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Sullivan - Cover Your Eyes

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1) F-Stop
2) Goodbye, Miss Havisham
3) Tell Me I'm Wrong
4) Great For My Collection
5) Florida Queen
6) The Olive Branch
7) The Process
8) Dig Me Up
9) Israel Hands
10) Fire Away

Posted on 07-29-2007 by Mr. claw
This is the sissiest cd I've ever been highly affectionate towards (I usually prefer heavier stuff; I call this the "sissy cd" out of love). I really, really enjoyed it. Great stuff.

Posted on 07-29-2007 by tl_guitarnut
This cd is incredible. I love every single song. Great harmonies, great lyrics. Incredible.

Posted on 07-29-2007 by earlessdog
Easily THE best pop rock/pop punk album of all time, to me. I have never connected to any album of any band in this genre like this, everything is excellent and perfect.
I wouldn't call them "sissy" even though i also listen to a lot of heavy stuff, the singers voice is just higher, but the lyrics aren't sissy. This album is easily what is was hyped up to be.
The drummer is a brother of Spencer from Underoath, his name is Phil.
I love these guys so much.
I gave it 10 becasue i find no faults and it is tremendously(sp?) appealing to the ear, catchy and what not.

I definetly recomend this to anyone, even if this genre of music isn't your choice, these guys are so good.

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