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Life In Your Way - Waking Giants

Average User Rating: 5.5 out of 10
Total votes: 2 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 10

01. Reach The End
02. Worthwhile
03. We Don't Believe
04. Making Waves
05. The Shame
06. Salty Grave
07. Help! The Arm of the Mighty
08. Threads Of Sincerity
09. The Beauty Of Grace
10. Judas
11. Beneath It All

Posted on 01-17-2008 by earlessdog

I was rather excited to get this album, mainly because I heard Making Waves and I really enjoyed it.
I recieved it and started listening to it. My first impression was that it was decent music, some of the clean vocal melodies are rather generic, but it was still enjoyable. Nothing dramatically stood out to me, the guitars were decent, nothing to go tell your friends to listent to the riffs on it or anything.
But then, the song Salty Grave came up, and what can I say? Salty Grave is probably [I]the[/I] most emotional, wise lyrically, and humble songs I have ever heard in my life.
The first minute in its just a good hardcore (whatever the genre is) song, then the breakdown comes. I have never heard a band in that genre, with such lyrics as these guys.
[I]Upon my arrival, I either learned to swim or drowned
As I struggle for air I see only water
And I reach for anything as I cry for help
I feel my body growing weak
Slipping away, it occurs to me that my cries are worthless
Acknowledging death
I no longer mourn my own loss
And I begin to sing praises to the one that has me here
As I sink to my salty grave I drowned[/I]
With the music at the same time, and the screamer yelling, it gives me shivers every time I listen to it. So emotional
How humble is that? Wow.

Now, besides that one song, the album really grew on me fast, definetly one of the top in the genre for me. I love these guys. It's not easy to come across a really talented band with this sound, that has lyrics like that, throughout the whole album. It's refreshing, most bands seem to hide their messages inside lyrics that can be missinterpreted.

Musically, decent, still nothing incredible, but it complements the vocals.
And vocals are top notch, excellent scream/growl (reminds me of Tim Lambesis from AILD) Cleans are good too.

So, 9. If Salty Grave wasn't on there, 8 at the most.
I definetly recomend this album for fans of bands from Underoath to As I Lay Dying.

That is a rather hurried and scattered review, I apologize.

Posted on 01-17-2008 by Mr. claw
:yep: Salty Grave is amazing. And "Judas" was just....sad.

Posted on 01-18-2008 by ice_wiz
I give it a 9. I agree about Salty Grave, one of my favourite songs ever. It is so emotional and when he gets to the breakdown...

Posted on 01-19-2008 by tl_guitarnut
This is an album that has grown on me. I think "Salty Grave" is genious and the other songs aren't too far behind.

Posted on 12-26-2007 by earlessdog
Suggested guide for voting
10 - Amazing CD. Everyone should own it.
9 - Among the best of the year.
8 - One of the top CDs around, but could have been improved in a few places.
7 - Not a bad CD, but could have been better in a number of places.
6 - Pretty good for it's genre, but overall it's only acceptable.
5 - Decent CD, but only if you're a big fan of this genre.
4 - If you love this band, you'll like this CD. Otherwise, probably not.
3 - If you're a fan of this genre, the CD is barely acceptable.
2 - If you're a big fan of this band, this CD is tolerable.
1 - Even if you like this band, you won't like this CD.

Posted on 12-26-2007 by Mr. claw
I haven't had this long enough to vote yet, but I'm really enjoying it. Awesome guitar parts, fast pace, but they always keep it somewhat melodic.

Posted on 12-26-2007 by earlessdog
Vocalist has an excellent scream.

Posted on 12-27-2007 by Mr. claw
:yep: He almost sounds like he should be in a metal band. But I really like his voice. The clean vocals are good too. It kind of reminds me of As Cities Burn....moreso than Oh, Sleeper. But they definetly have their own style. I'll vote eventually. Great cd.

Posted on 12-28-2007 by normajean777
I wish I hadn't bought this. . . I didn't like it enough to listen to it more than a few times. It's just not good enough.

Posted on 12-28-2007 by Mr. claw
[QUOTE=normajean777;3133767]I wish I hadn't bought this. . . I didn't like it enough to listen to it more than a few times. It's just not good enough.[/QUOTE]

Or....when you wanted a brutal breakdown they gave you a somewhat happy sounding one? That's just their style, man.

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