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Sonicflood - Sonicpraise (2001)

Average User Rating: 9.62 out of 10
Total votes: 13 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 7

1. Intro
2. Open The Eyes Of My Heart
3. I Want To Know You (In Secret)
4. Carried Away
5. Holy One
6. You Are Worthy Of My Praise
7. Spontaneous Worship
8. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble
9. Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
10. Before The Throne Of God Above
11. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
12. I Have Come To Worship

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Posted on 01-03-2003 by HeIsRisenIndeed
I loove this worship album, and the way the artists put their hearts into it: you can tell that they mean it. I really enjoyed how, after some songs, they added commentary and their own opinions. After one particular song, it was very moving..

Definite 10!!

Posted on 06-14-2002 by music punk04
This is a REALLY good worship album. The only thing is one of the songs is pretty much just music, oh well, that's why I voted 9. Other than that it rules. :D

Posted on 09-12-2002 by Mugga Please
this is a really good live cd. I have heard tho it is basically exactly like the concert in live (which is good im figuring). but ya overall great cd of sonicflood (note: first band) and i might even tell ppl to consider getting this on before getting the self titled one.

Key Songs: Open the Eyes, I want to know you, Lord i lift your name, Did you feel the moutains tremble, and the rest of the cd

Posted on 10-11-2002 by jude
this cd is so great, you feel like you are there. You can get really lost in worship listening to this cd.(pardon the accidental fusebox reference) POWERFUL STUFF. If you have the self-titled, and aren't considering this cd because most of the same songs are on it, GET IT ANYWAYS, its a lot better, because of the whole concert rush, and the new stuff.

and by the way, that semi-instrumental is an awesome track if you get into the cd as a whole.

Posted on 10-13-2002 by P&W JAMMER
:cool: Kewl... this is a great cd and think that track 7 is one of my fav's out of ALL of my cd's...
I give it a TEN!

Posted on 10-15-2004 by Unregisted
[QUOTE=music punk04]This is a REALLY good worship album. The only thing is one of the songs is pretty much just music, oh well, that's why I voted 9. Other than that it rules. :D[/QUOTE]

it's not just's free worship, it's the best track out of all. you can feel His presence through just that "music" imagine what it would feel like if you were in the concert. oh if you were a christian musician you'd understand about the free worship, well bye anyways. God Bless

Posted on 12-28-2002 by Heavy C
This is the best Live Cd ever......this may be my favourtie Cd ofa ll tiem...

As for the comment about one track beign instrumetal....we must first be sure you understand the circumstances surroudignti adn the definitons invovled....

in the 2 preludignt racks there were spur of the moment guitar solos and improv lyrrics..
and that 9 minute instruemtnal portion is where the crowd and the band jsut got slot in worship to God..made up the musci on the spot, amde up the rpayer on the spot..
made up the words ont hs spot..spontaeously, thus the name...

unplanned spur of the moment worship whcih sweep up everyoen from the back seat tot he badn themselves is so awesoema dn pwoerful..adn when we quit just looking at Christian music as entertainemnt and see it as God's workign throghu peoepl to reach us,a dn we open up to God throguh musci, we feel the Holy Spriit through music.......and if you are open to the Spirit and not sjut lookin to be entertaiend, or not distracted by hwo tireds you are or what yur doign right then..then track 7 becomes soemthign pwoerful and awesome...its my favourite track ever I think...


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