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Thousand Foot Krutch - Set It Off (2001)

Average User Rating: 9.15 out of 10
Total votes: 55 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 32

2. Puppet
3. Supafly
4. When In Doubt
5. Rhime Animal
6. Unbelievable
7. Up Comes Down
8. Come Along
9. Small Town
10. Set It Off
11. All The Way Live
12. Lift It

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Posted on 02-21-2005 by Symbiotic
so, so, so.....ummm.....GREAT!!!...gets a 9

Posted on 03-07-2003 by kstone
this cd is tight, "all the way live" is probably the most underrated song on the cd...the whole thing is great tough (puppet, supafly, when in doubt, unbelievable... the list goes on) and the variety is great...if you dont have it get it

Posted on 04-06-2003 by punker15
is seems tfc has copied the track names of other cds. set it off was the hit single on P.O.D.'s sattelite. and lift was the name of one of audio adrenaline's albums.

never the less... GREAT MUSIC

i give it an 8

Posted on 04-07-2003 by kstone
thousand foots cd came put before both P.O.D.s Boom cd so set it off is definetly original and it came out befor audio a's Lift check you dates before you start making accusations


Posted on 04-12-2003 by HomeSkooledBoy
I just herd one of TFK's new songs (called Bounce), it was on that new sampler cd. It was pretty good. Not the best, but hey, I liked it.

Posted on 04-15-2003 by SoccerAaron
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by punker15 [/i]
[B]is seems tfc has copied the track names of other cds. set it off was the hit single on P.O.D.'s sattelite. and lift was the name of one of audio adrenaline's albums.

never the less... GREAT MUSIC

i give it an 8 [/B][/QUOTE] It's TFK. Thousand Foot [B]K[/B]rutch:p

Posted on 05-02-2003 by yeah_im_a_freak
A sweet cd. It got kinda old since I listened to it over and over tho. When In Doubt is a really cool song.

Posted on 05-02-2003 by stinkins
I like the majority of this has quite a few hits on it...then then and few tracks that make you wonder why they did them. Those tracks (in my mind), include 8, 4...

Lift It is a fantastic praise song, though...

Posted on 05-14-2004 by Jimvee
Hey, something I didn't notice before, these guys have an greast bassist. I usually don't notice bass parts that much, but on this cd the bass gets a lot of room to play, and the stuff he does is tight, really original, I think. I don't play bass much, so I probably don't know what I'm talking about, but from what I've heard from other groups, their bassist seems to be a cut above the rest.

Posted on 05-29-2003 by IndoGuy
Thousand Foot Krutch has risen and become one of the most famous christian bands in recent times and their album "Set It Off" was a real show of talent from the young canadians...awesome disc, i give it 9.

Posted on 06-14-2002 by Mugga Please
This is a sweet band w/ awesome songs on this cd. I liked half the cd..i'm not a big fan of the straight out rap w/ drum machine sorta music...but i loved the songs "when in doubt", "supafly", "come along", "small town", and "lift". So it offers a good variety on the cd. But i thought the lyrics were great and a good cd to buy if ur looking for somethin knew and not that much known.

Posted on 06-15-2003 by AllTheWayLive86
TFK has so much variety. I recommend this cd for anyone because of the variety and because its just a sweet cd. Can't wait til their next cd in October! Their new song Bounce is different, but I kinda liked it. Anyway, this cd rocks!

My personal favorites: Supafly, Puppet, When In Doubt, Unbelievable, Come Along, and of course All The Way Live.

And yeah, TFK was before POD and Audio A. So TFK didn't copy.

Posted on 06-22-2003 by lizwrenne
who doesn't like them? they are in-your-face style of music and it is really agressive. good lyrics that ring well with the average hardcore Christian. worth your time, worth their effort.

Posted on 06-27-2002 by SoccerAaron
This is a great CD.

Posted on 07-04-2002 by GodBoy809
This is a great CD, before I became a christian i use to listen to Limp Bizkit alot, and most TFK stuff sound like Limps stuff. so, and on the CD they spell rhime like this for some reason.

Posted on 07-04-2004 by Dustie12
TFK is the Coolest band on the earth and to top it all of the new CD is better than the old one. They are known as one of those "Kid Bands" but in truth they are so much more than that. they Rock the stage and I know I have seen them 3 times in concert and all the times that I have been there they have rocked the Party like nobody else. Old school is tha bomb. :duh:

Posted on 07-20-2002 by OneWithTheMud
i love this cd. i bought it, not expecting much from it. it turned out to be one of my favorite cds. when in doubt is an awesome song.

Posted on 07-28-2003 by Unregisted
TFK is great!!!! set it off is a great CD!!!!! i luv small town!!! and all the rest of the songs on the CD! i reconmend buying it!

Posted on 08-08-2002 by janecepotter
This CD rocks! I love most of the songs on here, I had no idea who they were when I went to their concert and now they're one of my favorite bands! They rock! If you haven't gotten this CD yet, I really think you should get it because although I don't care too much for rap I love it.

Posted on 08-16-2004 by Unregisted
ANYONE WHO CAN TAB OUT OR FIND THE TABS FOR TFK'S FIRST LIL INTRO ON THIS CD THAT IS UNTITLED..PLEASE!!! EMAIL IT TO ME OR LET ME KNOW ABOUT IT...I really love that first song even though it's sort of just an intro to the CD and it's really short, BUT PLEASE EMAIL ME THE TABS!! ANYONE [PLEASE!!!


Posted on 08-20-2004 by SSj Guitarist
Man, I love TFK, I've only seen them live twice, but they "Rawk"ed each time, lol. I love the Set it Off cd manly because it just sounds soo good. I missed out on the Set it Off album when it was first released, so I'm jumpin outta my skin that they're re-releasing it with extra songs from their first album "That's what People Do" and one brand new song "Everyone like me". I just totally love the band.

Posted on 09-19-2002 by Alpha_Trooper
ocsupertoneguy:..i'm not a big fan of the straight out rap w/ drum machine sorta music...

I don't know if i am misunderstanding you, but there was absoluely no drum machine on this CD.

Posted on 09-19-2002 by Alpha_Trooper
I LOVE this cd, I mean, I listen to it like everyday!

My worship band plays Lift It (changed up the ending, added a guitar solo and extra cool instrumental part), what a great song!

I also like Supafly.

But When In Doubt kicks all their butts (excluding Lift It, cause it's a worship song)

Posted on 09-20-2002 by onejesusjunkie
BIG thumbs up for 'set it off!' so much variety musically, very solid message lyrically. i first learned of tfk on diamante's 'extreme' compliation CD. 'puppet' was on it. so i wound up getting tfk's cd. quite the wise investment, lol. my faves would be rhime animal, lift it, all the way live, unbelievable, aw heck, i like 'em all!! only cd that i've heard that's better would haveta be the supertones' LIVE cd. wow.

Posted on 09-21-2002 by Bullwinkle
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by GodBoy809 [/i]
[B]This is a great CD, before I became a christian i use to listen to Limp Bizkit alot, and most TFK stuff sound like Limps stuff. so, and on the CD they spell rhime like this for some reason. [/B][/QUOTE]

I must say that you're sentiments echo my own. I also bought this CD as a "young Christian" after being heavy into Limp and Rage and Blink 182 and i found that i could listen to this type of Christian music. the only thing i could say that did't sit well w/ me was that there dosen't seem to be alot of Jesus in the lyrics. I expected more. In any case i DO love the album it's one of my favorites and i am going to see the boyz in concert very soon!

Keep believing,

"Tha Moose"

Posted on 10-10-2002 by Jonular
It's really not a CD that I like. It's got so much different style in it. That's great for people who like variety, but....I don't most of the time.


Posted on 11-19-2002 by Jimvee
Awesome cd, one of my favorites. I never get tired of it because it's got so much variety, from punk to rapcore to funk to worship, and they do all these styles masterfully. THe lyrics rhyme so well to, though they can be kinda pointless, but you gotta love the flows he busts on supafly and puppet. Travis really has a talent with words, from what i've heard of TFK's other cd and his sideproject, FM STatic. If you liked When In Doubt or Come Along you might wanna check FM Static out, they're a decent band.

Posted on 11-19-2002 by Unregisted
No way, they are a Rap-Core band. I I never get it when people relater them to funk, I hear nothing of funk in their music. And varity is good, who wants to listen to a CD of music where every song sounds the same? I sure don't! It shows talent. Obviously you guys are hard to please. The only problem I have with this CD is that it is old, I have listened to it for 2 years now, and think it's time for them to come out with a new one.

Posted on 11-27-2002 by SoccerAaron
They are.
In february I think.
They have a [B]lot[/B] of variety and it's awesome.
When In Doubt is awesome and show their variety,

Posted on 11-28-2003 by Relient_Kev
leavin a comment about TFK's set it off...i dont like the majority of the songs, but i do in fact LOVE the song lift it. the version of that song on this CD is so much better than the other version (for those who've heard it before). I've listened to that song everyday, for a year, around an average of 15 times a day, and I'm not sick of it yet. This is one song that's made an impact on my life. thank you TFK!

Posted on 12-17-2003 by Unregisted
this is a great cd itz got everything you want and itz like "todays" music without the language it is so awesome

Posted on 12-19-2002 by NobleWard
TFK is one of those bands I have listened to and like alot but can never seem to get their CD because the local CD stores get so few that sell so quickly when discovered way in the back racks that I never get a hold of it. I dig finding and looking out for "almost undeground" Christian groups like TFK that are hardly ever heard of by the mainline contemporary Christian circles. I borrowed the Set if Off CD while coming home from a missions trip last year in the summer and haven't heard it since. I saw at the Christian Bookstore in the local mall while Christmas shopping with my best ("girl") friend. I didn't want to buy for myself becasue it is Christmas, but I'm hoping my girl got the idea after I practically melted the CD wrapping with my saliva. I dig on the rap core stuff big time, although I can't stand straight rap (maybe I'll figure that one out some day, probably not though...) stuff like T-Bone and the such. Get TFK if you dig the style, otherwise you might not admire it as much as I do.

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