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Manafest - The Chase

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Good stuff, this. You can hear Trevor McNevan's influence all through the whole record. Sounds very early TFK (Set It Off) or Pillar (Fireproof era) as opposed to all of Manafest's previous stuff, whic hwas usually straight-up rap or hip-hop.

The only minuses I have are Mana's incessant use of auto-tuning his own voice when he actually sings instead of rapping, which is okay for one or two songs, but gets a little grating as the whole album goes through. I like how he lowers his key for "Bring the Ruckus", though, reminds me of Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter.

The other thing is the pacing of the album's end. The last two tracks seem tacked on a bit. If they were moved, say, [U]Better Cause of You[/U] to between [U]Avalanche[/U] and [U]Married In Vegas[/U], and [U]Breaking Down the Walls[/U] between [U]Supernatural [/U]and [U]Every Time You Run[/U], it flows much better. The title track is a perfect closer, IMO, and the other two just don't really fit there. Its makes the album fall off rather quickly at the end. You could even chop those two off completely, and you aren't really missing all that much.

Overall, I give it a score of 7/10, a very solid effort, enjoyable listen. I hope that Mana continues down this path in the future, because there aren't a lot of Christian bands in this genre of "rap/rock" anymore, and this was some of the best I've heard in a long time.

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