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Violet Burning, The - Faith And Devotions Of A Satellite Heart (2001)

Average User Rating: 9.43 out of 10
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Total comments: 5

1. Invitacion Fountain
2. Clean - My God Has Rescued Me
3. The Blood Of Jesus
4. Forty Weight
5. All Right
6. Nobody Else
7. Beautiful - I Can't Live Without You
8. Maker Of The Stars
9. I Remember
10. Lord, Shine Your Light

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Posted on 03-14-2005 by jesusrevolver
I totally agree, I just cant get enough of this fine young man, He says intimate things to God in ways that break the norms of the pop culture christian genre. Within the last 5 years of taking a break from organized religion and just walking with God, God and me, Michael Pritzl has been a friend and encouragement along my journey through his Art. This album has been a wonderful companion and a great tool in my private worship times.
If i have learned anything in this last season is that the only way to really LIVE is to be intimatley connected with a passionate loving GOd. And believe me friends this is possible. :p

Posted on 03-25-2003 by DrGonzo81
Fantastic stuff. I wish more worship albums were like this.

Posted on 06-22-2002 by switchfoot974
This album of "worship" music is in my humble opinion the best worship album ever made. Don't buy into the passion music, or anything else. This is what worship music should be. The songs on this album are amazing. "Maker of the Stars" is the best praise song of all time. "Clean(My God has Rescued Me)" is another stand out track on this album. They have a very unique sound and bring worship to a whole new level. A must have....period

Posted on 08-31-2002 by Philbert
Invitation Fountain

"Let all who are weak
All who are weary
Come to the Rock
Come to the Fountain
All who have sailed
On the rivers of heartache
Come to the sea
Come on, and be set free..."


This is the most amazing worship album for the down and brokenhearted. From a perspective that you can relate to, with a heavenly focus. There's enough emotion recorded on this album that it's fresh each time you hear it.

I can't say enough good things about this album - it's a true blessing to me. A strong recommendation to all - you won't be disappointed.

Posted on 09-30-2004 by The TuneHead
I had the chance to see Michael Pritzl as he led worship on the late night stage at Cornerstone in 2003. Most of the songs he did that night were with a full band (7 or 8 pieces), and most of them were from this album. He is a room-filling figure, standing about 6'4" and with very defined features, but he is one of the most gentle worship leaders I've ever seen. His abilities as a songwriter seemed somewhat subdued for this album, but what makes this album great is the arrangements and effects used in the recording process. More Christian musicians need to get all the Violet Burning stuff and study them. This is high quality worship music, totally anointed. I've not had one person tell me they didn't like anything from this disc.

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