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Gwen Stacy - A Dialogue

Average User Rating: 8 out of 10
Total votes: 1 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 5

01. The First Words
02. Profit Motive
03. A Dialogue
04. Creation and How I see it
05. Words of the New Prophet
06. Devil Devil
07. Addictionary
08. Braveheart
09. A Middle Ground
10. The Making Of
11. This is the Sound of Letting Go

Posted on 12-01-2009 by earlessdog
Suggested guide for voting
10 - Amazing CD. Everyone should own it.
9 - Among the best of the year.
8 - One of the top CDs around, but could have been improved in a few places.
7 - Not a bad CD, but could have been better in a number of places.
6 - Pretty good for it's genre, but overall it's only acceptable.
5 - Decent CD, but only if you're a big fan of this genre.
4 - If you love this band, you'll like this CD. Otherwise, probably not.
3 - If you're a fan of this genre, the CD is barely acceptable.
2 - If you're a big fan of this band, this CD is tolerable.
1 - Even if you like this band, you won't like this CD.

Posted on 12-02-2009 by Mr. claw
6. Maybe a 7. =/

Let me be very clear in saying that this score has [I]nothing[/I] to do with the new vocalist, and the fact that he's not Cole should have nothing to do with why you don't buy this. I maintain he's better than Cole was. He's got a wider pitch, he sounds even angrier...he did awesome.

Unfortunately the band gives you enough reasons not to buy it aside from that.

First it's the cleans. In the first cd they show up every now and then to accent a song. In this one they've made them a focal point and it detracts from the brutality horribly. And for some bizarre reason they generally sound awful. The guy's range is just limited I guess and in the first they did a good job staying in his range. Maybe it's overproduced. But either way they usually sound bad.

Aside from the vocals, the music tends to try too hard accommodate them. It's just standard bland stuff a lot of the time. Especially once the cleans come in.

Now I do still have a lot of hope for this band. There are some excellent breakdowns, and the heavier songs are quite enjoyable, retaining some of the catchy....ness...that made the first cd enjoyable to me. Hopefully next time they'll use the cleans in a more tasteful way rather than try to make them an integral part of almost every song.

I'm sure some people will eat this up but it just wasn't for me. If you really liked the first, I'd say you'll like five or six of the songs. I like 4-8 a good bit.

Posted on 12-03-2009 by Mr. claw
It's growing on me a bit.

Still a seven at the most.

Posted on 12-03-2009 by akaukal
Yeah, I prefer Cole, but the new guy is pretty darn good. While he doesn't sound like Cole did, he has a similar style which keeps it Gwen Stacy.

But the cleans suck. So freaking bad. I honestly can't make it through some songs because they're just so bad. The guy can't sing at all and he just cut it out and stop bringing the potential of this band down.

Posted on 12-10-2009 by akaukal
I have given this a chance again.

After spending more time with it, I have decided I actually quite enjoy it. While some songs are still utterly ruined by the clean vocals, the breakdowns are exceptionally good, and I've decided I like the new guy better than Cole. He has a tad bit more range and he sounds more powerful than Cole ever did.

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