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P.O.D. - Fundamental Elements Of Southtown (1999)

Average User Rating: 8.76 out of 10
Total votes: 41 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 25

1. Greetings
2. Hollywood
3. Southtown
4. Checkin' Levels
5. Rock The Party (Off The Hook)
6. Lie Down
7. Set Your Eyes To Zion
8. Lo Siento
9. Bullet The Blue Sky
10. Psalm 150
11. Image
12. Shouts
13. Tribal Warriors
14. Freestyle
15. Follow Me
16. Outkast

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Posted on 01-06-2003 by Heavy C
I think I would've prefered P.O.D. keep the direction for their sound Southtown was headed in..but I'd have to say Satelite is an awesome alternative....

I give this one a filler songs...Atelite has about 3 filelr sogns on it..this is just pure P.O.D....I love the interlude Greetigns and heckin adds a personal touch to the album.....makes it mreo down to Earth and fun....


Posted on 02-13-2005 by Symbiotic
it gets a 7 cause some songs aren't very good.....if you like brown and snuff the punk, you'll like this one.....sorry for camparing it to newer albums, but its way better than Payable on Death....Payable On Death was a bad CD....well....not bad, just too different for the real POD.....FEOS is the real POD....satellite was great, but in a different way.....and i can compare to every POD album if you like, i own every POD song ever recorded....even School of Hard Knocks and Sleeping Awake....FEOS has to be one of the best....just behind Brown

Posted on 02-22-2004 by Jonodude
This one's great. A ten from me. :thumbsup:

So much better than [i]Satellite[/i]. :dead:

Posted on 02-25-2004 by StraightEdge
I gave the disc a nine (9). It is really POD's hardest and, in my opinion, their finest. I also really love the vocals and the subject matter. I love the spiritual warfare/ Christian perserverance theme of the disc. It's really encouraging (and set to such great music).

Posted on 04-01-2004 by punkrocker78

Posted on 04-01-2004 by Micahb
I wish I had more arms so I could give this cd 10 thumbs up.

Posted on 04-30-2005 by the ricksta
this was the first cd i heard of theirs and while that might sway my vote a little, i still think i like it better than satellite. but satellite is still very good. p.o.d. is just plain awesome. they're one of the most consistently good and openly christian bands ever.

Posted on 05-18-2003 by sixzirens
i dont understand the other people posting on this album; they all compare it to sattellite. it's like they havent listend to any other pod albums! all of their albums are different stylistically, and it is very obvious if you would just freaking listen to their other stuff. it bugs me when people just listen to the new albums a band puts out without a thought to the other four to five albums they put out over the last few years. *sigh*. anyways. didnt mean to come down on people....i was just ranting.

Posted on 05-19-2003 by Ardent1
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Heavy C [/i]
[B]I love the interlude Greetigns and heckin adds a personal touch to the album.....makes it mreo down to Earth and fun....[/B][/QUOTE] :yep: I agree. I especially love the Shouts to us Warriors worldwide. :D
sixzirens: I agree. People really should take in the other albums before they compare it to a new one. Bands change stylistically and P.O.D. has definitely. But peeps will be peeps, and there's nothing we can do about it. Also- people who like Satellite are listening to FEOS and Brown, etc. and saying they like Sat. better b/c the other stuff is too hard. And really, I'm kinda sick of that, too. (Apologies- more ranting)

Posted on 06-01-2004 by beau99
FEOS is way too heavy for me. Satellite is much better. Heck, Brown is better.

Posted on 06-19-2003 by kutlessrox89
u can not even start to compare this album to satellite they are both on opposite ends of the spectrum sattelite put them on the mainstream air waves but fundemental elements of southtown is more original and is their best album yet no arguments none anyone who argues with me should be beaten severly with a stick jk but its all good

god bless everyone

Posted on 06-23-2002 by SkaFreak77trin
This is clearly the best pod album. It blends the grungy, dirty, hardcore sound of old school pod and modern mainstream producing. Has great vocs by sonny (as always). It also has cooler guitar and bass parts than satellite. They really show their talent on this cd. This is the one that made them famous.

Posted on 06-23-2002 by little_weird
yeah fundamental elements of southtown did make them famous but it is not the best album b/c satellite has better song and music video.

Posted on 06-27-2002 by SoccerAaron
little_weird: yeah fundamental elements of southtown did make them famous but it is not the best album b/c satellite has better song and music video.


Posted on 07-09-2003 by bossman
Yeah. This was my favorite album, the most hardcore and just good, and I have all their albums, this was just the most complete, but from what I hear the new one they are working on now is gonna be the best,

Posted on 07-09-2003 by SenorPapaCabasa
FEoS is better than satellite in my humble opinion

Posted on 07-09-2003 by Ardent1
Yeah, well it's true in many people's humble opinions. Just not mine.

Posted on 07-10-2003 by Jonular
Hi, my name is Jon. And I'm guilty of joining the majority by supporting nu-metal bands. Aparentally this genre gets treated as a "heavy version of pop music". I plead guilty to thoroughly enjoying this kind of music.

Therefore I also like Satellite more than any of the older albums.


Posted on 07-10-2003 by Ardent1
lol. w00t!! go jon!!!

Posted on 07-11-2002 by Underhill
It's good, but not as good as "Satellite"

Posted on 07-21-2009 by telestarjammer
Good stuff here. It was actually one of the first christian rock albums I purchased. If only they still sounded this good. :sadyep:

Posted on 09-29-2004 by aldrus_me
all the pod albums are great. it just depends on your styles. if you like hard core more grungy stuff fundamental elements of southtown is the one for you but, if you like a bit of melody you can listen to satellite or their new album. every album has its own distinct flavor and attitude. thats it for now. keep on rockin warriors!!!

Posted on 11-10-2003 by suntuoso
P.O.D. rocks. {South town} want to throw up my fists I MUST REEEESSSSSSISSSSSSSSSTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 11-19-2002 by Ardent1
I don't think it's better than Satellite. I do like this album as a whole, but there are some songs that don't appeal to me as much as far as the guitars are concerned. In fact, if I were to rate albums from my most to least favorite, I have no idea where I'd stick this one. Anyway, it's still an awesome CD! Love the album art, too!

Posted on 11-28-2002 by SoccerAaron
This CD introduced me to P.O.D.
I heard Rock The Party and I've liked them ever since.
Good CD but not their best......

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