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Switchfoot - Learning To Breathe (2000)

Average User Rating: 9.07 out of 10
Total votes: 82 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 38

1. I Dare You To Move
2. Learning To Breathe
3. You Already Take Me There
4. Love Is The Movement
5. Poparazzi
6. Innocence Again
7. Playing For Keeps
8. The Loser
9. The Economy Of Mercy
10. Erosion
11. Living Is Simple

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Posted on 01-03-2004 by LB4123
This is the greatest CD I own, I can listen to it for hours on end without getting bored! :rofl: everyone should own this CD, weather they have a CD player or not!

Posted on 01-06-2003 by Muffinly
i have to say, i do like this cd.

Posted on 01-14-2003 by gamaray

This cd rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love switchfoot and cant wait for any new cds

Posted on 01-29-2003 by Skeeter
There is no way this deserves anything less than a 10. Amazing CD with inspired lyrics and tight instrumentation (if that's not a word, it should be).

Posted on 01-31-2005 by Timberwolf
I gave it a 10. I like better than the other 3.

Posted on 02-02-2003 by sealie
:angel: :D :klol: :kgrin: :ksmile: :kwink: :kspin: I LOVE THIS CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I listen to it constantly! If anyone needs to totally zone out and get out of this world, blast some SWITCHFOOT and sing along!!!

Posted on 02-12-2003 by Unregisted
This is an awesome CD!
Great lyrics, and great musc. Very thoughtful, but still modivating!

He must become greater; I must become less
-John 3:30

Posted on 02-12-2003 by MobMan924
I Dare You Move most def gets a 10!
I dare you to give it anything any lower!

I am not biased even though I got to eat dinner with the band:D

Posted on 02-14-2005 by coolguy4553
i gave it a 10......i really like it......the songs are strong and meaningful...great cd

Posted on 03-15-2007 by Adam K
I give it a 9. Really great, though "Dare You To Move" was kinda weak.

Posted on 03-16-2007 by Chem6Afreak
Best Switchfoot Album

Posted on 03-21-2003 by Rob
I gave it an 8. Quality and talent-wise it's a 9.5 or 10. But it could've used another couple harder songs to make me give it a 9 or 10 based on how much I enjoy listening to it.

Posted on 04-25-2005 by simple irony
Starting from the Beautiful Letdown CD to this I think it was quite good. Living is Simple sort of freaked me out. It didn't remind me of Switchfoot as much as the others did. I actually heard about this CD from Sunday Service when one of our worship leaders introduced Learning To Breathe to the congregation. It was very exciting to hear it was a Switchfoot song. Definetly a 10, regardless Living Is Simple.

Posted on 06-02-2004 by Jonodude
I'm sorry, I really tried to like this album. I really did! But I just don't see in it what everyone else seems to. The only songs I've ever enjoyed from this album are "I Dare You to Move", "Love is the Movement" and especially "Innocence Again". But I [i]really[/i] don't like the others. Don't get me wrong, I really like the other two Switchfoot CD's I've got (Beautiful Letdown and New Way to Be Human) but I can barely stand this one.

[quote=John Clark]LTB is one of the few CD's I can put in my CD player and listen to all of it.[/quote]

Quite the opposite for me; this is one of the [i]very[/i] few CD's I have that I skip around on. If I'm listening to it at all. One of the best things about mp3 is being able to listen to songs individually without having to skip to them.

Posted on 06-02-2004 by Andrew
[QUOTE=jamison]i gave it an 8. it is a really great CD, but not a 10.[/QUOTE]
I really cannot comprehend why I thought this was unworthy of a 10...

Second greatest CD ever made, in my opinion. I absolutlety adore it, and it deserves a 10. I have no complaints with this CD at all.

Posted on 06-18-2006 by Rjauad
Wow....Switchfoot rule! seriously...they have such talent and its so inspiring! Living is Simple is such a tune! Innocence again, Loser and Learning to breathe are amazing!!! tell you what...I love them all.....if I could vote over 10, I would! God Bless! xoxo

Posted on 06-19-2006 by ibanez_dude
10, definitely. i mean, all of their albums are good, but there is something about this one. a perfect blend of lyrical meaning and flow along with musical diversity and excellence. i love this album. i especially love the "tut, tut, looks like rain" in erosion. it makes me think of winnie the pooh. :D

Posted on 06-19-2006 by Purple Girl
Most definitely a 10. This is my all time favorite Switchfoot album. *nods*

Posted on 06-24-2002 by Josh
I had to give this cd a 10. There aren't any weak songs in this whole album (musically or spiritually). People might think I'm biased because I've been an avid fan since the early days of NWTBH, but it's good. I can't wait for The Beautiful Letdown!


Posted on 07-08-2004 by twins_fan
Switchfoot is a quality band, and this is a good CD. In my somewhat biased opinion, Jon Foreman is one of the two best lyricists in Christian Music today. The other is Reese Roper of Five Iron Frenzy, Brave Saint Saturn, and Roper. I love Dare You to Move, Learning to Breathe, Economy of Mercy, and Erosion, but I don't think there are any weak songs. I gave it a 9.

Posted on 07-14-2004 by OneWithTheMud
This, in my opinion, is the best Switchfoot CD out there... better than The Beautiful Letdown. I gave it a 10.

Posted on 08-02-2002 by Michael
Josh Barton: I had to give this cd a 10. There aren't any weak songs in this whole album (musically or spiritually). People might think I'm biased because I've been an avid fan since the early days of NWTBH, but it's good. I can't wait for The Beautiful Letdown!

i agree

Posted on 08-14-2002 by cwissuk2000
Well, as you know, Switchfoot get better and better, and I remember on this site (I think) a while back, people were slagging off this album because it wasn't as rocky as Legend Of Chin....but I have to say...COME ON?!? This album has the best songs written on it, You Already Take Me There, Erosion etc..... all the songs are good and rocky in their own way, but what is better is that Switchfoot have progressed on this album to new and greater plane of songwriting. They have made moving songs which fail to get boring, but do in fact get better and better! The more you listen to this album the more stuff you notice about each song each time, especially as a musician and singer myself, you notice how everything compliments everything else. Basically, one heck of an album. ROCK ON!


Posted on 08-17-2002 by Kori
Its a 7!

Posted on 08-23-2002 by christiangrl16
this cd rocks!!! I love "I Dare you to move" and "learning to breath" they are on the A WALK TO REMEMBER soundtrack! which also is great!! I give it a "10"!

Posted on 08-25-2006 by heisouronlyhope

Posted on 09-01-2005 by DKelly
This is classic Switchfoot. I find this CD to be an extremely diverse CD and the lyrics are reveal the highly talented songwriter in Jon. Overall, a great CD to check out if you like rock music that is more original than the typical artist/band out there.

Posted on 09-01-2005 by aero!
The song 'The Loser' is definitely my themse song for life.

Posted on 09-12-2002 by JarsFreak57
this cd is great!its one of my favorites. You can definately tell switchfoot has progressed in their songwriting and how they have matured in their music. This is definately their best cd and i cant wait for beautiful letdown!!

Posted on 10-02-2006 by Zboy4God
this is one of switchfoots best CDs.
the lyrics are vary good,and the sound its so sweet

thats wat I like about switchfoot thy always give you good clean lyrics that are rite on and trough to life.

Posted on 10-09-2002 by John Clark
10. No question. Then again, I'd give all their albums a 9.5 or 10. :D
LTB is one of the few CD's I can put in my CD player and listen to all of it. My dad , sister and I fight over who has what Switchfoot CD. Very soild band!

Posted on 10-10-2004 by Mattlock
Wow. Any band would love to make a CD this great. I wish Switchfoot made it big in the mainstream with this CD, it is so much better than The Beautiful Letdown. But this, you won't regret it.

Posted on 10-11-2002 by Andrew
i gave it an 8. it is a really great CD, but not a 10.

Posted on 10-22-2002 by Fuzz
it's an awesome cd!!! The best song is deffinatly I Dare you to move :) -Adam

Posted on 10-29-2004 by Unregisted
I love to the cd alot its the best!I remember seeing Switchfoot at Reds in Edmonton it was awsome,Iloved it,and also Tom the bass player he came to the audience and came to me and he came and grabbed my hand and shook it,aww sweet memorys,Ièm going to go see them in concert again,so I LOVE YOU SWITCHFOOT

Posted on 10-31-2007 by trudogger
I really liked Learning to Breathe, but the whole album didn't seem to fit as a cohesive whole. It had plenty of good songs on it like the title track, 'The Loser,' and 'Erosion,' and pretty much all the rest of the tracks were great as well, but somehow it didn't quite fit with me like NWTBH and TBL did. I like LTB better than TBL but TBL seems more cohesive...I'm not quite sure how else to explain it. NWTBH I think is my favorite Switchfoot album.

Posted on 12-02-2002 by selfsame singer
These guys were cool to there fans. This is by far their best cd, but the others are also awsome. They are a great band.

Posted on 12-27-2004 by hardcorerocker
This is a very good CD. But, I have New Way To Be Human, and I prefer that over Learning to Breathe. L2B is good, but I hated the last song, Living is Simple, absolutley hate it, doesn't even sound like Switchfoot. Um..but yea, it's good. I like Dare You To Move, The Loser, good stuff. I found it kind of boring tho. I give it a 8.

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