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Supertones - Live Vol. 1 (2002)

Average User Rating: 9.59 out of 10
Total votes: 17 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 8

1. Unite
2. Unknown
3. Resolution
4. What It Comes To
5. Grounded
6. Sure Shot
7. Jury Duty
8. Adonai
9. Away From You
10. You Are My King - Amazing Love
11. Holiness
12. Open The Eyes Of My Heart
13. Little Man
14. Return Of The Revolution
15. So Great A Salvation
16. Who Can Be Against Me
17. Strike Back

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Posted on 06-14-2002 by Mugga Please
If your a supertone fan then def pick this cd up. It captures their live concerts and sounds great (was very well some big name sound guys too i think). But i only give this cd a 8 because after all....its a live mix live cd's cant really get up to the "THIS CD IS AWESOME!!" level. But after listening to it a lot it really grows on you and becomes a cd of itself.

Posted on 06-14-2002 by Mark
GREAT cd! I bought this one on a whim after hearing "Who can be against me?" and just bought it. I have been VERY pleased with it. I love the great SKA sound that they produce, and having a Live volume makes it more energetic.

Its not one of those cd's were you're gonna instantly learn each word of every song, but you can usually pick up the choruses easily.

The Trombones and trumpets make this cd great, there are some great intrumental interludes in here.

GReat cd, it makes me want to by more of the Supertones cds.

Posted on 07-02-2002 by Dr. Doom
this is a phenomenal cd! buy it! even if you have never heard of them before! i personally think all the songs on here sound better than the origianl versions. it has a great mix of old and new stuff. if it had a few more of my favorite songs i would say it is my favorite cd!

Posted on 07-26-2003 by maestro7
This was my first Supertones CD. I'd heard the songs on their web site and was expecting something similar, but instead I got 17 songs that blew me away and caused me to buy every other Supertones album in quick succession. =) Highly recommended!

Posted on 07-27-2003 by Art
I gave it an 8... only because for me, the replayability isn't as high as I would like. I am not sure why... it's a great CD, but I don't like to listen to it very often.

Posted on 07-29-2003 by OneWithTheMud
I got this CD a few days a go and listened to it today. I had never bought it before because I thought, "Hmm, a live CD. It can't be that great." Well, I'm glad I finally bought it because it rocks. Listening to it brings back fond memories from the times I saw Supertones in concert. I ended up giving it a 9 because it was [I]almost[/I] perfect.

Posted on 07-30-2003 by Art
:o Live CDs are ALWAYS great. Well, not always. But they always have great potential. :)

Posted on 10-23-2002 by jude
This CD is GREAT.
Having a live CD really brings the most personality to any band, and the supertones already have a lot!
my fav. song is probably

who can be against me, and grounded

i gave it a ten, even though i am a skillet fan.

they should tour together, with switchfoot and the benjamion gate!

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