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Jars Of Clay - The Eleventh Hour (2002)

Average User Rating: 8.42 out of 10
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1. Disappear
2. Something Beautiful
3. Revolution
4. Fly
5. I Need You
6. Silence
7. Scarlet
8. Whatever She Wants
9. The Eleventh Hour
10. These Ordinary Days
11. The Edge Of Water

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Posted on 01-11-2003 by A2JJCJ5
I like the CD, not the best one they have made, but still awesome. My favorite song would have to be I Need You.

Posted on 01-16-2003 by jesusfreak1985
I think this is the best album Jars has put out since their self-titled debut album. JOC is one of my top 2 or 3 fav bands, and I love all of their work, but the first album is by far my favorite cd of all time. What I noticed about Eleventh Hour is that it is the first to be produced by JOC since their self-titled. Much Afraid and If I Left the Zoo were not produced by them. I think their unique sound is refected in this album, and it is a fresh return to that after Much Afraid and If I Left the Zoo. As a side note: Worlds Apart, track 9 on self-titled, is an AWESOME song. It is very powerful and has inspired me in my Christian walk.

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Posted on 02-07-2003 by Unique
This one is definitively a good one. On the for main albums it's my second favourite, the first being Jars of Clay self-titled. Though all for albums are good, this one is has what first attracted me to Jars of Clay, it's special music, and The Eleventh Hour is JOC returning to it's sources. I like that.

Banjo in The Edge of Waters was great!

Posted on 02-18-2003 by rocketboy
This is a realy great album that is one of my favorites.

Revolution and Fly are the best tracks:cool:

Posted on 02-18-2003 by mdl9482
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Supermatt [/i]
[B]I am a huge Jars of Clay fan, so this is not prejudiced, but I really think The Eleventh Hour stunk. A secular reveiewist for the New York TImes had a hard time finding something "christian" about the cd. THat worries me. If a lost person can not see God in a CD, or has a hard time doing it, what good is the CD except for entertainment? When a Christian artist steps over into the realm of "entertainment", it is a lot harder for him to be used to his fullest by God. I hope Jars of Clay sees this before their next album. [/B][/QUOTE]

I'd like to comment on this since this topic kind of hits close to home. Currently I am an avid lover of almost all Christian music, and Jars is by far my favorite band of all time, Christian and non-Christian. However, it would have not been this way without lyrics that didn't mention Jesus.
My whole life I grew up on music thorugh my dad's continuous playing of it in the house. I've grown to love and appreciate 0s and 80s music more than much of the secular stuff today. When I was a young teen in the mid 90s, my dad was a member of Columbia House music group (which I am now a member of and highly recommend). He had never listened to Christian music before, at least he thought. One day he got an order in the mail that he made and realized one of the CD's he got wasn't what he wanted. However, he went ahead and listened to it and recognized a couple of songs from it because they were played in the secular markets.
The CD was Michael W. Smith's The First Decade and the songs were A Place In This World and I will Be here for you which neither mention Christ. My family was church going so we were Christians, but he didn't know Smitty was a Christian artists along with Amy Grant until doing further research. From that day on, we both listen to Christian music and I worked my way into loving it, starting with Smitty to dc Talk and now Jars of Clay. Although we were Christian, the music of Smitty was so good that we had to hear more and realized that Christian music was better than initially thought out to be. It's funny how now I am finding myself wanting to study christian radio and get into the christian radio/music business.
Therefore, I come to the conclusion that the 11th hour is a great starter CD for non-Christians to get interested in JoC and possibly be pulled into liking Christian music. If you bombard them with Christ, you won't get anywhere if they don't believe. As Jaci Velasquez says in her song Show Me Love, show them love and don't push too many buttons or else you may have more rejecters than believers.

Posted on 02-18-2003 by stinkins
I think The Eleventh Hour is a fantastic disc. Jars of Clay really rebounded since their sophomore slump with both The Eleventh Hour and If I Left the Zoo...

Favorite tracks are Revolution and Fly...I also enjoy I Need You as well...

I even got the DVD with it...which is really cool as well.

Posted on 03-03-2003 by bennie_05
I was really pretty dissapointed in it when i first listened to it. I couldn't find anything having to do with the Lord Jesus Christ. But then i heard they were trying to show Christ to nonbelievers through more secular music. So i can understand that and argue both ways. But i also don't think the musical quality was nearly as good as their self titled album. I hear a whole lot of people say stuff like "Oh Jars is going back to their roots, back to their original style." And thats just not true. One major difference is their first album was acoustic and had a much better arrangement. This album is all electric. It can grow on you but if i could go back i'd probably buy something else.

Posted on 03-06-2003 by hoser
I love Jars of Clay, and I love them because by and large, I can't stand popular Christian music, but I love God. Pop Christian lyrics tend to be weak, dishonest, and make Christianity seem like a cake walk, where as any real Christian knows, it is not so. I could say a lot more about this issue, and if you're actually interested in discussing, by all means send me a message or something and I'd love to discuss...So why do I love Jars of Clay if I hate pop Christian music so much (and believe me, I really can't stand it)...because they're honest. Read over the lyrics of Worlds Apart again, and you will understand what I mean by this. Dan makes lots of references to how difficult it is, to how a lot of times it's hard to maintain faith. Not only that, but that album is amazingly well composed; at no point do they ever touch a distortion pedal to build dynamic. No, they do so with sparing drums, amazing string compositions, and perfectly in place vocal layering and harmonies. I can't think of another band ever that has accomplished this in such a way.

Those things are all necessary for anyone to understand when they hear me say that I rated The Eleventh Hour a generous 4. If it weren't for Something Beautiful, Silence, and The Eleventh Hour, this album would be a complete waste of my time. I don't understand how anyone in his right mind can enjoy "Revolution." Seriously, grab a hammer, bang a gong? That's a ridiculous line that makes no sense except for an easy rhyme for a poorly written pop song. This album is ok lyrically (and certainly leagues better than the standard Christian pop album) and much worse musically. It is overflowing with simple progressions, standard instrumentation, and less than creative vocal tracking for the most part. These reasons are why I like the 3 songs I mentioned, because they get out of this pattern. Silence is my favorite on the album all the way around.

As for the constant talk about the failure of Much Afraid and If I Left the Zoo, I personally consider Much Afraid to be a solid sophomore effort (just think, if there was no such thing as the self-titled, must of us would view Much Afraid as incredible), especially because of songs like "Hymn" (and again, what other Christian artist comes up with lyrics like those?), Tea and Sympathy, Crazy Times (a standard pop song, but with a fairly creative chord progression and excellent lyrics) and Frail. If I Left the Zoo is probably no better than average, but I think is far, FAR better than The Eleventh Hour. Sad Clown off of that album is one of my favorite JoC songs ever. That song, if nothing else, shows serious versatility. Also, I think Goodbye, Goodnight is one of their better ones ever also. Very cool instrumentation in that one, super creative, and add a half cup of very Beatles-esque vocals and you make a great lead off song for an album.

JoC simply needs to get back to honest lyrics with creative instrumentation to back them up, not another album (as is The Eleventh Hour) that for the most part is chalk full of simple pop songs that lean entirely on above average lyrics...what else do you expect from those guys by now.

Posted on 04-12-2003 by jesusfreak1985
i can totally see what you're saying about the lyrics. i have to admit, as much as i like this album, some of the songs are U2-esque and very pop-y. the lyrics are, at best, not up to par w/ their first and second album. when i first got this cd, i listened to it once, and was not impressed so i put it aside. when i came back to it a couple of months later, i heard some new stuff and was starting to like it. now, after having it my car and listening to it only twice through in one day, i am a little tired of some of the songs. the chord progressions are basically predictable and the lyrics are not so creative. the cd does have some redeeming songs, and i think it was a smart idea for them to produce it themselves, and they are moving in the right direction after if i left the zoo. also, you have to keep in mind that they are evolving, they are changing their sound to expand their audience and draw in more non christians. many of my friends don't like my music b/c "it sounds like christian can tell" i think if JoC is trying to avoid that stereotype and create a new following, more power to them. not everyone goes for REAL music...only musicians. which is why we like their debut. many people can't appreciate it's value musically or lyrically, and so with this album they are only trying to expand their outreach. i don't see anything wrong with that.

Posted on 05-11-2003 by majestikmoose
I don't think that this is the rigt place for this , but how about their new song: The Valley Song? By far, my favorite song....

Posted on 05-11-2003 by A2JJCJ5
This CD of their's was the CD that got me into their music. I love it, and I think that it is an awesome CD. As far as a new album goes, they are not using electric guitars. It is going to be an acoustic CD, like their first one.

P.S. I have a VERY reliable sorce.

Posted on 07-05-2002 by Insane Drummer
wow this album is great. one of my favorites. it is the best jars album by far.

Posted on 07-06-2002 by kendyll
welllll....i like the album a lot especially, "i need you," "fly," "dissapear," and "these ordinary days," and this cd is definentally way better than "much afraid" and probably even somewhat better than "if i left the zoo," (although i do really like that one), but i really dont think it surpasses their debut album. the debut album was just so original, and had such beautiful music, and awesome lyrics...i mean the band is awesome but theyve got a hard task at hand if they want to do better than their first cd. on the 1 to 10 scale, much afraid being a 5, if i ledt the zoo being a 7, and their first album being the 10...i would give the eleventh hour an 8 or 9.

Posted on 07-10-2002 by stephen1234125
this cd touched me so much the songs are absolutely beautiful i like fly, disappear, revolution is sweet, something beautiful and the edge of water all have such vast sounds and jars again succeeds. I love Dan Haseltine's voice, I cannot get over it how good it is, and his lyrics are good as usual. I don't understand how any Jars CD could get a '5' rating out of 10 but they are my favorite band, and for good reason.

Posted on 08-03-2002 by Supermatt
I am a huge Jars of Clay fan, so this is not prejudiced, but I really think The Eleventh Hour stunk. A secular reveiewist for the New York TImes had a hard time finding something "christian" about the cd. THat worries me. If a lost person can not see God in a CD, or has a hard time doing it, what good is the CD except for entertainment? When a Christian artist steps over into the realm of "entertainment", it is a lot harder for him to be used to his fullest by God. I hope Jars of Clay sees this before their next album.

Posted on 08-12-2002 by Jc
I thought the CD was awesome. To me, some of the songs are nothing but a conversation to God in Song. The lyrics are of course, Clean, great beat, love the sound. While I agree that it didn't speak say Jesus Christ, which is a little disapointing. I still think that the CD is great.

Posted on 08-19-2003 by merrymary
I almost didn't get this cd, because they over played 'I Need You' on the radio. That was the only song that I didn't like on the entire cd.

'Revolution' rocks. There's no other way to put it.

'Whatever She Wants' is one of my all time favorite songs now.

But the best one is 'Silence'. In its quiet way, it is as powerful as 'Bring Me To Life' by Evanescance.

Posted on 09-08-2002 by Rue
Jars of Clay did such a wonderful job writing this album. Though is never mentions the name Jesus it's still amazing. I don't see how people can miss the message. So what that they didn't fulfill the "Jesus' per minute" quota that we often see in Christian music today but that's the beauty of it. Non-Christians are intimidated by this type of music but 11th Hour is one that anyone can enjoy to it's fullest.

Posted on 09-08-2002 by Miscellaneous
REal good album. I thought it was one of those albums that if you listen to it one time, you already like it. Most third day stuff you have to listen to it a few times to actually begin to really like it. The only prob. i had with the album was that they didn't thank Jesus one time in the thank you notes. I hate it when people or bands do that.

Posted on 10-01-2002 by IAmCrossEyed
I think that Jars of Clay really came back from all the fairweather fans and critics hammering them about why they never measure up to their first album.

Personally, I think that they have measured up every time that they have put something out. Their songs dive deep into issues that we don't often think about or like to talk about. That combined with amazing praise and worship style ballads has made them one of the most versatile bands in the industry, secular or Christian.

I gave this album a ten.

Posted on 10-05-2002 by OneWithTheMud
At first I didn't really like this CD. Well, I liked it but I didn't think it was anything really special. Then it began to grow on me and now I like it about as much as I like the rest of JoC's CDs.

Disappear, Whatever She Wants, Revolution, Eleventh Hour, and Fly are my favorite songs.

Posted on 10-21-2002 by vechung
Great CD! Great music overall. Very honest and somehow raw lyrics. "Silence" is a very hard to listen because it deals with the problem that sometimes God seems to ignore us. I still like the first CD better.

Posted on 12-07-2002 by mdl9482
I'd have to say that from the day that I was asked to Street Promote the album and received the autographed pre-release in the mail, I have loved the CD. Disappear was what first got my attention, along with Revolution, Fly, I Need You, and Silence. They became my favorite ones on the CD. In the past few months, however, I have found that Fly is my favorite song on the album and probably my second favorite song by Jars aside from Worlds Apart from the debut album.
I don't know if seeing JoC twice in a 1 month span on their current fall tour had to do with it. I love their music and they are the put on the best live shows. I give this album a two thumbs up!

Posted on 12-27-2003 by jesus_freak21
I agree that this is their best since the self-titled album. This album is awesome. I fell in love with it from the first time I heard it. I gave it a nine, only because their first CD will always be my favorite!

Posted on 12-29-2003 by Johny
I don't know what's is wrong with you people. :nope: "Who We Are Instead" just came out. I have every CD of Jars of Clay besides there special albums and 100% The 11th Hour is the best CD ever made. :rofl: This CD is there most speratual CD ever. It's the CD that has touched me the most that makes me cry the most. :cry: Anyways... Silence is my favorit song I have ever heard in the world. Then my next favorit on the CD is revolution, I need you, whatever she wants, and the edge of water.Maybe people should actually think before they write what they think on this web-site. Who the hell would give Jars of clay a 5. :brick: I guess some people do not like them that much. I gave this album a 10.
John L. :yep:

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