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Living Sacrifice - Infinite Order

Average User Rating: 8.4 out of 10
Total votes: 5 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 8

01. Overkill Exposure
02. Rules of Engagement - [I](feat. guest vocals by David Bunton of The Showdown)[/I]
03. Nietzsche’s Madness - [I](feat. guest vocals & additional percussion by Joe Musten of Advent, ex-Beloved)[/I]
04. Unfit to Live
05. The Training - [I](feat. Jason Truby (formerly of Living Sacrifice and P.O.D.) on lead guitar)[/I]
06. Organized Lie - [I](feat. guest vocals by Drew Garrison of Little Rock Police Dept. / Ecomium)[/I]
07. The Reckoning
08. Love Forgives
09. They Were One - [I](feat. guest vocals by David Bunton of The Showdown)[/I]
10. God Is My Home - [I](feat. additional percussion by Zach Bohannon)[/I]
11. Apostasy - [I](feat. orchestration by Chris Dauphin)[/I]
12. Of My Flesh, Of My Heart

Posted on 03-08-2010 by normajean777
Well Living Sacrifice is easily the most influential band in Christian metal ever, inspiring many current bands and past ones to make great music. I can still easily listen to some of their old stuff, and appreciate the great sound. So the fact that Living Sacrifice reunited was completely exciting to me. i've been holding on to each of the new songs they've been teasing us with since the release of the two song EP Death Machine in 2008.

Now the Infinite Order has finally been released and its met my high expectations. The music is tight, the screaming is as good as ever, and there is much diversity, in all the melody, the chorus's, and riffs. There are lots of guest vocals, which is pleasant, although it may mean that concerts won't sound quite the same (not that I'll ever get to see them in Canada).

Lyrically, the songs are clearly God, although not as explicit as perhaps some other artists, but still on par with the likes of BTA. I like Overkill Exposure which talks about media portrayal, which suggests that we have seen so much violence and everything else that producers have to be very creative now to outdo themselves in order to continue to shock audiences. And I am a huge fan of the aptly title song God is my Home. Possibly the most reassuring track on the album.

Also for a limited time, buyers of the album get the additional bonus track Of my Flesh, of My Heart, which is on the CD due to a printing mistake or something.

Overall this album is a 10, and a must have for any Christian metalhead.

Posted on 03-08-2010 by Dwight Schrute
great album, a definite progression in their musical style. I just caught them on tour a week or two ago, great show. I give the album a solid 8. not ground-breaking, but a solid album from a legendary Christian band.

Posted on 03-09-2010 by conceived in fire
Not a progression at all, in fact it's musically weaker than the last two and the lack of Puttman's percussion is a negative, but still great. I'm so glad they came back.

Posted on 03-09-2010 by normajean777
[QUOTE=conceived in fire;3531962]Not a progression at all, in fact it's musically weaker than the last two and the lack of Puttman's percussion is a negative, but still great. I'm so glad they came back.[/QUOTE]

I think its a tighter version of the stuff that made them great to begin with.

Posted on 03-09-2010 by Dwight Schrute
their musical style has been slightly modernized, hence the term progression. others have called it "dumbed down", meaning roughly the same thing.

certainly not to mean that it is heading towards prog metal standards.

Posted on 03-10-2010 by conceived in fire
[QUOTE=MisterDominator;3532099]their musical style has been slightly modernized, hence the term progression. others have called it "dumbed down", meaning roughly the same thing.[/QUOTE]
How is being "dumbed down" a progression/good?
I think just about everything (riffs, percussion/lack thereof, cool rhythmic parts) has regressed from their two previous albums ("dumbed down" is sadly apt here). Not to mention the clean vocals on "The Training" somehow sound gayer than those on THP.

Once again, I like the album, but 8 times out of 10 I'll listen to one of their last three instead.

Posted on 03-10-2010 by Dwight Schrute
dumbing down = good? peh! but are you honestly telling me that the progression of modern music has been one of increasing complexity (ie. riffs, percussion, rythmnic elements)? I won't say that's a good thing at all - hence the 8 out of 10 rating. I'd easily rate Conceived in Fire much higher on these criteria. but I'll stand by my belief that this new album has progressed to make it more "modern" sounding - and as a result, has dumbed it down a tad. it's still a great album - because hey it's Living Sacrifice.

as a musician who writes most of my stuff in different time signatures and complexities, I have witnessed first-hand the results of this dumbing down. 90% of the audience at a typical metal show scratches their heads at something they can't blindly bang their head to for 4 minutes of solid 4/4 verse/chorus/verse stuff.

Posted on 05-16-2010 by Darkhyperchaos
9/10. I don't care what anyone else thinks, other than the compilation album In Memoriam, this is easily Living Sacrifice's best album. Finally I'm actually hearing some catchy riffs from Living Sacrifice! This album delivers on both the catchy level, and the heavy level. This is easily my favorite release so far this year!

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