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Glover, Ben - 26 Letters (2001)

Average User Rating: 9.43 out of 10
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1. 26 Letters
2. Too Many Miracles
3. Stolen By Mercy
4. The Man I Want To Be
5. Running After Me
6. Hope Will Be My Song
7. Dancing With Cactus
8. Welcome To America
9. My Only Hope
10. Lying To Myself
11. All Comes Down

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Posted on 03-05-2003 by Becky
I love that CD!! the stile of music is great :) and of cource the words are too.

Posted on 06-10-2002 by Lyle
I got this CD in April. I've never regreted the $7 dent it put
in my wallet (O.K. I got it off of

26 Letters> To often we find ourselves trying to tell God
how much we love Him, but it's so hard with the 26 letters
we have.

Too Many Miracles> At times I admit I doubt what I believe and why I believe it, but to think over everything,

Too many miracles to hide
Too many broken brought to life
Too many lives are being changed
Too Many to make the cross a lie
Too many hearts have been set free
Too many wanders retrieved
Too many reasons too believe.

Stolen By Mercy> We are sinners, wicked in our hearts,
But then Jesus came and washed us clean from our sins
and with His mercy He showed on the cross, He stole
our broken, tattered hearts.

The Man I Want To Be> A song written to his dad. Telling
him through life, he's seen Jesus in him. And the man that
you have been, is the man I want to be.

Running After Me> A amazing song of God's mercy in spite of
our sinfulness. That when we fall He lifts us up, when we run
He chases us. He never turns on us when we turn on Him. WHAT LOVE!!!

Hope Will Be My Song> A song that when you feel discourged you can flip on and have a lift, as he expesses a time in his life when he felt like all hope was gone. And let me tell you, if you know Jesus
hope is always there.

Dancing With Cactus> A song we all need to hear. It's very strong and to the point. Telling we can't play with little sins.
We can't have the best of both worlds.

Welcome To America> A song with truth, after 9/11 you see
all the signs that say "God Bless America". Now 9 months
after, how many do you see that aren't stickers. Has the
light gone out. Is America falling back. Bless us God cause we forgot your name.

My Only Hope> We live in a world that wants us to trust in everything but God. But in this song you hear him saying
Oh Lord, you know you are my only hope. AMEN!

Lying To Myself> We often sin and say everything will be just fine.
True, We won't do it again. But then if we do it again, we say we won't do it again. But without God's help, we're just lying to
ourselves, without His help we can never change.

All Come Down> It all comes down to the day you died to save me, the day you put your heart inside of me. As it goes.
It's name discribes itself. When it all comes down who will you know. Who's side will you be on. Who will call you theirs.

This is a awesome Cd, I recommend it to everybody.

Keep on...Keeping on

Posted on 10-23-2002 by cmckee21
I agre! Taotally worth however much you spend for it. Best songs = Welcome to America and 26 Letters but tjey are all wonderful.

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