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Chapman, Steven Curtis - Declaration (2001)

Average User Rating: 9.23 out of 10
Total votes: 39 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 15

1. Live Out Loud
2. This Day
3. Jesus Is Life
4. No Greater Love
5. God Is God
6. See The Glory
7. Bring It On
8. When Love Takes You In
9. Magnificent Obsession
10. Declaration of Dependence
11. God Follower
12. Carry You To Jesus
13. Savior

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Posted on 01-14-2003 by gamaray
This is a pretty awesome cd and pretty powerful. I totally recomend it to everyone!

Posted on 04-05-2003 by kfwdramaqueen
I love this CD. I love all the songs on it, especially "Bring it On."
-Smilie:angel: -

Posted on 04-09-2005 by 4 The Lord
My first SCC CD, and I love it! I gave it a nine, would have given it a ten, but it wasn't the best. Still, BUY IT!!

In Christ,
4 The Lord a.k.a. Austin

Posted on 05-08-2004 by Brendini
Declaration is just one of those CDs that you can feel is so Spirit-filled. From the rocking songs like Live Out Loud and See The Glory, to the humorous Jesus Is Life, to the ballads like Carry You To Jesus and Savior, and everything in between, it's all so powerful. God Is God is a great song about the omnipotence of God in uncertain times, written right after 9-11. No Greater Love is a stirring tribute to the love of Jesus, and also talks about the tree missionaries martryed by the Aucas in South America. In an ironic but amazing twist, the song ends with one of the very men who helped murder the missionaries- now a born-again Christian- chanting in the Auca language. It sounds kind of wierd, but it is very powerful, just like the rest of the CD.

My rating: 10/10- and I don't give out many 10s; a great, great album

My verdict: Get the CD. This is one of those must-haves, with so many incredible songs that just about everyone will love and appreciate. I've never heard anything bad about this CD, and I don't have any negative comments either. Go, right now, and get the CD.

Posted on 05-22-2004 by WafflesAndSyrup
I don't see how you can't like this CD. It still has a trace of his style, yet refreshing. I really love [I]Saviour[/I], which also shows he puts a mixture of music in his albums. (btw, I gave it ten)

Posted on 06-16-2002 by GMartin2R
i'll give it a 9.

I like almost every song on this alblum and even the one i don't like i just am not fond of but it's still good.

it's fun to play along with on the guitar and some of the progressions are easy yet hard if that makes any sense.

the rockers on the cd... See the Glory, Jesus is Life are lots of fun to play with.

the only song i'm not too fond of is declaration of dependence. and yet even then i like it but not as much as the others. i think what helped me to like this cd was going to the concert and hearing some of the stories behind the songs.

Posted on 08-06-2002 by acoustic
I gave it an 8...

Theres just not much to say about this one... it was mostly like most of his other ones.

Posted on 08-08-2004 by bmcneal
My favorite SCC album.

Posted on 09-12-2004 by 1chance
This has got to be one of his best or better. What a great CD!

Posted on 09-22-2004 by Gecko of Doom
An awesome album, on par with or better than Speechless. I gave it an 8, just because something has to be unbelievable before I give it a 9 or a 10. :D

Posted on 09-22-2004 by guitarmonkey<><
I love Live out loud 9 1/2

Posted on 09-23-2003 by Unregisted
I'd give it a 9.

Just about every song is deeply convicting and you can tell SSC is doin wat God wants him to do. Great album, everyone should get this. The only song i don't like is "God Follower" but I guess i should "Wake up and see the Glory".

Posted on 10-11-2002 by Andrew
A 10! all the way around this is an awesome record. there isn't a song on this disc i don't like.

Posted on 11-09-2003 by SCCdcTFreak
[QUOTE=acoustic]I gave it an 8...

Theres just not much to say about this one... it was mostly like most of his other ones.[/QUOTE]

I'd have to disagree -- he did so much more electronically with this song than he has with any other cd. He even admitted himself that with age he thought he would mellow out, but then all these songs came into his head and he was honestly "waking the neighbors" by staying up late at night with the band recording.

He busts it loose on this cd. I gave it a 10, although just because I'm still more of an acoustic person, this one is just a notch below Speechless.

In Him,
<>< Stephen :cool:

Posted on 12-27-2003 by jesus_freak21
I gave it a 7, it's pretty good.

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