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Skillet - Alien Youth (2001)

Average User Rating: 9.03 out of 10
Total votes: 64 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 24

1. Alien Youth
2. Vapor
3. Earth Invasion
4. You Are My Hope
5. Eating Me Away
6. Kill Me Heal Me
7. Thirst Is Taking Over
8. One Real Thing
9. Stronger
10. Rippin Me Off
11. Will You Be There
12. Come My Way

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Posted on 01-06-2003 by Muffinly
This is a very good cd. They aren't quite as good live. The effects are slightly overdone though.

Posted on 02-09-2003 by jesusfreak1234
this cd roaks butt!!!

Posted on 02-16-2005 by g-fizzle
[QUOTE=Muffinly]This is a very good cd. They aren't quite as good live. The effects are slightly overdone though.[/QUOTE]

How many times have you seen them live? They sound flippin awesome live! :whoa:

Posted on 02-26-2004 by Jonzo14
skillet rocks! this cd kicks butt and seriously is their best one except for Collide, which doesn't have a click on thing yet. if anyone ever tells you any different, they're wrong. THese guys are awesome. ALIEN YOUTH is such a good mixture of techno, even if they do sometimes push it on the "beeps and whistles", and rock that it is up there in the greatest cd's of all time. take it from me, I have ALL their cd's and this one is awesome.


"If I live to be 259 years old, and they have to push me into the nursing home, I still want to be listening to Skillet." Thank the Lord for rock.

Posted on 03-18-2004 by Brian-Alexander
this is a great cd i love it

Posted on 03-22-2003 by Enjoi_Lyfe
I truly enjoy this CD...I'm a newer Skillet fan..I watched a human video on Alien Youth and couldn't get it out of my head... I bought it the next day! I've seen Skillet on many tx shows and interviews and John Cooper himself said that he was trying to reach a younger audience I don't care how old he is how settled down he doesn't matter he said he wasnts to reach out to a newer generation of christians with his music and I think thats a very great attitude to have...someone needs to hit the Youth of the Nation hard with a nice solid sound that we're all looking for and I believe Skillet can easily be the band to do mom can't stand them they're too hard for her and she even thinks like The Thirst Is Taking Over is hard...that's soft compared to other songs on there...overall I would say it's a fast paced CD for a fast paced generation!

Posted on 05-04-2007 by telestarjammer
Alien Youth is my favorite skillet cd next to Comatose. I love the industrial influence on this one.

Posted on 05-20-2010 by Darkhyperchaos
9.10, IMO it's the most underrated Skillet album. The industrial element is used extremely well, and it also makes this album have a unique sound. It's one of Skillet's all time best albums!

Posted on 06-07-2003 by Val the Bunny
skillet is probably one of the greatest bands in christian music... ever. they just have a passion and a true love for spreading God's Word to people as much as they can, and i really respect it.

alien youth gets a 9- excellent album. a little edgy, but most definetely skillet. :D


Posted on 06-07-2003 by IndoGuy
skillet are, and have always been...crap.

Posted on 06-20-2002 by Super-Des
Skillet is by far the best band I've ever known. With each album they produce, they're heartfelt worship and adoration towards the Lord is expressed in the most poetic and sincere way, combing those spirit filled lyrics with an ever increasing talent of cutting edge sound. I often think of King David, comanding in the psalms for the variety of instruments to be played in worship to God, and how he would be so much into worshiping the Lord that he would dance before him, and (unknowingly I would think) loose his clothes! I've always loved music, of course it's become so much to me since I've been saved, and it is all because of what I believe music was intended for....and that's to worship our God. So to find a band that is not only talented, but filled with a desire to worship God & make him the center and the reason of their music, is exciting. It's truly amazing what happens when your able to worship God though the very music that I love the most! Thank you Skillet!

Posted on 07-20-2002 by OneWithTheMud
It's kinda similar to their first CD, which isn't a bad thing. It's great.

Posted on 08-01-2002 by Kori
This cd is my favorite! It is by far the best album by Skillet yet!
I only became a fan when their previous cd "Invincible" came out.
Although I knew about them when they released "Hey you, I love your soul." My favorite songs on this cd are, "Earth Invasion", "Eating me Away" & "Kill me, Heal me." In 2001 I
actually went back-stage and met the lead singer: John Cooper.
I talked to him for a long enough time to realize he was a really nice guy. Skillet is definetly my favorite band, and I hope you all like them as well.
I rate it a 10!!!

Thankyou for Reading,
Sonic 5K

Posted on 09-13-2003 by Visirale
[QUOTE=IndoGuy]skillet are, and have always been...crap.[/QUOTE]

What makes you say that?

Posted on 09-15-2003 by Visirale

THIS CD ROCKS. It is definatly one of my favorite CD's of all time. I love the sound of this CD. It also varies from the hard anthem likeness of "ripping me off" to the "modern worship" sound of "the thirst is taking over" to the beautiful "you are my hope". it's just SO diverse.

I love how everything is laced with electronica. Korey does a GREAT job with the synths. She is the best at what she does.

John's bass lines are rudimentary, but his vocals are great. I love his voice...

Ben Kasica (current guitarist) of skillet only recorded Earth Invasion, but from what I've heard live, his versions of the other songs are even better from what they already are on the CD.

Lori is the [U]best[/U] chick drummer ever. Period.

So yeah, this CD is definatly a 10/10.

Posted on 09-15-2003 by Jonular
[QUOTE=IndoGuy]skillet are, and have always been...crap.[/QUOTE]
What in the world are you talking about? Reasons?


Posted on 11-09-2006 by hawky
This is the best Skillet CD ever made. The songs are stinkin amazing, and the lyrics, especially on Alien Youth, are extremely encouraging. I have all of Skillet's CDs except for Comatose, and this is by far my favorite. If you don't have it you should definitely get it. I give it a 30 out of 10.

Posted on 11-19-2002 by Jimvee
This CD is the best ever. PERIOD. The driving guitars, the smashing drums, and the awesome and pasionate lyrics, ohh man I love it! Unlike a lot of other rock bands they actually have a lead singer who can sing!, not imitate a dying frog. The only problem I have with this cd is it uses a little bit too many electronic beeps and whistles, but it's not too bad. Skillet rock on!

Posted on 12-02-2002 by selfsame singer
I got to hang out with these guys a little before and after one of their concerts. They are truely amazing people. And this cd is by far their best. Their other cds are good but this one is better.

Posted on 12-19-2002 by NobleWard
Skillet is a great, youth oriented Christian rock band. I respect and admire the Christian role models they portray in their music and life stlye. I guess the groups biggest down would have to be one of their better aspects; they're youth oriented. I can't see myself listening to Skillet 6 or 7 years down the train when I'm married and settled (although I'm sticking to Pillar and 38th Parallel to I'm 79 and go deaf from playing the treble too loud!! Yeah baby!!) I do like their music despite that fact, but I guess I go for the more mature sounding stuff or something like that. I give the CD an 8, which will probably shoot down any hopes of my becoming a Panhead, but it is just my personal opinion. The spiritual lyrics on this CD are great and the mix of softer, inflective, more worshipful tunes and the harder electronic songs like "Kill me, Heal me" (which has frightened me out of a wistful daydream more than once mind you!!) is great. At the moment, my younger brother has misplaced the CD (grrr!!!) which I will most likely have to replace with some Christmas money. Great CD, but the youth ministry orientation means I will most likely outgrow the group's sounds by the time I hit 25. Sad but true.

Posted on 12-19-2002 by Super-Des
[QUOTE]Skillet is a great, youth oriented Christian rock band......I guess the groups biggest down would have to be one of their better aspects; they're youth oriented. I can't see myself listening to Skillet 6 or 7 years down the train when I'm married and settled.....but I guess I go for the more mature sounding stuff....Great CD, but the youth ministry orientation means I will most likely outgrow the group's sounds by the time I hit 25. Sad but true.[/QUOTE]

You are correct in saying they are youth oriented, but from a "married and settled" man to a youngster----SKILLET still rocks! And how can you outgrow SKILLET's sound when it's always growing into something else? And far as maturity goes, SKILLET is by far more mature than any other "youth oriented band" I know, ecspecially Pillar and 38th Parallel.

*sigh* anyways, I just had to get that off my may visist more panheads like myself here: [URL=][/URL]

Posted on 12-19-2002 by NobleWard
When comnpared to mainstream "mature" sounding rock groups like Kid Rock and Nickelback for example, Skillet is obvously outranked in the eyes of Adults. Also compare to Steven Curtis Chapman (not one of my faves but...) Bebo Norman, or the like. Everything from the way they dress to the sound of their instrumentals and vocals clearly makes the band "youth oriented ministry music". It's the band's goal. John Cooper is practically a youth pastor (get me on this one if I'm wrong) and there no bones about the group being youth focused. Like I said, I like Skillet, and it's true that the group might mature as time goes on. But they limit themselves in this by filling a niche and making music towards a target audience. While not a bad thing, you can outgrow their "current" sound.

Posted on 12-24-2002 by Super-Des
first of all there are different sounds of music. Skillet would fall under one catagory while others such as Kid Rock (which I hardly know any adults who listen to them), Steven Curtis Chapman and Bebo Norman fall under another. Skillet has been around for several years putting out 4 albums and 1 worship album, each one maturing a bit more than the previous into a different sound. I believe they've come a long way, their first album (1996 I think) had more of a grunge/alternative sound, then progressing into their current industrial rock sound. I love each album almost equally, and I think that you would be suprized with how many adults actually like them too! I do not agree that Skillet is missing out on the adult audiences because I know way to many who love them, perhaps they are young adults like myself, but the same thing can be said about the "mainstream" bands which you mentioned(saying that the bulk of their audience is youth and young adults). You are entitled to your own opinion, likewise so am I.....and so I say that Skillet is not imature as you say they are.

Posted on 12-28-2002 by Heavy C
TIme to mediate..

TO quote Toby Mac, "Open up your mind and let your soul be free."
To quote my uncle: "Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional."
To quote myself; "As long as you close yourself off to the possibility, then of course you'll enver be reached."

The truth is if you keep an open mind and an open ehart, then yur age doesn't amtter worth crap as to the musci that toucehs you. I mean, look at Larry Norman, the Elvis of Christian music...he likes the musci of and has gien permission for use of his music by, DC Talk and other bands....the man is 60 and he likes DC Talk....that there shows age is not a big factor unelss you etl it be.

To quote the songwriting of Scott Stapp from Creed, "Time served on the Earth doesn't eman you grow in mind."

How logn you spend on this old wqrokld doesn'ta ffect what your mind does and what youa llow yourself to be minsitered by.

When I am 349 years old and theya re tryign to convince me to go into a nursing home for the 80th time...I still hope I can identitfy with Third Ady, Skillet, AudioA drenaline, 38th parellel, P.O>D. adn Creed etc...


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