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Third Day - Offerings (2000)

Average User Rating: 9.32 out of 10
Total votes: 63 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 19

1. King Of Glory
2. These Thousand Hills
3. Your Love Oh Lord
4. Agnus Dei / Worthy
5. Saved
6. My Hope Is You
7. You're Everywhere
8. Thief
9. Consuming Fire
10. All The Heavens
11. Love Song

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Posted on 01-06-2003 by Muffinly
I'm very glad they released a worship cd.

They are incredible as a live band.

Posted on 03-18-2004 by Unregisted
Super American import.

Posted on 03-30-2013 by akeldama
7/10. 'King Of Glory' always gives me the chills.

Posted on 04-01-2003 by happy_lone_wolf
bsltl LV ths CD. t s sch n wsm wrshp CD, nd vrtm plg t n n m cr, hv t b crfl nt t strt clsng m s! lv ll Thrd D's CD's, bt ths n s m fvrt, jst wsm prs, nd cn fl Gd's sprt mv whn plg t n!

Posted on 04-05-2003 by rotj4
This one is hard to compare to the other Third Day albums because it is a combination of previously released Live tracks along with a few new studio tracks but.......If I had to could only keep one Third Day album it would be either Offerings or TIME. This album is unique because of the addition of "These Thousand Hills" , "Agnes Dei" and "King Of GLORY". All three of them are truly superb worship songs and worthy to be played in a praise set.

Posted on 04-13-2004 by Brian-Alexander
third day is a great worshipy band i gave he cd a ten

Posted on 04-25-2005 by church-clown40
Live music sounds so much cooler than plan music. Awesome cd. 10

Posted on 05-06-2004 by Robbi
Offerings 1 and 2 were my first worship music I ever bought or listened to. I didnt know worship music could be like that and they totally rocked. I dont know if its possible to ever get sick of them cause ive never played music over and over like I have with theirs. Pretty much for a year straight now...
Since buying their albums I got onto Delirious...there OK...does anyone think that they sound like U2??? :D

Posted on 06-11-2002 by Cheese
9. Just because the beat on "Saved" kind of annoys me sometimes... but really its awesome. :D

*BEHOLD the power of Cheese*

Posted on 06-11-2002 by autumn
offerings is the best cd!!!

Posted on 06-11-2002 by guitarplayer4jc
Great worship CD! I highly recommend it!

Posted on 07-01-2002 by Insane Drummer
10 this the best album ever made no doubt...

Posted on 07-01-2002 by SoccerAaron
Not even close to best album ever!
That is a fact!

Posted on 07-02-2002 by guitarplayer4jc
What don't you like about it, Aaron? I think it's awesome!

Posted on 07-02-2002 by SoccerAaron
It's ok.
But it's just not anywhere near the best.
Thats all.

Posted on 07-21-2004 by mmggppmgp
Third Day is my Favorite band because not only they play [U][COLOR=Indigo]rock music[/COLOR][/U], the also play [U][COLOR=Indigo]Praise and worship [/COLOR] [/U] songs that uplifts u.... I just like this band.... PPL say ur gonna like em for the first few months and hate em later on.... well "NOT THIS BAND", Cuz this Band ROCKS

Posted on 07-21-2004 by mmggppmgp
[Third Day is my Favorite band because not only they [COLOR=Indigo]play rock music[/COLOR], the also play [COLOR=Indigo]Praise and worship[/COLOR] songs that uplifts u.... I just like this band.... PPL say ur gonna like em for the first few months and hate em later on.... well "NOT THIS BAND", Cuz [COLOR=DarkRed]this Band ROCKS[/COLOR]

Posted on 09-19-2002 by paul1316
i listed to offerings so much, i'm kinda sick of it now...

that said, when i pull it out and dust it off, i go directly to number 9.
That is one of the greatest songs i've heard. every worship session should start out with that song..

it's a fantastic album.. they are real-centered on the worship side of things, which is cool to me.. you can hear it in their songs that the stuff they're singing about means a lot to them..

i will admit, when i first heard them a few years ago, i didn't like them much.. the vocals were a reach for me for some reason..

but my buddy had me play one of the songs at his wedding, and i didn't take the cd out of my cd player for months...

this sets the bar high for "worship" albums (which seem to be all the rage now), if you are feeling far from God; put this cd in and crank it up.

Posted on 12-28-2002 by Heavy C
This is the greatest worship album none....
THis was the first Christian CD I ever heard...what a heck of a high bar for everythign else to measure up to!

I think Time has a 3 milimeter edge as being a better CD because it has that 70's feeling rock, yet with a huge helping of worhsip also...but man does this CD coem so close to beating it....

I don't own this CD, but I borrow it from my Youth Leader Matt occassionally and I "rediscover" the band......I spend about 3 hours listenign to it and praising God.......shoot...lemme tell ya how much it affects me..

I was in my teacher's, Hooper, calss cuz we had the samelunch period last year and he let soem kids hang out in his room and me and him would jam to Third Day a little too loud for it being a school....
I was playing Love Song...I started crying and liftign my hands and praisign God in a room of liek 15 people...they thoghut I was kinda nuts, but man, God was so strong in the air was awesome....

-Cal The Will Defend The Fact That Third DAy Is The BEst Band Ever To His Dying Breath

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