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FFH - Found A Place (2000)

Average User Rating: 8 out of 10
Total votes: 12 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 6

1. When I Praise
2. Found A Place
3. Why Do I
4. Lord Move, Or Move Me
5. Daniel
6. Your Love Is Life To Me
7. Because Of Who You Are
8. Be My Glory
9. I'm Not Afraid To Love You
10. It's Been A Long Time
11. Every Now And Then

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Posted on 07-04-2002 by emschultz
My husband and I have really enjoyed this album. We tend to have different musical tastes but agreed on this one. I like every song. I gave it a 9.

Posted on 07-04-2002 by Strider
Its a pretty good CD, I like their vocal harmonies.

Posted on 08-19-2004 by Andrew
I really enjoyed this CD. It was pretty new when it came out, meaning that it wasn't a rip off of someone else, or a previous album of theirs. I really enjoyed it, and listened to it for many combined hours of my life. Pretty harmonies, and some good, thought-provoking lyrics. Lord move, or Move Me comes to mind. What an awesome song.

A solid eight.

Posted on 10-20-2002 by Becky
The CD is incredible. but, because I'm not one for saying everyone should own something, I only gave it a 9.

Posted on 10-21-2004 by ffhgirl
Like Andrew Said it was an awesome cd.I Love the Song Lord Move,or move me.We sang that in church the other day and this guy(who never sings at all and rarely even talks,and i mean rarely)started to lift his hands up and sing he turned around and smilied at me because He hears me singing it to myself before 2twenty2 starts (oops Youth~thats the name of our youth) And we went up and prayed he told me if he never of heard this song before he wouldnt of got saved that day.That just made my day. ~~~~Did you hear the good news I got my first car!!!~~~~

Posted on 12-27-2003 by jesus_freak21
I do not listen to this CD much anymore, but at one point in my life, it was very helpful to me. I enjoyed it very much. I gave it a 9.

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