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All Together Separate - All Together Separate (1999)

Average User Rating: 9.54 out of 10
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Total comments: 8

1. On & On
2. Face To Face
3. No Condemnation
4. Paradigm
5. Eternal Lifestyle
6. The River
7. Revolution
8. Something Electric
9. Magic Show
10. So Hard I Try
11. Camouflage Soul
12. Truth About God
13. It Will Be Worth It All

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Posted on 05-11-2003 by JammerBoo
yeah they jammed. They were so good live too. I had the blessing of seeing then worship every sunday at my church...Then they got big time, and did all that touring...the they got all murried and stuff...and now theyre broken up...well I shouldnt say broken up...God is taking them in different directions. So yall cheerish the albums ya got, because unless they go and make a reunion album, thats all youre gonna get.:cowboy: (that cowboy has nothing to dowith my message...I just like it)

Posted on 05-23-2003 by JCarpzilla
These guys are easily one of the most interesting groups in the CCM world right now. Defining their style is at best impossible except to say that they ROCK! Their funk/soul/rock/pop/jazz/gospel/ music just wowed me the moment I heard it. I picked this one up a couple of years ago on a whim and it is still one of my favorite albums. I work at a music store and I was playing this cd in the store one day and one of our drum teachers came up and said to me "who is this drumming here? sounds like David Garibaldi" and I was pleased to inform him that it was a local christian band who made it big! I had the pleasure of meeting most of the band when Ben, the drummer, when he married an old youth group friend of mine. These guys are a real class act as well as being extremely talented. They get a "10" from me.

Posted on 07-01-2005 by david "k"
i met these guys at a calvary chapel men's retreat, and it's no suprise that such awesome individuals can produce such intense music. These guys aren't just singing lyrics and playing instruments... they are worshiping JESUS with the gifts they've been given, and certainly inspiring those who genuinely love JESUS to, "...Stand and Be Counted!!..."
Praise YAH!!!

Posted on 07-19-2002 by dj_buke
they rock, I heard there songs and they just rock, I wanna see these guys in concert

Posted on 07-29-2004 by bmcneal

Posted on 08-30-2002 by GRibbit
ATS Rocks!!! They've got to be one of the best bands I'VE heard in a long time. But that's just me :kgrin:

Posted on 11-19-2002 by codyofthejungle
.........because they sure sound like it.and they also sound like they rock.with a mix of hard rock,funk,jazz,soul, and pop.these guys offer up a wonderfully eclectic artistic album.and did i mention the lyrics rock too.

theres just something about this band that i can't put my finger on,btu it's that same unknown thing that draws me to their music.there is just something special about this band.the production is so amazingly smooth,btu theres still an indie feel to this album.they take the sounds of their neighbor so-cal band incubus,mellow it out a little,add a dollup of jazz,then stir in some Jesus,to produce in my opinion,one of Christian music's best recordings to date.
i highly recommend this album to anyone that is looking to a christian alternative to incubus/hoobastank,and to anyoen that just like well produced ahead of their time bands.

i gave this album a ten

Posted on 12-27-2002 by Heavy C
Can you hear it now:

"And now ladies gentlemen, entering the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in their first year of eligiblity, a band whose unique musical sound and bold lyrics have echoed God's praise since their selft-tittled release way back in 1999, without further adiue I give you the first inductee for the 2024 Gospel Music Hall of Fame, ALL TOGETHER SEPARATE!
(defeaning applause, rednecks at home screaming like they're in the audience)


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