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Switchfoot - Legend Of Chin (1997)

Average User Rating: 8.81 out of 10
Total votes: 42 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 20

1. Bomb
2. Chem 6A
3. Underwater
4. Edge Of My Seat
5. Home
6. Might Have Ben Hur
7. Concrete Girl
8. Life And Love And Why
9. You
10. Ode To Chin
11. Don't Be There

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Posted on 01-22-2006 by +SEAL+
This is a great CD. I can always come back to it, and Chem 6A will never grow old! It's nice and easy, just like it should be. This CD is simply a lot of good Switchfoot!

Posted on 01-24-2004 by bigpirate
DUDE!!! You be around and I'll be square... Gotta love that. I love this CD, but I need a new copy of it! It was only 8 bucks in December, now it is 17... poo!!! That stinks! Home is also an awesome song.

Posted on 04-11-2005 by Crazy_Pants
Definately the greatest CD they have come out with to date. Not that their other stuff isn't just fails to match their first. Both the lyrics and music are phenominal.

Posted on 05-07-2003 by punker15
good cd. the song bomb is just plain annoying but after that one the rest are all good!


Posted on 06-06-2003 by sealie
:kspin: oh goodness i give it a 10 i love switchfoot! this cd rocks! chem 6a is like the greatest song ever!

Posted on 06-10-2006 by relient nelson
This is an enjoyable cd with a fairly diverse sound, above average vocals, and good rock tunes

Posted on 06-23-2006 by Jimbob773
This album is pretty good. I didn't know it even existed, though, until I reserved Nothing is Sound and got Learning to Breathe! Anyway, the musical work on this CD is cool, considering they were just 3 guys fresh out of high school. The lyrics are great, the songs are great, the band is great! I can't wait till their sixth album comes out! I hope they maintain their same general sound.

Posted on 07-08-2002 by spiffyness
i LOVE this CD. i fell in love with Switchfoot and lead singer Jon Foreman's voice when i first listened to Learning to Breathe (the CD), but when i heard this CD, it blew me away. i think that Jon uses everything he's got when he sings, and i think Legend of Chin really shows that. All the lyrics are so poetic and descriptive on here too, and thats really important to me when i'm listening to my music. yup, i gave it a 10 :)


Posted on 07-23-2006 by Chem6Afreak
I gave this CD a 9, because of the melodies it had in Chem 6A, Underwater,Might have been Hur, and Edge of my seat. I'm not really into slow songs but when switchfoot plays a slow song its not as dull or boring.

Posted on 07-26-2006 by BereanatHeart
Wow, I think "Company Car" is now my favorite Switchfoot song.

I'm glad I gave this album another good listen since my musical tastes have changed a bit, and my appreciation for good lyrics has grown.

Posted on 07-29-2002 by ifjake
one of the sweetest things about Jon's voice and the way he writes song is the way he uses his voice to complete the chord. there are some times when only two notes are being played: whatever Tim's playing on the bass and whatever Jon is playing. it opens up vast possibility what Jon's voice can do to the sound of the band. it gives the lead so much more presence. their three-piece set up also puts importance on every note, every beat, so that their sound has a sort of simplisitic purity.

Posted on 08-13-2002 by cwissuk2000
Well, I must be their biggest fan in England next to my best mate Luke but I am ashamed to admit that after getting a CD of their Learning To Breath clips I was not immediately impressed enough to buy it...but I did almost 6months later (2months after it actually came out) borrow it from a mate...then buy the next week. This is an altogether different story about a comlpetely different sounding album. This album is rock....pop/rock almost...punky in style. And its VERY good. For a debut album a band could not hope for a better one. The fast songs are great and the main thing is that the slow songs (of which there are few) are also very good. Don't Be There is especially great. If you like switchfoot then get this album, its got Chem6A on it! One of the best ever songs by them....purely for its fun value. And Might Have Ben Hur...which i stunning! Basically I could go on for hours...if you buy it I also suggest listening to it at least 3times before making an opinion becuase if your used to the new switchfoot stuff this will come as a shock to the system! SWITCHFOOTS NEW ALBUM COMES OUT IN JANUARY!! ;)

Mail me on this address... to talk about Switchfoot, Life, Love and Why!

Posted on 08-25-2006 by heisouronlyhope
its a good cd I gave it a 9.

Posted on 09-01-2005 by DKelly
This CD is an awesome release from these guys. "Bomb" and "Chem 6A" are great songs.

Posted on 10-02-2006 by Zboy4God
this is a vary good CD I love it

the best songs are. all of them thees boys are reilly good, and there lyrics are vary truthful,and real to life. you should buy this CD

Posted on 10-11-2002 by jude
my switchfoot backround
around the time LEARNING TO BREATHE came out, i heard (on the radio) "love is the movement" fit nicely between something loud and obnoxious by project 86 (can you tell i like them?) and another screaming song by rod laver(i'm only guessing). that is one great song. i was instantly hooked, and went searching to find that cd. I did, and i absolutely loved it.
a few months (i think) later i was at a christian bookstore, and i say "legend of chin"(tape) in the 99cent clearance bin. I took it (bought it), and listened to all 30 minutes of it on my way home, and i didn't really like it.
Starting this spring, i put it in my (parent's) car, and driving to and from work, once i put it in, and started to like it. By the time a week and a half went by, i had it in the car full time, and could not resist singing along, especially when i would drive home from a closing shift.
it is a very good and original (and addictive) tape. i'm not really sure what to say about it besides that.

Posted on 11-04-2002 by Andrew
8. i love the song Life, Love and Why. great song!

Posted on 12-27-2003 by BereanatHeart
Great album I gave it a 7 not sure why. I guess I just like TBL so much that I forgot how great this album is.

Posted on 12-27-2003 by jesus_freak21
It's Switchfoot, so I automatically loved it. I have never heard a Switchfoot song that I could not find something good about, and I absolutely love almost every one of their songs. They are an awesome band, my absolute favorite in the world!

Posted on 12-28-2003 by joylovesskillet
I love it. My brother has been a Switchfoot fan for years, but I hadn't heard them enough until recently. I went to a concert a few weeks ago and now I'm hooked. Switchfoot is awesome.

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