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Third Day - Conspiracy No. 5 (1997)

Average User Rating: 8.66 out of 10
Total votes: 50 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 16

1. Peace
2. You Make Me Mad
3. How's Your Head
4. Alien
5. I Deserve?
6. Have Mercy
7. My Hope Is You
8. More To This
9. This Song Was Meant For You
10. Who I Am
11. Give Me A Reason
12. Gomer's Theme
13. Your Love Endures

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Posted on 01-22-2005 by q7kfhc
From the perspective of this old (50) Christian Rocker, Conspiracy is 3D's best effort to date-well executed, great guitar work, meaningful lyrics. It's fantastic and still one of my favorites.

Posted on 01-23-2005 by DJ Kirby
This was one of my favorite cd's...... until it was stolen. I think i know who took it too but its the same person thats trying to frame me for taking "his" dvd... I didnt take it and the real owner (my camp) probably took it. Sorry, started to ramble on in my own thoughts again. I gave this cd an 8.

Posted on 01-23-2005 by Lanceshield
10/10 Have any of yall looked at the music book for this. You'd give it a ten instantly. Great, great CD. In a genre that so commonly is full of GCDC in music, this CD is a great one for people who love high-quality music with Christian lyrics.

Posted on 02-05-2004 by rotj4
Many rank this cd as their least favorite Third Day disc. I tend to believe that is simply based on the fact that Third Day has made some very good cds over the years and this one has a little different flavor to it. It does include some of the greatest Third Day songs ever including "My Hope Is You" and "Who I Am". I really enjoy this cd and I feel it has many songs that would fit right in with their first disc.

Posted on 03-03-2003 by bennie_05
Ahhh i wasn't that impressed. There were a couple good songs but after the first half of the cd the rest is a sleeper. I'd take offerings over it any day.

Posted on 03-30-2013 by akeldama
9/10. Man did I used to not like this album at first except a few songs and then I revisited it a couple years ago and I really dug it.

Posted on 04-11-2005 by P&W JAMMER
O.k. Over All This Is My Least Fav For The Simple Reson That Too Mush Of The "Time" You Hear Two Guitars Screaming Along With This Great Voice Over Killer Bass Work And Top Shelf Drums All On Vol. 11... :(
However, Four Songs Pull This One Out Of The Trash Can: 7 My Hope Is You. 10 Who I Am. 12 Gomer's Theme. 13 You Love Endures. :clap:
This Is The Best Combo Out Of The Whole Cd, All Others Are A Brave Look At What Might Have Been If Third Day Was A Heavy Metale Southern Rock Band...
6... :whine: The Lowest Score I'll Ever Give Third Day... Period.

Posted on 04-20-2003 by Xkcer Man
This is my favorite Third Day CD. I keep hoping they'll release another like it, but that probably isn't gonna happen. If you like good modern rock, get this CD.

Posted on 04-20-2003 by Heavy C
a sleeper?

care to expound on that thoghut and share why it was a sleeper?

I'm curious on this resposne..

THird Day ahs said this CD isn't their real sound..its not what they really I doubt you'll ever really see another Con 5...maybe some hard rock tunes off and on in the future but not a whoel album that is jsut a hard rock/modern rock show...

oh well..


Posted on 04-25-2005 by church-clown40
this cd took me awhile to get used to get used to but after listening to it for awhile it is really good. 10

Posted on 05-12-2006 by nbfan
this cd is my favorite cd of all time. i just love the idea of third day being hard rock and that's exactly what this is. peace was my favorite. i gave it 10.

Posted on 05-12-2006 by JACk120
As a Third Day fan (their new album is in the mail) this unfortunately is not my favorite CD by them. I appreciate what they were trying to do with the harder more metal/grunge sound, but it didn't work as a whole. Where it did work (Alien, Who I Am) was good, but the songs that can fit on any of their albums (My Hope Is You, You're Love Endures)were the ones that saved this album for me. Plus an underated, underappreciated TD classic "I Deserve", big bonus. A good album, but its placement in their catalogue also hinders it; being in between the two albums (Third Day, Time) that established TD for what they do best, southern fried blues rock. Still as a whole I give this one a 7.5.

Posted on 06-02-2004 by Jonodude
Y'know, I haven't listened to this one in a while, but this is still an album I would consider to be one of my favorites overall. The songwriting is great, both ways. Third Day is definitely not a favorite of mine but this CD is great. I really need to listen to this again sometime. A hearty 10 from me. :D

Posted on 07-07-2002 by Strat_dude
Awesome CD - definitely a 10

Posted on 09-21-2002 by BornToWorship
This cd is absolutely great. It is my favorite Third Day work, just above offerings. What I like about it is the amount of work each person put into each song. The solos are great, and the bass fills are a joy to listen to. All I can say is that if you don't own this cd, you should!

Posted on 12-27-2002 by Heavy C
On my list of Third Ady favourites, this coems fourth, between CT and the Bus was the cream of 1997's crop...musically, the devotion and result is soem of Third Ay;'s best...lyrically, pwoerful...excellent CD, go buy it.


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