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Barnard, Shane - Rocks Won't Cry (1999)

Average User Rating: 9.88 out of 10
Total votes: 8 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 6

1. Received
2. Glory
3. Prodigal Me
4. Julie
5. Rocks Won't Cry
6. Take My Love
7. Here We Go Again
8. 737
9. Breath Of God
10. Ancient Of Days
11. Open The Eyes Of My Heart
12. Let The River Flow
13. Oh Lord To You
14. You Give Me Life

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Posted on 01-24-2004 by bigpirate
I was about to say, I know this dude ain't that awesome at guitar and been recording that long and he's only a year older than me... shoot! This CD is awesome though.

Posted on 10-02-2003 by ShaneBarnard
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]It's not me, just Jesus through me. Thanks for the comments though.


Posted on 10-03-2003 by Luke
Haha, hey, how are you? Haven't talked to you in awhile. :)

Grace & Peace

Posted on 10-03-2003 by elijah77jc
DUDE!! that was shane barnard!!

lol i just heard this cd a few weeks ago and i have to say that it is truely amazing. our worship leader is named pat brown and he released a cd a few months ago and Shane played guitar on it and even sang with Shane E. for a beautiful rendtition of "It is well" i LOVED the way he played guitar and sang so when i found out he had a cd i got it and i was blown away the fact that this guy is an even better songwriter! with all of this praise and worship music going around these two guys REALLY stand out. this and Psalms are the two best worship cd's i've heard in a LONG time.

lol go get this cd!

Posted on 10-03-2003 by Luke
Actually, no it's not. Note that the birthday on his profile says that he's 20--I don't remember Shane's birthday, but he's 24 or 25. He graduated from college several years ago.

Furthermore, the e-mail address is definitely wrong. :)

Grace & Peace

Posted on 11-18-2002 by codyofthejungle
If worship could be confined in a flat 4 1/2 inch wide circular peice of plastic.....................than this would be it.

in my opinion this is shane barnards raw,agressive and almost completely acoustic.I can honestly wirship while singing along to these artfully crafted songs,and while reflecting upon the words that shane penned.i recommend this rich disc to EVERYONE.even if you don't like folk,or hard's great for christians that long to find truly worshipful music,and it's great for proving to you non-christian friends that christian music can be deep,insightful,beautiful,and at the same time.............completely rock.

i gave this a 10

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