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David Crowder Band - Can You Hear Us? (2002)

Average User Rating: 9.28 out of 10
Total votes: 29 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 11

1. I Need Words
2. Our Love Is Loud
3. You're Everything
4. God Of Creation
5. Wonderful King
6. All Creatures Of Our God And King
7. God Of Wrath
8. Obsession
9. My Hope
10. Thank You For Hearing Me
11. Undignified

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Posted on 01-17-2003 by codyofthejungle
the only "modern" worship I'm into (unless you count the blue reniassance creative group)but these guys just have something about them that makes me say "hey,these guys are cool".if you're into worship music,there is no doubt you'll like this.if you're jaded toward the modern worship scene,you still might like this album.
btw,this album has the best ending of anything i've ever heard.the last track is 8 minutes long,and it goes like this.
about a minute of silence
undignified(played very fast,and very good)
about 3 minutes of silence
about a minute of dave screaming "I'm alive"
you alone

the "i'm alive" part of that track is to me,breathtaking.simply amazing

Posted on 01-28-2003 by GuitarCrazy88
Ok, I really like this cd. I recently went on a church retreat and the Dave Crowder Band gave us a concert and led the worship. It was awsome. And to top it off, the theme of our retreat was "Love Is Loud" which was great. I'd never heard them before and just totally fell in love with the music. I'm not one to listen to praise music on a normal basis, I normally like the hardcore, Project 86, Zao, Relient K kinda stuff. I was pleasently suprised to hear how good they were. I really like "Love is Loud" and "God of Wrath"(sorry Funky Mike. I like the songs you like too!) The whole cd is just anointed. It's great. And I love the way they play "Undignified" I usually hate that song,(when my youth pastor does it in church) but I like the way they do it.

Posted on 02-04-2003 by jayefree
Very very good.

Posted on 06-11-2002 by Funky Mike
After the David Crowder Band's first CD (which is a great album) I was expecting big things from this one. Some of the songs are very, very good, such as You're Everything and God of Creation. Especially You're Everything is an amazing song. But some of the songs are very dissapointing and, in my humble opinion, quite cheesy. Our Love is Loud and God of Wrath for example. So, although its a good CD, I was expecting a little more from a very talented band.

Posted on 06-11-2003 by OurLoveIsLoud
As evidenced by my username, I'm a Crowder fan, but I really thought this CD was pretty good. I picked up the CD after hearing the DCB on Passion's "Our Love Is Loud" album. I admit that at first, all the songs sounded the same to me. But upon further listening, I realized that while DCB's got a formula, it's a formula that works. I found lots of songs on this CD that I can use with my youth group for our monthly youth service.

The band's sound is cleaner than it was on "All I Can Say," in my opinion. The arrangements feel a little tighter, and I think the album's better for it. I preferred songs like "Our Love Is Loud," "My Hope," "Undignified," from this album and "Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent" and "O Praise Him" from others. To me, this is DCB at their best, rockin' out. A couple songs on this CD could have used improvement: "Wonderful King" is unnecessarily long, and "God of Wrath" has moments of disappointment. The song has the cool distorted undertones throughout the verses, which build up to...a chorus that's not all that exciting.

Overall, the album is worth buying, and is a worthwhile addition to anyone who likes modern praise and worship, with a more alternative rock feel. DCB may not be breaking much new ground with this album, but it's ground that I didn't mind being broken again.

Posted on 06-13-2002 by Insyder778
This is one of the best worship groups I have ever heard. Their songs are awesome, and they are never boring.

Posted on 06-23-2003 by Bass Guy
I really like that CD. My favorite song is Undignified.

Posted on 07-09-2002 by Unregisted
David Crowder Band is a band that has more and makes more of a lasting impression than any band that I know of to date. I never tire of the songs, they always lead me to worship, the songs totally show the praises of God...

Getting this CD is and will be the best move to make to add to ANYONE'S collection...

Posted on 07-12-2002 by agapewrshpleadr
This has to be one of the best worship cds out there right now. Dave Crowder is an awesome songwriter and an awesome guitarst. This cd is never boring to me.....and Dave Crowder Band has got to be one of the best and leastly recognized bands out now.

Posted on 08-05-2004 by IceHawk
I had never really listened to them that much, except "O Praise Him" on the radio. One of my friends invited me to their concert, and it was awesome! Crowder is an amazing worship leader, and he is very funny and interactive with the crowd. I actually got to meet David Crowder after the show, and he is a very humble, kind, down-to-earth man. Its funny, we left the show as soon as it was over, cause there was 1000 people and I didn't want to wait to meet him, so we were the only ones who left. As we were walking down the sidewalk, he was running up from backstage, and he stopped to talk to us. He's a really great guy (and really tall) and his music is some of the best worship I have ever heard. All I can say is, if he is ever in your town, GO SEE HIM!

Posted on 11-28-2002 by rdentwurship
good c.d im not as into it as a i was into all i can say. the title track is really cool and so is undignified. but im always looking for songs i can do with youth worship band and i didnt find any on this c.d... i probably need to listen to it some more.. wait i forgot.. i found undignified.. we dont really do it any more but during the summer it was a great song. I'll always listen to david crowder, i cant wait until the next one

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