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Tree63 - Tree63 (2000)

Average User Rating: 8.83 out of 10
Total votes: 18 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 8

1. Treasure
2. Joy
3. Look What You've Done
4. Sacrifice
5. Earnestly
6. Anthem
7. A Million Lights
8. 1*0*1*
9. Can I See Your Face?
10. Worldwide

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Posted on 02-12-2004 by niangelo
Best new band in Christian music. They actually shine musically on thier own, pulling influences from U2, the Police, to create a distinctive sound, and fantastic worship. Get this now.

Posted on 03-10-2003 by Raphael
I haven't heard that particular cd, but I have heard all the songs on it (After all Tree63 IS South African).
It's Tree63, need I say more?

Posted on 06-11-2002 by Mark
Each song on here is good, with "Treasure", "Joy", "Earnestly", and "101" being my favorites. They just have such a unique sound, and its really cool .

excellent cd, recommended!

Posted on 06-24-2002 by Charismaniac

i have as yet not heard the CD as it is solely an American release, however i have heard each and every one of Tree63's songs, a lot more than are on the American debut, and i feel that the American public are missing out on a lot of good stuff. having said that i would like to add that what was placed on the American debut can be considered as a mix of tree63's best songs, although it is missing great songs like "Big bridge over a small river" and "self tanning lotion".

all in all a great piece of work, and a great Christmas present.


Posted on 07-21-2004 by mmggppmgp
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]This is Pretty good cd... short but pretty good.... i like [COLOR=DarkOrange][U]Look What YOu've Done [/U][/COLOR] the best For it Rocks and its an awsome praise and worship... the rest is still pretty good :D

The band plays really well, the accent is diffirent than the normal english accent but the band is still awsome oh yah i also like Earnestly.... Awesome message..... [/FONT]

GOD BLESS :cool:

Posted on 07-29-2003 by OneWithTheMud
I've had this CD since it was pretty new and I give it a :thumbsup:

My favorite songs on it are Look What You've Done, Joy, and Treasure. I got to talk to them at Festival Con Dios last year... at least I think it was FCD. They're really cool people.

Posted on 09-25-2004 by RockerDud3
I herd these guys play at the harvest, they are great!!

Posted on 09-25-2004 by Mattlock
This is a pretty good CD. Some lyrics are really cliche, especially on Joy, but others are amazing, such as A Million Lights. Very good, listenable pop-rock. It gets a 7.

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