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Knapp, Jennifer - Kansas (1998)

Average User Rating: 9.75 out of 10
Total votes: 32 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 14

1. Prelude (Faithful To Me)
2. Whole Again
3. Undo Me
4. Trinity
5. In The Name
6. His Grace Is Sufficient
7. Martyrs & Thieves
8. Romans
9. Refine Me
10. Hold Me Now
11. Visions
12. Faithful To Me (Reprise)

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Posted on 03-05-2004 by Mathaytace ><>
I don't own this one unfortunately, but I did get it from the library, and I remember it rocks

Posted on 04-26-2006 by Ebony&Ginger
[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=SeaGreen]easy 10!! Jennifer rocks!! I own all of her CD's and I listen to them regularly. [url][/url] is a very good site (though unofficial) that I reccomend that all fans check out. I think all of jk's ([B]J[/B]ennifer [B]K[/B]napp) music is so inspirational and her ministry has really helped me :clap: :thumbsup: luvin' it![/COLOR][/FONT]

Posted on 05-05-2003 by songbird_82
JK is my favorite aritst of all time. Her music is so amazing and so inspiring.....She really expresses her love for Jesus Christ..... I love ALL her albums and I can't wait until the next!!:kangel:

Posted on 06-19-2003 by aga_xris
i've always loved jennifer knapp... she's sooo real... so tangible... even her passion is soo real... this cd has touched me in ways i really can't explain... and i think lots of people can say the same that she has brought worship under a different light... wow... my personal favourite songs in this cd are: undo me, refine me, and hold me now... the whole cd is worth it... BUY BUY IT! you won't regret it! :kspin:

Posted on 06-27-2002 by izzybeth85
The first time I heard this CD I immediatly fell in love with it! A definite 10!

Posted on 07-01-2003 by ivy_gaskell
I have all three CDs and I like to sing along to her music
Jennifer Knapps music is the best.

Posted on 07-02-2002 by Jay42
Had to give it a 10.

"Refine Me" ministered to me greatly. But there are a lot of other gems on this CD too.

Posted on 07-02-2002 by Ashwey
Great CD! This is one of the first Christian CD's I ever got and it is definitely one of my favorites! Jen has a great voice, is an excellent guitarist, and a talented songwriter. Many of the songs on the CD hit home w/ me, such as "Whole Again" and "Hold Me Now." This is a definite must hear! :D

Posted on 07-05-2002 by Insane Drummer
i gave it a 9. its one of the best CDs.

Posted on 07-09-2002 by guitar4him
This CD is so awesome! it really touched me and i gave it a 9 (i wish i would have given it a 10, tho) Jen is very talented and and I love her style!!!

Posted on 07-28-2002 by PrincessLoser
Jennifer in general is a 10. I looove her! Kansas is amazing--probably the best CD I've ever heard...and if not THE best, one of the best!

Posted on 08-03-2002 by soulstrands
Driving home from Nashville one night, flipping thru radio stations & zoning, I heard this beautiful voice that asked if her father missed her when she used to crawl upon his knee. Her voice captivated & I did not, at the time, know there was a Christian Radio station that played such great music. I WAS HOOKED!

Bought Kansas soon after....Martyrs & Theives has long since been a song that I truly can relate to. Refine me has such longing that transends all others.

All cd's after has a definate place within my collection, but KANSAS remains my favorite!!!

Thank you Jennifer & God Bless

Posted on 12-04-2002 by soulfire52

Posted on 12-09-2002 by soulstrands
I am also very excited about "the way that i am" . Stellar voice & presence... Heard the new CD? of course!

Jennifer Knapp is the kind of girl I would like to hang out with... she has that kind of openness that I love in my closest of friends!


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