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Passion - Our Love Is Loud (2002)

Average User Rating: 8.68 out of 10
Total votes: 22 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 14

1. Here I Am To Worship (Chris Tomlin)
2. Enough (Chris Tomlin)
3. Famous One (Chris Tomlin)
4. Prepare The Way (Charlie Hall)
5. Sweep Me Away (Charlie Hall)
6. Madly (Charlie Hall)
7. Psalm 126 (Charlie Hall)
8. Wonderful King (David Crowder Band)
9. Our Love Is Loud (David Crowder Band)
10. Come Thou Fount (David Crowder Band)
11. God Of Wonders (Chris Tomlin)
12. My Glorious (Chris Tomlin)
13. Dance In The River (Chris Tomlin)

Posted on 01-23-2003 by Jay Tea
I gave it a 4 or 5. I was not at all impressed.

The CD starts out alright. The first three tracks really aren't anything too special, but not too bad. I thought the lyrics to the first couple lines of the chorus to "Enough" were kinda cool. I don't know what all the hype over "Here I Am to Worship" is about though.

I thought maybe the middle of the CD would step it up a little. Not so. Tracks 4,5, and 6 can all best be described, in my mind, as drivel.

Tracks 7 and 8 were decent. I like the verse of Wonderful King, where it talks about us being here because of who God is, and God being here because of who he is. The chorus is alright, and I thought the bridge was a little lame. Psalm 126 was kinda cool, but musically strange...I wouldn't use either of those for congregational worship.

Track 9 (Can You Hear Us) is one that I knew going in I didn't like. I still don't. Very much a "get hopped up on us" song. Not even "get hopped up on Jesus." I'd play it at some kind of Jesus rave, but not as worship.

The disc takes a turn very much for the better with, "Come Thou Fount." It is probably the best song on the CD. I happen to like hymns in general, so I'm biased. DCB's arrangement is kinda cool. I feel like there's something about it I don't like, but I can't pinpoint what I'd do differently. So that gets high marks. This gets followed up by "God of Wonders," which I would say is definitely one of the better songs to hit the modern praise scene recently. Unfortunately, it sounded better the first time I heard it, on City on a Hill. This version is almost exactly the same...they just took out the cool stuff. But it's alright.

I've never really liked, "My Glorious," and I don't like this version either. "All you ever do is change the old for new?" I don't think so. Finally, the disc closes with a giant waste of 5 minutes. "We're gonna dance in the river." Wooha! I called some earlier tracks drivel? I'll let your imagination wander with what I might have called this.

Posted on 03-04-2003 by forevermercy
First off Delirious? does not sing God of Wonders.

Second, ok so the first couple of times you listen to the CD is seems disappointing. I actually bought it, listened to it, and shelved it for a couple months. But I met a guy from the Passion band and decided to try the CD again. I used in my personal worship time and MAN I felt the spirit of God with me when i sang those songs! I couldn't believe how I missed it the first time.
Yes, this CD is different from the other Passion CD's but it still that same annointing. This one doesn't have a all the hype and show like the others do but it is PURE worship from all very talented, annointed singers.
Don't pass this CD up, I am sorry I didn't realize it before but this was a great buy. A little different, but definitely awesome.

Posted on 03-13-2003 by visiblepraise
Strangely enough, I've never actually owned this CD...I borrowed it to learn some of the tracks for our weekly worship sessions for my youth group. Sure enough, I think I've used every single song on the CD in the service, and the kids love them. They've quickly become favorites, and the words are easy enough that even newcomers learn them quickly.

Posted on 04-05-2006 by Blazer77
I know this is an old topic but hearing Charlie do "Sweep Me Away" live at Passion 06 made so glad I have this CD :D . IMO it's a must have just for the fact that many of the songs you cannot get anywhere else. You do get a little tired of "God of Wonders" and "Here I am" but the rest of the CD is magnificent. Along with "Sweep Me Away," "Madly" is awesome and Crowder's songs are great.

Posted on 06-16-2002 by kupcguitarkid
I gave the CD an 8. I think this CD has some great songs and some songs that arent so great. The whole album is different from any of the others because they aren't in a conference (OneDay) type setting. It's in more of a concert setting, and I liked the others better in the whole "atmosphere" category. The music was pretty good though. There were a couple of songs that are overdone, like God of Wonders and Here I Am To Worship. The ones that shine, though, are Enough and Our Love is Loud. Charlie Hall's stuff was rather disappointing, though.

Anyway, this CD isn't one you must get, although you may enjoy it.

Posted on 07-05-2002 by Insane Drummer
it is awesome a 9. i don't care if God of wonders and here i am to worship are overplayed. chris's version is far differnt from the origanal version its almost a new song. and well charlie halls stuff is good. all around awesome album

Posted on 07-29-2002 by Unregisted
this is the best CD ever...!!!! every single song is amazing and you should DEFINATELY buy this cd!!! its simply wonderful

Posted on 08-01-2002 by Unregisted
amazing cd....i love it

Posted on 08-02-2002 by SenorPapaCabasa
Definetly an amazing favorite praise cd:D

Posted on 08-26-2002 by Paul J.
I disliked this CD so much that I had to post...I first heard this CD before it was released and thought - well they must be working on it still, cause this is bad. I don't think the songs were as musically together as the last passion CD's and i think that it sounds just bad at times...really bad. I think the best sounding song is Sweep me Away, but I dont really get the theme...Leave God of Wonders to delerious...I guess there is good stuff on it, but i definetly think it needs a lot more work

Posted on 08-31-2002 by aga_xris
ok ok... so there were songs that i was not particularly keen on... i don't think they overdid any song song... here i am to worship is a worship song people... that was HOly Spirit thing yO! i was in a state of shock when i first heard it... i have tim hughes cd... and i loved here i am to worship... but when i heard it in this cd... i was practically raising my hands in the air... It was worship! gosh... the first three songs were awesome... and then... those songs by david crowder? gosh... i didn't really like em... i liked our love is loud though... and God of wonders... was wonderful... wonderful... okay so... overall this cd isn't as compiled as well as the others... so what? i give it a 10 because... it was worship people!... :klol: :kwink: :D

Posted on 10-04-2005 by Basshammer2000
This cd is an awesome worship cd for the youth group im at

Posted on 11-25-2002 by JesusLovesYou
Passion ,in my personal opinion,has done an excellent job on their latest CD.And to the person who said it wasnt arranged well musically,when God is in it ,it doesnt matter what the songs are,as long as they are glorifying Him.
-God Bless and Jesus Save

Posted on 11-28-2002 by rdentwurship
good c.d ;not the best passion c.d b/c one day live is by far the best and most creative. im not as into the charlie hall stuff because its hard to use for worship. the c.d in general seems to be lacking the 'passion' and depth of the older ones. one day live had some crazy like worshipful songs that just gave u tingles and this c.d seemed dryer. dont get me wrong i have used some songs off of it for youth worship and its really good, just not my favorite. im looking foward to the next passion c.d

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