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Joel, Phil - Watching Over You (2000)

Average User Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Total votes: 10 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 9

1. God Is Watching Over You
2. Strangely Normal
3. El Salvador (The Saviour)
4. Author Of Life
5. Tonight (Not Fading Away)
6. My Generation
7. Be Number One
8. Fragile
9. It's You
10. Together

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Posted on 03-22-2004 by Unregisted
Hey That`s an awesome album is a great blessing from God!!! I`m from El Salvador when i listened to your album and the beautiful song called El Salvador I cried!!!Believe me!!! Thank you very much.. I didn`t know that`t you came to my country!!!! I`m totally sure that God touch your heart when you came here i can see it in the lyric to the song!!! Hey i`m learning to play in my guitar and maybe make the translate to Spanish!!! The other people has to listen this treasure!!! God bless you, Phil, and all your family and friends. I pray for you and yours all the time. Thank you again. Love from a sister in Christ, Ivonne From El Salvador!!!!!

Posted on 07-07-2002 by Mugga Please
AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. This is an awesome cd. Phil Joel (bass for the band 'newsboys') has def got himself a good cd. you can tell he's from the "Newsboys" because a the songs use that sort of style (and Peter Fuler helped produce..that could have somethin to do w/ it). There isnt one song that drags or is bad or anything. Each has its own unique taste and style. Few great tracks are "God is watching over you", "My Generation", "Be Number One", and "Fragile". This is also the cd that got my dad into christian he's blasting supertones and relient k in his car everywhere he goes. So got out and get this cd.....well worth your money.

Posted on 07-11-2005 by fallinguprawks
it's pretty good- not one of my favorite cd's but i do like it alot. i must admit i like phil joel more than his music, if that makes sense. pop-rock is not my genre. but i like phil joel because has good lyrics and a well trained voice. at the last newsboys concert i saw they had him, peter, and their new guitarist singing and the only one not straining was phil joel. he uses falsetto alot. he's a cool guy. i bought both his cds just cuz i like his vocals. oh yeah and "god is watching over you" is probably my least favorite track. although it's the only one that got popular and the lyrics are really good, i like the others better.

Posted on 07-20-2002 by OneWithTheMud
BAD BAD BAD! I listened to it once and I'll probably never listen to it again. At least I didn't pay anything for it.

Posted on 07-25-2005 by canguru2
I love this cd! Although I like Bring It On better, this one is still awesome.
My fave song is "my generation". I really like the last one too. :yep:

Posted on 08-08-2004 by bmcneal
Like it, but the second CD is better!:)

Posted on 09-25-2005 by Pierced
This CD is awesome. A great CD :yep:


Posted on 10-20-2003 by newsgirl14
:cry: How can you say that! It smarts! Phil is sooo cool and so are his CD's!!! (I need another copy, mine is scratched.)
Still sobbing, Newsgirl14 :cry:

Posted on 10-21-2003 by phats
This CD is a great listen, I love his flair and energy, and he combines well in composition with Dave Dobbyn on at least one track. It's easy to listen to, and fun. A big 8.

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