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Zao - When Blood And Fire Bring Rest (1998)

Average User Rating: 9.44 out of 10
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1. Lies Of Serpents, A River Of Tears
2. To Think Of You Is To Treasure An Absent Memory
3. A Fall Farewell
4. March
5. Ember
6. Ravage Ritual
7. Fifteen Rhema
8. For A Fair Desire
9. The Latter Rain
10. Violet

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Posted on 03-08-2007 by Disciple Freak
i love the song 'to think of you is to treasure an absent memory'

Posted on 06-04-2003 by anathema
Most definately the best zAo album to date, the riffs, the lyrics, the pure emotion..

Posted on 06-26-2002 by thelitguy
I consider this to be the best ZAO album. My musical idol was in the band during this time (Brett Detar) so maybe that has something to do with it. I really like the guitar riffs on here, and Dan has some really interesting lyrics (If you can understand them). Anyone who likes hard-core really needs to check this out, I don't even like this style of music and love this...

Posted on 06-26-2002 by ThisIsDex
awesome album

Posted on 07-09-2003 by bossman
Lots of emotion in this one for sure, and probably the best, I love the lyrics to Latter Rain, track 9, it is a great song, and Voilet is one of their best instrumentals,

Posted on 08-20-2005 by sk8erzaofreak
This cd is an absolute work of art. Slipknot and Marilyn Mansen dont come close. This cd is filled with absolutely stunning guitar choruses. Track 1,2 and 8 are seriously some of the most harcore material on the face of this planet.

Posted on 08-31-2005 by HolyRockJfreak
I'll take your word for it

Posted on 10-09-2002 by Erika
absolutely brilliant. not as good as parade of chaos but it's pretty close.

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