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Five Iron Frenzy - All The Hype That Money Can Buy (2000)

Average User Rating: 9.05 out of 10
Total votes: 20 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 11

1. What's Up
2. The Greatest Story Ever Told
3. Me Oh My
4. Solidarity
5. The Phantom Mullet
6. Ugly Day
7. Farenheit
8. Four-Fifty-One
9. You Probably Shouldn't Move Here
10. Hurricanes
11. Giants
12. I Still Like Larry
13. All The Hype
14. It's Not Unusual
15. A New Hope
16. World Without End

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Posted on 01-06-2003 by Muffinly
I don't think its as good as FIF usually is. But World without an end is an incredible song.

Posted on 03-21-2003 by Rob
Another great FIF cd. In typical Five Iron Frenzy fashion, the guys (and girl) from Colorado create a cd that's got plenty of fun and craziness (example, The Phantom Mullet or You Probably Shouldn't Move Here), but also throw in a few serious songs that will blow you away (example, World Without End or The Greatest Story Ever Told). Great Job!

Posted on 06-10-2002 by Dr. Doom
i think people should get this just for the song "World Without End" but most of the other songs are great too! the only one i don't like is "Phantom Mullet", i think. anyway, the song that starts off "Driving downtown, in a Camero..." i just don't like the music in that one.

Posted on 06-11-2002 by fifsuperpod37
This is just a good cd. Every time I listen to it I enjoy it. It has a lot of variety on it and it won't get old fast except for "You probably shouldn't move here." The greatest story ever told, World Without End, me oh my, new hope, phantom mullet, their are tons of great songs on this cd, definitely worth your money.

Posted on 06-11-2002 by kCmCg
Great CD... if you like Five Iron get it. The only song i skip is "You Probably Shouldnt Move Here". The first and last tracks are great..."Greatest Story" stills give me goosebumps @ the bridge.

Technical note: First Five Iron Album to not be Mastered @ 5 Minute Walk..and you can really hear it. AThis is a good thing. lol.

[brag] singing at the end of "World Without End"[/brag]:D

Posted on 06-11-2002 by Dr. Doom
kCmCg: Technical note: First Five Iron Album to notbe Mastered @ 5 Minute Walk..and you can really hear it.

is that good or bad?

kCmCg: [brag] singing at the end of "World Without End"[/brag]:D

that is sweet! i love the part when it is just singing! great stuff!

Posted on 06-13-2002 by Insyder778
This is a fun cd. Some songs are a little strange.
But the're also fun. I love four fifty-one.
I give it an 8.

Posted on 10-02-2002 by Unregisted
This is a good Cd but i don't think that it's Five Irons best! The best songs are probably "World Without End" and Greatest Story Ever Told". My favorite is "The Phantom Mullet"! I mean a song about mullets? that's just awesome!!!

Posted on 10-08-2003 by Spork
Anyone who says this is 5Fe's worst album needs some sense knocked into them. This is their third best in my opinion (behind Boogaloo and The End Is NEar). I the only songs I can't stand are It's Not Unusual and You Probably Shouldn't Move Here. I give it 10/10.

Posted on 10-08-2003 by Art
First, you shouldn't give it a ten if there are songs that you don't like. If you don't like songs, there is room for improvement.

My opinion on FIF's CDs... I can't rank them best to worst. I love them all, but they are all very different.

Posted on 10-10-2003 by Mr.Zachcore
this awesome. i love it to pieces. "Phantom Mullt", "World Without End" "giants" "Farenheit" "four fifty one" many great songs! and the lyrics, once again are great!the only song i don't really like on it is All the Hype and that is due to the fact that everytime i hear it i am reminded of the SUm 41 song. i will surely miss these guys. I give it a 9

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