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Caedmon's Call - 40 Acres (1999)

Average User Rating: 9.29 out of 10
Total votes: 21 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 13

1. There You Go
2. Thankful
3. Shifting Sand
4. Faith My Eyes
5. Where I Began
6. Table For Two
7. Climb On (A Back That's Strong)
8. Petrified Heart
9. Somewhere North
10. Daring Daylight Escape
11. 40 Acres

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Posted on 01-20-2004 by Daniel Horney
easily one of the greates albums in CCM ever.

Posted on 01-20-2004 by Jay42
I gave it a 10.

The only possible way to make it more perfect would be if "Where I Began" were track 1. It seems like a great opening tune. Just my $.02

Posted on 03-03-2004 by GiddyAztec
I gotta agree with Aaron on this one. I think I listened to this CD for a solid year when it first came out. I was going through so much junk in my life and this album was my rock. I also think it was Caedmon's who made me think it was cool to play a guitar.

Posted on 03-14-2003 by MightHaveBenHur
This a great album, and probably could be argued as Caedmon's best...

I was in the same position as theboywonder/Zao guy - my brother bought me this cd several Christmases ago, and I hated it. The only song I knew was "Thankful", and I liked that "ok"...I just wasn't a "folk" person, if you know what I mean. But I kept listening to it, and everytime I did I liked it more. It's very raw and open, and just good. Over time I've gotten the rest of Caedmon's cd's and I like those to, but this is probably my favorite. If you ever get a chance to see them in concert, definately do it - Derek Webb (my favorite member) is no longer with the band, but it still should be a good show...

btw, Derek's Webb's solo comes out March 25

Posted on 03-18-2003 by futuregovlesa
I would definitely say that Caedmon's Call is my favorite Christian band. They played at my school last year, and that was THE best concert I have attended! The lyrics make you think and evaluate your own life, the music is outstanding, and they are so talented. Praise God for Caedmon's Call! This album is a frequent visitor in our CD player.

Posted on 06-11-2002 by Mark
Great cd with some awesome acoustic-guitar playing. I like every song on here, and they really get you thinking.

Another cd , that , to me, you just can't skip a song on.

Posted on 06-11-2002 by Katey
I'm obviously a little biased here, but I think that Derek was awesome on this album. Somewhere North, Daring Daylight Escape, Table For Two and Faith My Eyes are some of the best songs I've ever heard, by any artist. But I also think that Aaron wrote some amazing songs as well. 4o Acres, Shifting Sand and Petrified Heart are wonderful. Aaron's writing on this album pleasantly surprised me. This is probably Caedmon's best album yet.

Posted on 06-14-2002 by codyofthejungle
caedmon's "folkiest" album to date,this album probably offers the least diversity.But what it does offer,is one of christian folk's greatest albums of all time.from start to finish,your ears get blasted with lush acoustic rock.this is probably caedmon's best,and also,most popular album,i highly recommend it for and folk rock enthuseist.

Posted on 07-08-2003 by Ted Logan
As a folk musician and having been originally inspired to become one because of Caedmon's Call's [i]My Calm//Your Storm[/i], this is quite simply the peak of their form, in my opinion. It's the greatest Christian album ever, in my opinion.

Posted on 08-03-2002 by Unregisted
I personally like the Song "THANKFUL" I would love it if someone could get them for me.

Molly Gitchel

Posted on 08-12-2002 by theboyw0nder
When my parents got me this CD and the guitar book back in Christmas of 2000 I was less then impressed. I thought it was my parents' idea of good music, though theyd never heard of the band either. Yet, over the weeks that followed I started to listen to this almbum as I lay in bed at night. Months later I started playing along with them in my guitar book, and now im hooked. Now, your probably saying, well Caedmons Call is good anyways, but my review comes from a person who does not like this style. I jam with hardcore/metal/punk bands like Zao, xDisciplex AD, and Dogwood, but Caedmons call got to me. I don't know how, but I just dig this album, its... soothing. Certainly not an album to jam too unless your one of those softy people, but it definitely is high quality. I gave it an 8, while you may say thats not a high rating that is in my book for a band like this, I highly reccomend 40 acres!

Posted on 08-15-2003 by sheep
Great driving cd... i gave it a 9 cuz there's sometimes a song or two that get on my nerves... but if you will, when autumn rolls around again and the leaves are changing, go driving in the mountains or countryside and put this cd in... you'll see what i'm talking about

Posted on 11-15-2002 by Aballabisabon
I can't say enough about this album. EVERY SONG touches my heart and it is still hard to hold back the tears after listening to it probably a thousand times. Their songs are so easy to relate to, yet the lyrics aren't cheesy or weak, but POWERFUL. I can't reccomend it enough to all of my friends and family! In fact, I think I'll pop the CD in right now...

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