truly a man who is after God's own heart and is a man who God has used to open our eyes.:)

Posted on 10-21-2002 by vechung
Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics. What makes Michael Card's album great are his lyrics. Music is ok. Some of the songs could use a better melody. However, the lyrics makes up for all the short coming.

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