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Anberlin - New Surrender

Average User Rating: 7.78 out of 10
Total votes: 9 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 8

01. The Resistance
02. Breaking
03. Blame Me! Blame Me!
04. Retrace
05. Feel Good Drag
06. Disappear
07. Breathe
08. Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights)
09. Younglife
10. Haight St
11. Soft Skeletons
12. Miserabile Visu (Ex Malo Bonum)

Posted on 05-13-2009 by fflscw
listen, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with alternative artists! they are a safe ALTERNATIVE in the world of music, and not just secular!!! anyway, this is ones of the greatest releases i've ever heard :) there is such a variety of styles, Breaking and Breathe are slower, The Resistance and Feel Good Drag are harder, Haight Street and Blame Me! Blame Me! are faster, and then there's Miserable Visu, which is one of my all time favorite songs :) Anberlin writes the greatest music and the lyrics always fit perfectly. New Surrender is a lot like Cities (which i also highly recommend), so if you hated Cities, don't bother with this one.

Posted on 05-13-2009 by Iceman-bass14
This really didnt remind me much at all of their sound from Cities,which I was hoping for more of on this cd.I still really enjoyed the cd and thought it was well written,but was still a little disappointed.Also Miserabile Visu was a disappointment to me,they said they had something like *Fin ending it again and this didnt even touch it in my opinion.Its a good song,but not even close.When I heard they were redoing the Feel Good Drag I got somewhat excited,but when I heard it it was just kind of 'meh'.The solo is the only thing that changed and didnt feel like it was necessary or that it improved the song overall.The Resistance is really the only song that 'strongly' reminds me of the sound they gave on Cities.I didnt mind the change in sounds persay,just not what I was expecting and was really hoping for more of the sound from Cities.As it is,my favorite songs:The Resistance,Breaking,and Soft Skeletons.

Posted on 11-05-2008 by earlessdog
Suggested guide for voting
10 - Amazing CD. Everyone should own it.
9 - Among the best of the year.
8 - One of the top CDs around, but could have been improved in a few places.
7 - Not a bad CD, but could have been better in a number of places.
6 - Pretty good for it's genre, but overall it's only acceptable.
5 - Decent CD, but only if you're a big fan of this genre.
4 - If you love this band, you'll like this CD. Otherwise, probably not.
3 - If you're a fan of this genre, the CD is barely acceptable.
2 - If you're a big fan of this band, this CD is tolerable.
1 - Even if you like this band, you won't like this CD.

Posted on 11-05-2008 by tmlfan123
A solid effort from one of my favourite bands ever, I gave it an 8. The first three songs all recall the style that made Cities my favourite album of the last five years, while subtly introducing a slightly lighter, poppier sound that suits Stephen Christian's voice perfectly. "Retrace" highlights this new sound. I confess that I haven't heard the old version of "Feel Good Drag", but this version blew my mind. I can only imagine what it would be like live. "Miserabile Visu (Ex Malo Bonum)" isn't as epic as "(*Fin)", but it offers the only truly Christian reference on the CD. While it isn't as solid top to bottom as Cities, it's still great listening. "Feel Good Drag" is the best song on the CD, with "Breathe" and "Breaking" second and third.

Posted on 11-05-2008 by akaukal
To be honest, they killed "Feel Good Drag". The re-recording was completely uncalled for.

Posted on 11-08-2008 by Te eF Kay
[QUOTE=akaukal;3337316]To be honest, they killed "Feel Good Drag". The re-recording was completely uncalled for.[/QUOTE]

I agree.
The guitar solo was slightly better and that was it.

Posted on 11-12-2008 by Mr. claw
Well, I have to say... I sampled the cd on amazon and I enjoyed the 30 second segments quite a bit. I may give this a try.

Posted on 11-28-2008 by surferdude9375
Gave it a 5. I was feeling generous.
They switched to a major label (plauged by alternative artistis) and you can tell it on the CD. I still regard Blueprints for the Black Market as their best followed by Never Take Friendship Personal but after those they just went downhill and now are [u]just another alternative rock artist[/u]. (Which also marks that they dropped their Christian foundation for their music.)

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