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Delirious - King Of Fools (1998)

Average User Rating: 9.42 out of 10
Total votes: 19 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 6

1. Sanctify
2. Deeper
3. Revival Town
4. All The Way
5. August 30th
6. Promise
7. King Or Cripple
8. Hands Of Kindness
9. Louder Than The Radio
10. White Ribbon
11. King Of Fools
12. History Maker
13. What A Friend I've Found

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Posted on 02-04-2005 by jesusismydaddy
I think World Service and Deeper are their best albums, I love songs like Majesty (Here I Am) and I've Found Jesus them songs are brilliant. I like a lot of Delirious' stuff, but I think that they have some rubbish songs out and about.

Posted on 03-08-2003 by Ashleigh
I gave it a 10 i love all of the delirious cds, exept maybe glo and mezzamorphis but those are still awesome too, Delirious rocks !

Posted on 04-01-2003 by fineputinpogo
GLO IS NOT VERY GOOD??? wow that's a bold statement... anyway DELIRIOUS is the best Christian band i have ever heard or seen (yes i had the privilege of seeing them live). while king of fools is their best album w/ my favorite song of all time ("sanctify"), all of their albums are top notch. also, check out their 'new song' on the deeper 2 cd set. it's called "not forgotten" and i admit i sobbed like a baby the first time i heard it. remember, Jesus loves you!

Posted on 06-15-2002 by spazkouski
IMO this is their best albumn, and it has my 2 fave songs by them. "promise" and "what a friend ive found". Buy it now

Posted on 07-14-2002 by kupcguitarkid
I really love this CD...if you like Jars of Clay or Third Day or Passion, you'll probably like Delirious. Their music is pretty rockish, but not so rock it sounds heavy. Except for one or two songs, maybe. My favorite songs on this album would probably be "Deeper", "History Maker", and "What A Friend I've Found"

You should get this CD. You'll like it.

Posted on 12-07-2002 by ro234
this is the best album I have ever heard, Christian or otherwise. my dad gave it to me for Christmas 4 years ago and I haven't stopped listening to it since. its absolutely amazing, no song on it is short of awesome. now i have a guitar i have got the whole album tab and i play the songs as well. they have great worship lyrics and the music is fantastic too. 11/10 (sorry to be so over the top but it is my favourite album)

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