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Big Tent Revival - Amplifier (1998)

Average User Rating: 9.5 out of 10
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1. Still Breathing
2. Lovely Mausoleum
3. God Made Heaven
4. Someday
5. Jimmy
6. Star In The Book Of Life
7. Wouldn't It Be Cool
8. Psalm 72
9. What Would Jesus Do?
10. Ready- Steady- Go

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Posted on 01-10-2003 by Insyder778
I respect the guys for their message God Bless em', but otherwise, I didn't really like this cd.

Posted on 01-20-2011 by JumboJack
One of my alltime fave CD's.
Psalm 72 is an awesome praise song.
"Jimmy" rocks as does the bonus track "West Memphis Lawyer"..

Posted on 09-22-2003 by PKfanSteph
This is definitely the most electric of all their albums. It's a lot of fun with some great modern southern rock and blues. And it does have that very live, raw, edgy feel to it.

Posted on 11-08-2002 by rockin4theking
Big Tent Revival's 3rd album, Amplifier, is full of rock guitars, strong lyrics, and a band at it's best. If you're a fan of old-school Memphis-style blues-rock, then look no farther than this release for an hour plus of audio bliss.

This was Big Tent's best release, showing the most artistry and best overall sound. Lead singer Steve Wiggins described this album as "what we sound like live," and that's a good thing.

As far as secular artists to compare to, this album captures the same feel as Matchbox 20; it pays homage to classic blues rock while maintaining a modern identity.


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