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FM Static - Critically Ashamed

Average User Rating: 9 out of 10
Total votes: 2 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 7

1. Hope The Rock Show Goes Good
2. Flop Culture
3. Six Candles
4. The Next Big Thing
5. America's Next Freak
6. Tonight
7. The Video Store
8. Girl of The Year
9. Nice Piece of Art
10. What It Feels Like
11. Waste Of Time
12. Moment Of Truth

Posted on 05-26-2007 by Te eF Kay
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than the first album even as good as that was!

Posted on 05-27-2007 by earlessdog
its a fun one, and i agree, i like it more than the last.

Posted on 06-22-2007 by Te eF Kay
I hear that the song "Moment of Truth" was used by Trevor to propose to his wife:yep: .
isnt that nice;) .

Posted on 06-29-2007 by saveferris1643
I don't know, I like the other one better. This one has better musicianship, and is better produced, but the other one is more fun to listen to and it has a more youthful feel to it. Some of the songs are more mature on this one, but immaturity was what I liked about the other one.

Posted on 07-03-2007 by dr_awesome93
awesome! kicks the other FM cd to the curb. i like how they put in a little soft rock. except no bass! what up with that?!

Posted on 07-03-2007 by Te eF Kay
[QUOTE=dr_awesome93;2963708]awesome! kicks the other FM cd to the curb. i like how they put in a little soft rock. except no bass! what up with that?![/QUOTE]

it is a little hard to hear but there is bass.:yep:
you can hear it doing little bend notes in the intro of Waste of Time.

Posted on 07-07-2007 by tinkerbell26
this cd was amazing! i don't think i could choose between this one or the first.

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