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Falling Up - Captiva

Average User Rating: 7.75 out of 10
Total votes: 8 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 10

01. A Guide to Marine Life
02. Hotel Aquarium
03. Goodnight Gravity
04. Captiva
05. Helicopters
06. Maps
07. How They Made Cameras
08. Good Morning Planetarium
09. Murexa
10. Drago or the Dragons
11. Arch to Achilles
12. The Dark Side of Indoor Track Meets

Posted on 01-16-2008 by telestarjammer
This is a letdown when compared to their other albums. Everything seemed toned down and none of the songs really stood out to me. The Goodnight Gravity song does sound too much like Relient K. Its too bad. I used to really like this band.

Posted on 01-16-2008 by conceived in fire
Agreed letdown. Perhaps a better title would have been [I]Non-Captivating.[/I]
Forgive that terrible attempt at a joke....[/COLOR]

Posted on 01-30-2008 by soonerfan2007
I really like this album because it doesn't sound like the first two albums that they had.

Posted on 02-21-2008 by conceived in fire
While it is good for a band try new things, I really think this album failed. It's like a cross section of Linkin Park, Coldplay, Muse and (new) Relient K - except not as good as those bands' best work.
The first two songs are good, I actually enjoy Goodnight Gravity (Jesse's vocals seem better suited for a pop punk band), and the title track's piano intro reminds of the them to [I]E.T.[/I]
The rest is completely forgettable. If anyone who care to read my review of the album, see the link in my signature.

Posted on 03-11-2010 by telestarjammer
Glad I gave Captiva time before I actually voted for it. Its funny how much your opinion can change in a couple of years. I still don't think its a great album but it does have its moments. I still hate the Relient K clone song but the majority of the album is creative and original. I am glad they have their own sound instead of sounding like the majority of ccm. My favorite tracks are 1, 2, 8, 10, 11, 12.

Posted on 04-21-2009 by fflscw
yeah, i like Captiva, it was so much more mature than the other two, and Jessy's writing did seem to improve a bit, but songs that i really like (Helicopters, Maps) i forgot all about. i really wish that they would stick with the Goodnight Gravity style, it fits Jessy's voice, the guitars and the drums, but if Fangs is any evidence they prefer something else... but out of the first three releases Captiva is by far the best.

Posted on 05-15-2010 by Darkhyperchaos
8/10. While it certainly sounds quite a bit different than all their other albums, I think it's pretty good. A majority of the songs have really nice, catchy chorus's. I have to be in the mood for the sound, but overall it's really good.

Posted on 11-12-2007 by earlessdog
Suggested guide for voting
10 - Amazing CD. Everyone should own it.
9 - Among the best of the year.
8 - One of the top CDs around, but could have been improved in a few places.
7 - Not a bad CD, but could have been better in a number of places.
6 - Pretty good for it's genre, but overall it's only acceptable.
5 - Decent CD, but only if you're a big fan of this genre.
4 - If you love this band, you'll like this CD. Otherwise, probably not.
3 - If you're a fan of this genre, the CD is barely acceptable.
2 - If you're a big fan of this band, this CD is tolerable.
1 - Even if you like this band, you won't like this CD.

Posted on 12-05-2007 by saveferris1643
Pretty good, escpecially the first two songs, but not as good as Dawn Escapes, IMO. There are some pretty weak points on this album, namely Goodnight Gravity, which sounds like it could of been put out by Relient K.

Posted on 12-05-2007 by Te eF Kay
[QUOTE=saveferris1643;3116046]Pretty good, escpecially the first two songs, but not as good as Dawn Escapes, IMO. There are some pretty weak points on this album, namely Goodnight Gravity, which sounds like it could of been put out by Relient K.[/QUOTE]

I don't think I'd buy it in that case because I didn't like Dawn Escapes very much.:-/
How do these guy's come up with such random names?:confused:

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