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Earthsuit - Kaleidoscope Superior (2000)

Average User Rating: 8.15 out of 10
Total votes: 20 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 10

1. One Time
2. Wheels
3. Whitehorse
4. Against The Grain
5. Do You Enjoy The Distortion?
6. Wonder
7. Osomosis Land
8. Schizophreniac
9. Said The Sun
10. Sky Flashings

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Posted on 01-09-2003 by sixzirens
listening to this album does not compare to seeing them live...dont judge them by this album alone

Posted on 04-30-2003 by meatfinger
Not too great. I'm glad I didn't blow 15 on this CD.

Posted on 07-11-2002 by Underhill
It's pretty good...but you should listen to it before you buy it

Posted on 07-20-2002 by OneWithTheMud
It's ok but the only really good songs on it are One Time and Schizophreniac.

Posted on 08-21-2002 by Alizzy
lol, every song rocks. There is not one low-quality song Earthsuit has ever put out.

Posted on 08-26-2004 by MJ_Avalanche
I had lost interest in this CD for a long time. Then I realized the musical merit that Earthsuit had. Some talented musicians in that band. Too bad they broke up. I enjoy the sound, because it's more my speed (aka, not superheavy or superfast or whatever). Some cool riffs on it, and I love what the keys add musically. I also enjoy it, because it's actually a CD that I can analyze through my currently limited musical training. It's a thorougly enjoyable CD if you like some wierd stuff here and there. Really and truely, none of the songs are a letdown at all, except for MAYBE "Distortion" just because of the bagpipe intro and lack of singing about anything except for stompboxes. Also, "One Time", "Osmosis Land", and "Schizophreniac" are all very similar, so that's kinda dissapointing, but they're all still enjoyable. Those are the only reasons I would dock points from the album.

Overall, I love the album, and I would give it an 8.6 if we had decimal places on the scale, but since we don't, it gets an 8.

Posted on 08-26-2004 by natedawg5280
One time an Do you enjoy the Distortion are the only good tracks.. Wheel of God gets really really really irritating after hearing it 3x....

Posted on 10-09-2002 by Jonular
I was expecting something a little harder, but the sound is uniqe. Honestly, words can't descirbe it. The only problem, and it's a big one, is the fact that it's only 10 tracks long. It's in desperate need of more tracks, but hey, I still think it was worth my money.


Posted on 11-18-2004 by SickSuitFan
Personally I love the cd!! I think it rox! If you haven't already heard or not but Earthsuit split into 2 bands on called "Macrosick" and the other "MuteMath" if you wanna know more about them you can go to [url][/url] or [url][/url]

Posted on 11-28-2006 by thesteve
I like it, but it does have replayability issues with me. it gets a 7.

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