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DC Talk - Jesus Freak (1995)

Average User Rating: 9.4 out of 10
Total votes: 72 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 24

1. So Help Me God
2. Colored People
3. Jesus Freak
4. What If I Stumble?
5. Day By Day
6. Mrs. Morgan
7. Between You And Me
8. Like It, Love It, Need It
9. Jesus Freak (Reprise)
10. In The Light
11. What Have We Become?
12. Mind's Eye
13. Bonus Track

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Posted on 01-23-2004 by yoshi139
I have to agree with those who have said that this is by far the best CD DC talk has come out with. This is an amazing album with my personal favourites being Jesus Freak, What if I Stumble?, Day by Day and In the Light. This is an amazing CD and everyone should own it.

Posted on 01-23-2004 by Jo Mo
the song Jesus Freak hands down is my favorite. overall the album is a by far a classic indeed.

Posted on 02-08-2005 by JesusFreakGirl
What will people think when they hear that i'm a Jesus Freak? What will people do when they find that it's true. i don't really care if they label me a Jesus Freak, there ain't no disguising the truth......People say i'm strange, does it make me a stranger, that my best friend was born in a manger.....

I Love it! Story of my life! Rock on Ya'll!!!!
L8ter~ JesusFreakGirl
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Posted on 03-27-2004 by BereanatHeart
Yep.This is an awesome cd. This is among three cds that got me into Christian rock. This is among two of those that I still listen to frequently.

Colored people is one of my all time favorite songs.

Posted on 04-04-2005 by jesusismydaddy
This album has personally the best tracks that I've heard from DC Talk as a band, and trust me I've heard a lot of songs by them. Unfortuneately this is the only album that I've got by DC Talk ATM, I'm expecting some to come to come in the post soon.

This album has legendary Tracks, I personally think that they aint a Bad Song on it, but the best track has got be Between You And Me. I'm actually listening to this CD right now. The beginning rules So Help Me God. Other Tracks on this album in my book are Coloured People, Jesus Freak, What if I Stumble, In The Light and What Have We Become.

I've noticed with this album that the lyrics are very powerful, and they have a deep spiritual message in most of the songs on here.

This album is top-notch and I just gotta say that.

Posted on 07-07-2002 by Mugga Please
this was the high point of DC talk. Jesus Freak, In the Light, What if i stumble, Colored people...hands down the best Dc Talk has come out w/. If you dont have this cd get it now....its one of those cd's that every person who listens to christian music has...a classic.

Posted on 07-10-2002 by Dormin75
agreed! This is arguably the best Christian Rock CD and the pinnacle of DC Talk. They cant be know without mention of Jesus Freak, an awesome song. This CD can be played constantly, without skipping over unwanted songs. Every song is incredible. hats off to their mission and the way thet they just keep on going even now in singles!

Posted on 07-11-2002 by Underhill
A very good cd

Posted on 07-14-2003 by Unregisted
If you listen to any song on this album you need to listen to "What have we become". This track defines the world so perfectly that it makes me sad. It is a wonderful track. i hope it blesses you like it did me

Posted on 07-15-2003 by sorefingers
Jesus Freak is one of my three favorite CDs, along with Supernatural and tobyMac's Momentum. The song Jesus Freak is my favorite song. period.

Posted on 07-30-2002 by skilar
If you don't have this cd, you need to buy it NOW! this cd is a classic in Christian music. This is DC Talk at its best! Great cd!

Posted on 08-06-2005 by jamuel24
The greatest Christian CD ever made. Jesus Freak is the best Christian song ever made. It's like one of those cd's that you listen to and never have to skip a song, except 10 times better.

Posted on 08-07-2005 by DKelly
[QUOTE=jamuel24]It's like one of those cd's that you listen to and never have to skip a song, except 10 times better.[/QUOTE]

Well, I tend to skip the "Jesus Freak Reprise", but that's it. ;)

Posted on 08-08-2002 by Mark
This is the cd that created all the buzz about Christian Rock.

Until this cd, there was not really a "christian rock" genre, but these guys sure helped out to create it!

Great cd!

Posted on 08-08-2004 by bmcneal
Like it, but [i]Supernatural [/i]is my fav.

Posted on 08-11-2002 by little_weird
hey this is one of the best cds that has ever came out. all the song are really good. i mean REALLY GOOD.

Posted on 08-26-2002 by superchick13
It is a great c.d. Highly recomended!!!!!

Posted on 08-26-2006 by heisouronlyhope
Awesome CD

Posted on 08-26-2006 by Cruelty*free
unbelievably Fantastic

Posted on 10-12-2005 by vanna23
All I can say is Great, Great, Great

Posted on 10-24-2002 by jude
i wonder what modern christian rock would be like if this cd never came out.
an absolute classic, hailing all the way back from 96.
fav songs
what have we become
in the light

Posted on 11-03-2002 by SoccerAaron
This is a great CD!
It's one of my favorites of theirs!
It's got everything!
My faves are, in no order,
Colored People,
Jesus Freak,
What If I Stumble?,
Mrs. Morgan,
In The Light.

Posted on 11-03-2002 by Underhill
My favorite song is Jesus Freak and then What Have We Become. That is a cool song

Posted on 11-07-2002 by jude
what have we become is such a good song

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