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Audio Adrenaline - Underdog (1999)

Average User Rating: 9.03 out of 10
Total votes: 38 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 27

1. Mighty Good Leader
2. Underdog
3. Get Down
4. Good Life
5. Let My Love Open The Door
6. Hands And Feet
7. Jesus Movement
8. Dc-10
9. It Is Well With My Soul
10. This Day
11. It's Over
12. The Houseplant Song

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Posted on 01-07-2004 by Unregisted
wow. this is amazing. not a bad song on this cd. first of you have mighty good leader, a song that promises a good rest of the album. then it goes right into the title track, a rockin' tune about how christians are sometimes looked down on because we give everything up to god, but in reality, this makes us stronger. next is get down, an awsome song about how god will lift us up when we get down. right there is three songs that are amazing, and theres more to come!!! next is good life. what its saying is that, though we may lose everything in life that matters to us, in jesus we will find more than what the world has to offer. next is let my love open the door. its a pretty awesome song, telling people that our love can open others hearts to jesus. next is hands and feet, an awesome song!!!!! it is a worship song saying that im gonna give eveything to jesus and go where he wants me to go. truly awesome song. next is jesus movement, a very happy song about, with a little southern, across the border feel, about finding jesus in other countries other than the us. dc ten is a swingabilly rock tune, just a fun remake of the song of thier first album. very fun. next is this day, another worship song aboutgiving every day to jesus. it is well is remake of the classic hym, a duet with jennifer knapp. its a really good song jk ads to it alot. next is its over. this is a rocking tune!!!!! one of the hihglits. houseplant song is a fun track, would have been better if it was a hidden track about how rock is NOT evil. go rock and roll!!! like john cooper said, you CANT stop the rock!!! tis album deserves a ten, and thats what it got. see ya

Posted on 01-07-2004 by Jo Mo
Igot the CD shortly after it first came out. One of my favs Bloom is another.

Posted on 01-09-2003 by imclayinaz
I give this CD an 8.

I like their more experimental CD's, like Some Kind Of Zombie and Lift, but this one being their most "pop" sounding CD isn't bad.

Posted on 01-10-2003 by Heavy C
imclayinaz: I give this CD an 8.
I like their more experimental CD's, like Some Kind Of Zombie and Lift, but this one being their most "pop" sounding CD isn't bad.

I don't think you can place Lift in the "experimental" category.
From the feeling I got from the band's statements...this is the direction the badn wants to go in..not just dabbling in a trend.....I for one wouldn't mind it at all..I lvoed Lift...but Underdog introduced me to Audio its my sentimental fav.

-Cal-The-One-Who-Loves-Talking-Back-When-People-Can't-Friendly-argue-Til-Later ;)

Posted on 01-22-2005 by Unregisted
This is definitely the best cd ever released by Audio Adrenaline. Not a bad song on it. Iwould have to give it a ten.

Posted on 02-13-2003 by MobMan924
Great album! I would give it a ten even if the only good song was The Houseplant song!
11 out of 10!:D

Posted on 04-13-2004 by Brian-Alexander
A 10! Great Cd

Posted on 06-10-2002 by SoccerAaron
Another 10.

Posted on 06-11-2002 by rotj4
I personally rank this album as Audio's second too BLOOM. (not counting the greatest hits)

Posted on 06-13-2002 by Insyder778
I think this is Audio A's best work. I love every song! Hands and Feet is very powerful. I give it a 9.

Posted on 06-15-2002 by Mugga Please
i love this cd.....all great rock songs. This cd does start their 'new sound' i believe.....bit different from their older stuff, but still great. Every song on this cd's great ..the only ones im not too thrilled about was 'it is well with my soul' and 'this day'...bit slow for my taste. but forever long may the 'houseplant song' live!

Posted on 06-15-2002 by Righteous Abel
I think Underdog is an amazing album. Every song is rocking, but has such a great message to each one of them. I still think Bloom is their best album & probably will always be for a while (eventhough Lift is very close to topping Bloom for me). I rate Underdog a 10!

Posted on 07-09-2002 by dan9980
Audio A would have to be my favorite band. And Underdog is in my opinion their best. I thought Lift would be better but after getting it i just think it lacks what underdog had. Underdog is a great cd and should be purchased by anyone who doesnt already have it.

Posted on 07-17-2004 by kingzulu
This is aa best cd overall i think. You just can't get enough of... well all the songs. Actually having said that there is only one on this cd that isnt absolutely aa to the max, number 7 Jesus movement (just dont do it for me). But yes overal a 10!

Posted on 08-09-2002 by nln
Audio Adrenaline is probably my favorite band next to switchfoot. Audio's songs just appeal to me in a sense that no other bands music does. My favorite songs are Underdog, Hands and Feet, and DC-10( IM into that blues stuff)

Posted on 08-19-2005 by ChurchPunk 2
Great, great CD. It has some awesome songs on it, especially the first and last, but the whole cd is great.

Posted on 09-13-2003 by Unregisted
This is the Audio CD that I first heard. It rock's! I personally think that it's a ten, and the variety is great. They go from almost hard rock to swing! Great CD

Posted on 09-18-2003 by PKfanSteph
This is a strong CD, but I still don't think it's their best work. I will probably always be partial to BLOOM. But, hey, who can argue with "The Houseplant Song"?!

Posted on 10-24-2002 by jude
i haven't heard lift yet, but i believe that this is Audio A's best cd to date. the songs are diverse, the feeling is fun in some places and on other songs, you can feel the emotion they write into the lyrics. an overall staple for everyones collection

best songs- this day
the houseplant song(kinda)

Posted on 12-01-2003 by ericstocchero
with worldwide this is the best album of audio adrenaline

Posted on 12-05-2003 by royalruckusfan
I think this ties with Bloom for best AudioA cd. You wouldn't regret buying it.

Posted on 12-12-2002 by Audio1177
UNDERDOG is my favorite CD ever by any band. I love this CD cuz there is not a single bad song on it, every song is great. You cant say that about many other CDs, but Audio Adrenaline is such a great band. Also, if you dont already have them, try HIT PARADE and BLOOM. A perfect 10!!!

Posted on 12-13-2002 by Reno Rattler
Toatally a 10! I love Underdog. I don't have Lift yet but I love Rejoice. Audio Adrenaline is my favorite band! I love the way their music is so diverse, I mean listen to Bloom, Some kind of Zombie and Underdog. They are three totally different styles, and all of them rock.

Posted on 12-21-2003 by SAKilgour
In my opinion, this is a fantastic CD, but they missed out the two best tracks to put onto Hit Parade- It's Over (This song is as good as any on Worldwide!) and Let My Love Open the Door. But the CD is a 10/10. The strongest message of all is in 'The Houseplant Song' - There is nothing wrong with rock music. I believe that Heavy Metal is perfectly alright in church, as long as it doesn't take away from the main point that we go to church- to praise God. Hymns are basically telling God that we are stuck in the 15th century and we expect God to stay back there. We are also telling Him that he is boring- like hymns. Hymns have no place in the church today.

Posted on 12-27-2002 by Heavy C
In my mind's eye..
Audio A's best CD is a tie between Lift and bloOm, immediately followewd by Underdog...

its a 10, not one song on it is not worth hearing..

nd as to the earlier comment about too lose a lot of goodf sogns and a lot of good ministerign from God when you are close-minded about things sometimes bro...


Posted on 12-28-2002 by preahinggal75
It's the only Contemp. Christian CD I own and I love it!!!!

Posted on 12-28-2002 by AAunder_dog
definately a 10:D

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