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DC Talk - Welcome To The Freak Show (1997)

Average User Rating: 9.29 out of 10
Total votes: 21 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 11

1. Help
2. So Help Me God
3. Luv Is A Verb
4. Like It, Love It, Need It
5. Colored People
6. Jesus Is Just Alright
7. What If I Stumble
8. In The Light
9. Mind's Eye
10. It's The End Of The World As We Know It
11. Day By Day
12. Walls
13. Time Is
14. Alas My Love
15. The Hardway
16. Jesus Freak

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Posted on 01-28-2005 by 12StonesDude
To this day it is my fave Dc Talk cd. All there best songs are here. And nothing beats hearing a band live.

Posted on 01-28-2013 by Ax
I've been listening to this lately. I seriously think this is one of the DC Talk's best offerings... The version of the Hardway in this is about 200x better than the album version. There's not a low spot on this album. It's sooooo good. Also makes me get all nostalgic. I literally wore out my original copy of this. I can say that about 10 albums of the literally thousands that I've owned. I can think of no higher praise.

Posted on 02-20-2013 by Leboman
I'm actually listening to this right now.

Posted on 05-04-2004 by Unregisted
I think this album is awsome and is one of my it has three of my favorite songs on it which are Jesus Freak, So Help Me God, and Minds Eye. But they dont have Supernatural on it and that was a bumer

Posted on 06-15-2002 by spazkouski
ITsa opne of my fave live albums, and the songs sound a lot different to the way they are on the JF albums etc. which is a good thing. Now i just need tem to tour the UK so i can go see them!

Posted on 07-27-2005 by HolyRockJfreak
[QUOTE=SystemOfAJon]My favorite dc talk album. A variety of dc talk songs, from "The Hardway" to "Jesus Freak".

Yeah I agree and they add more guitar hooks on their live show. My fav album ever.

Posted on 08-08-2004 by bmcneal
Good, but, of course, it's in the [i]Jesus Freak[/i] era, so my favorite songs aren't on there.

Posted on 08-18-2003 by OneWithTheMud
This was one of my first dc Talk CDs so it will always have a special place in my heart. All the songs are good. Go buy it.

Posted on 10-10-2002 by Jonular
My favorite dc talk album. A variety of dc talk songs, from "The Hardway" to "Jesus Freak".


Posted on 11-03-2002 by SoccerAaron
I like the variety on it.
my faves are,
Luv Is A Verb,
Colored People,
Jesus Is Just Alright,
What If I Stumble,
Jesus Freak.

Posted on 11-30-2004 by hiskey
this was the first album i ever purchased..three years later it is still one of my all time favorites..nothing can ever compete with the music of dc Talk..what if i the light..the hardway..colored people..the hits go on and on..dc Talk is the arguably the greatest christian band ever, and this cd is proof..

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