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Third Day - Time (1999)

Average User Rating: 9.36 out of 10
Total votes: 44 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 14

1. I've Always Loved You
2. Believe
3. Took My Place
4. Never Bow Down
5. Your Love Oh Lord (Psalm 36)
6. Don't Say Goodbye
7. What Good
8. Can't Take The Pain
9. Sky Falls Down
10. Give

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Posted on 02-10-2005 by church-clown40
One of the best cd's I've heard from Third Day. 10 from me.

Posted on 03-30-2013 by akeldama
8/10. Awesome album.

Posted on 04-05-2003 by rotj4
Great songs throughout. Clearly a "10". My favorites include Never Bow Down, Can't Take The Pain, Sky Falls Down, I've Always Loved You and Took My Place. The song that has meant the most to me has got to be YOURE LOVE OH LORD. We have worn this thing out during our worship service and no one is tired of it yet. I am pretty sure I will be playing that one for a long (eternity) time.

Posted on 04-13-2004 by Brian-Alexander
this is the only third day album i don't have

Posted on 04-13-2004 by Brian-Alexander
this is the only third day album i don't have

Posted on 05-26-2004 by frozen_flame
10 my favorite TD cd. i still havent got the new one though...

Posted on 07-02-2002 by guitarplayer4jc
Great Cd! My favorite tracks are "I've Always Loved You", "Can't Take The Pain", "Don't Say Goodbye", "Your Love, Oh Lord", and "Give". Great music and lyrics, I highly recommend it!

Posted on 07-05-2002 by Insane Drummer
one of the best. the whole southern kinda thing rules. good lyrics awesome singing. cool music.... i give it. a 10

Posted on 07-06-2002 by guitarplayer4jc
This CD is awesome!

Posted on 07-10-2002 by Dormin75
THis CD is awseome. Altought Offerings is my fav. ever, i still love listening to the classics, yeah rright, not classics, but they are great. Cant take the Pain is my fav. on this album. Grerat song.
-God Bless

Posted on 08-29-2005 by StratMaster#6
:cowboy: This is one of Third Days best cd's ever, the only reson it gets a 9 is that Can't Take The Pain is just a little too slow and almost whiney in places but Sky Falls Down, Took My Place, Never Bow Down, I've Always Loved You, Your Love Oh Lord (Psalm 36), Believe & Give are some of the best Third Day songs ever! :cowboy:

Posted on 10-19-2005 by Blazer77
One of their best...but not the best IMO...I'll say a 9.

Posted on 10-31-2003 by RevZeek
In my humble opinion this is Third Day's best album to date.

Posted on 12-28-2002 by Heavy C
THird Day's best CD....this is the best CD of the 90's...........can I heap any higher rpaise on this CD?


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