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Superchic[k] - Karaoke Superstars (2001)

Average User Rating: 8.24 out of 10
Total votes: 45 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 21

1. Barlow Girls
2. Big Star Machine
3. Karaoke Superstar
4. Get Up
5. Not Done Yet
6. Super Trooper
7. TV Land
8. Help Me Out God
9. One Girl Revolution
10. Alright
11. Let It Be
12. Help Me Out (Drop Chevy Remix)
13. Alright (Old Skool Remix)
14. One Girl Revolution (Mob Action)

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Posted on 01-07-2005 by jdwise5509c
this cd is kinda weak ummm i dont like the techno :whine: it just kinda kills it like the key board i mean like keyboard in punk is really lam but in classical rock like different music its cool but ummm barlow gilrs is pretty cool i like that song but dont get the words and thats about it.......... :confused:

Posted on 04-05-2003 by Jonular
It's an AWESOME CD! If you don't have this, GO GET IT! It is punk with keyboards, which some people might call pop punk, but it's not really popish at all.


Posted on 04-27-2003 by Audial Talk
It rocks my socks, and i don't think it runs together until the last song....cause i can listen to the whole thing and not be bored. It's a great cd, full of conscience, harmonies, and great melodies.


Posted on 05-02-2003 by yeah_im_a_freak
I love this cd!

Posted on 05-14-2004 by Jimvee
this cd's lame. Barlow Girls is halfway good, and well the rest of them are just kinda suck. Their singer sings in this detached, monotone voice, and the lyrics are all the same - teenage girls' problems. And the songs get really repetitive, all the melodies sound so similar. The last track is pretty good, I guess, but besides that and Barlow Girls, I could definitely do with it.

Posted on 05-24-2004 by Brian-Alexander
thsi cd is a good one. there newest one is the best though

Posted on 06-10-2006 by JesusFreak_girl
this is like the first rock cd i ever bought. i thought it was, like, the best rock cd in the world, until i started listening to more hard core stuff. but they've really grown since this cd and you can tell if u listen to a karaoke superstar song right before a beauty from pain song. they still rock though, and they inspired me to learn to play guitar and i'm not too bad if i say so myself. hehe. :D superchick will always be one of my favorites. i just love them.

Posted on 06-14-2002 by music punk04
I Love this CD! It the one that's usually in my CD player.:)

Posted on 06-15-2002 by SoccerAaron
The CD is sweet.

Posted on 07-14-2004 by OneWithTheMud
This CD is so-so. It seems quite repetitive and I don't really enjoy listening to it. But some songs are catchy, and I gave it a 6.

Posted on 07-19-2004 by twins_fan
CCM Magazine once listed Karaoke Superstars as one of the top 10 rock albums ever released in Christian music. I don't know about that, but it is a really good CD that has gotten serious play in my stereo over the past few years. I gave it a ten, and I don't give those out unless it's something worth listening to many, many times. I'm not in high school anymore, so I feel like I've outgrown their music, but I would especially recommend this CD to any younger girl.

BTW, they are good live. The bassist is nuts and it's worth going to a Superchic[k] show just to see him (Matt) run around on stage for the whole show. I've seen them at 3 different times.

Posted on 07-20-2004 by JESOd
eh they are good live and all... but i don't enjoy female rock singers.

Posted on 07-29-2002 by tropicana
It's an OK CD; full of great summer tunes. "Barlow Girls" is solid; "Not Done Yet" is my favorite track. "One Girl Revolution" is a great song. Unfortunatly, this CD begins to run together after about track 6. Very soundalike, much like Sum41 if you listen to secular Top 40. And why do they need remixes on their first album? They don't "Ooze creativity", as Brio magazine said, but they aren't awful. I would buy the CD for the first five or six tracks alone. It gets a 7.

Posted on 08-17-2002 by superchick13
This is one of my favorites!!! 10! :D

Posted on 08-17-2002 by Faith_in_Him
I like the music because it has the beat I like with good sound lyrics...not worldly music. It gets me moving when I'm having a rough day.

Posted on 09-27-2002 by Lyn[n]
definately a 10 ! Sc[k] rocks!!

Posted on 09-29-2004 by Spazzy McGee
Even though im a guy i love this band.
Lyrics are great.
if there's a band that is closest to my heart besides Switchfoot this is it.
I play their music on my bass. Im in an all girls band (exeption me) and we play this all the time. i love "playing princes and frogs", "One Girl revolution",
and "One And Lonely"

Posted on 09-29-2004 by sodapop143

Posted on 10-02-2006 by Zboy4God
this is a vary good CD thats more for the older teens then the younger.

it has a positive message in the songs and a sweet unique sound thats like a Garage,punk/Rock,funk,pop,jazz thingy thats Reilly cool to hear.

Its A Good Cd:) ........

Posted on 11-02-2002 by superchickguy
hey all i want everyone to know that superchick is like the best band in the whole world

Posted on 11-16-2002 by skilar
i gave this an 8. if you have heard their second album (which rocks!) then this [b]does[/b] sort of start to run together. but it still rocks. i would recommend it to anyone!

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