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Jars Of Clay - If I Left The Zoo (1999)

Average User Rating: 8.1 out of 10
Total votes: 31 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 20

1. Goodbye, Goodnight
2. Unforgetful You
3. Collide
4. No One Loves Me Like You
5. Famous Last Words
6. Sad Clown
7. Hand
8. I'm Alright
9. Grace
10. Can't Erase It
11. River Constantine

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Posted on 01-03-2003 by guitarded-ally
this CD is really good!
the more i listen to it, the more i grow to love the songs.
it's definitely worthwhile to get this CD ppl!
esp. for the songs unforgetful you, famous last words.. all of them!

Posted on 01-06-2003 by Muffinly
It is a pretty good cd, but not the best of Jars.

EDIT: I would now bump up my rating from a 7 to an 8.5. This has grown on me to become my favorite Jars of Clay album. Very solid.

Posted on 01-11-2003 by A2JJCJ5
I personally loved the CD, but I like anything by Jars of Clay.

Favorite songs: Famous Last Words, No One Loves Me Like You, Hand, and Collide, and Unforgetful You. Actually, I LOVE THEM ALL!:D

Posted on 01-18-2005 by Rich*
This is my favourite Jars of clay album by a fair way and probably one of my favourite albums all together!
it has some great songs and I much prefer the sound they go for on this over their debut. Sad clown, Unforgetful you, Collide, Goodbye goodnight - all awesome songs :)

God Bless, Rich

Posted on 07-10-2002 by GMartin2R
really i don't like this one.

i think Jars tried to go a bit too far from their original sound. i liked the acoustic rock sound of the first cd but this one doesn't have that sound at all.

There are very few songs on here that i like. Colide and Unforgetful you are really the only ones i like.

Posted on 07-10-2002 by stephen1234125
I unfortunately, respectfully, of course disagree with you. The main reason why is that often whenever a band switches their style of music it is either frowned upon or praised, and really I can't see it either way. I love this band, and the talent is rearlly what matters to me as far as how good a band is, not if they've apparently, according to many people 'sold out' to popular music. Diversity is an important aspect of music, even within a single band I believe it is very important. They still have acoustic, only it's less mellow of a sound, not necessarily more rockish/poppish. Anyways, very good cd, i bhink; i like goodbye goodnight, no one loves me like you, collide, river constantine my favorite is river constantine on this cd.

Posted on 08-05-2002 by Tracy
I gave it a 5, it's just really not my style. I kinda like "Unforgetful You" and "Sad Clowns", and it's a good listen once in a while, but not exactly a regular in my CD player.

Posted on 09-11-2003 by Unregisted
I don't know what you guys are talking about. This CD is the very best Jars of Clay has ever done. The first was good and the 2nd was ok. 11th hour sucked royally, but this Cd brings me so much content. This is a good new sound and it really hits me. Sad clown describes me so much and the other songs speak to me so much. I think this CD deserves an 11 out of 10. but thats just me.

Posted on 09-11-2003 by Art
11th Hour didn't suck.

Posted on 09-11-2003 by Flyguy
Yeah, I liked the [I]11th Hour[/I] more then [I]If I Left the Zoo.[/I] ... Overall, the CD was good, but definately not their best IMO. I liked what they had going before better though.

Posted on 09-13-2002 by JarsFreak57
This is a good cd.:kroll:

Posted on 10-01-2002 by IAmCrossEyed
I am probably one of the biggest Jars of Clay fans you will ever meet. I gave this one an 8. I am the type of guy that would give them all tens, except on this album. I, of course, loved the album, but it is my least favorite of theirs to date.

I do like No One Loves Me Like You, and River Constantine:cowboy:

Posted on 10-05-2002 by OneWithTheMud
I like this CD but not as much as their first two.

Posted on 10-08-2004 by Third Day Gomer
Honestly this album grew on me, as most, if not all of the Jars of Clay records do. I kinda liked the Beatlesque feel to the whole album, and I feel that it is a very personal album because it deals with issues that are very important in many of our lives (ie., hypocrisy-"Sad Clown", the change that the grace of God makes in our lives-"Grace", trusting that God will "hold our hand" and never let us go, no mater what we are going through-"Hand" and many, many others) Often times I have seen that there is a kinda of "feel good music" trend that has washed over a lot of "Christian music", artists tend to write more songs about how God loves you, than they do about dealing with issues like pride, or remaining sin in our lives. Don't get me wrong I love contemporary Christian music; I think it is a great tool to both encourage and challenge us in our daily walk. And I think that is what the guys in Jars of Clay tried to do in this album, they tried to get away from that trend and write those songs about that will challenge us in our walk with Christ. The end product is one that you can not only take away a catchy tune, but hopefully when the music stops you can say, "Hey that song really speaks to where I am spiritually right now." So, thatís my opinion on this album

Posted on 10-11-2002 by dan the man
It's a good cd, with a couple semi-energetic rhythms. Their first cd was way better though. Soothes your ears after P.O.D.

Posted on 10-13-2004 by dogfood
i cant say i really like jars that much, but from the 3 cds i do have, i prefer this one, specially the sad clown song.

Posted on 10-21-2002 by vechung
I think this CD stunk! They are certainly trying something new. It has a more raw sound than before. It is somehow depressing and it did not seem to fit them.

Posted on 10-24-2002 by jude
I think this cd is Jars of Clay's best CD yet!
it's really good, and not as depressing as their first too. (that's the only way i can descibe it)
really interesting composure.

Posted on 11-06-2003 by gjeades
I hope everyone realizes that nobody cares what any of you say about Jars of Clay. I dont think many of you have room to say anything bad about any of their albums. They are a great Christian band who's music expresses a christian message in hope that someone may be lead to Christ after listening to them, and that is what it is all about, not whether or not anyone "liked" it or not. Of course, there are Jars of Clay songs that I "like" better than other ones, but that doesnt change my opinion about them. I think they deserve all of your respect.

Posted on 11-08-2003 by rock_show_host
but isn't the purpose of this forum to share your opinion of the cd?

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