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The Showdown - Temptation Come My Way

Average User Rating: 8.38 out of 10
Total votes: 13 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 15

1. Fanatics and Whores
2. Head Down
3. Six Feet Under
4. We Die Young
5. Breath of the Swamp
6. It Drinks From Me
7. Temptation Come My Way
8. Forget My Name
9. Spitting in the Wind
10. I, Victim (Here's to the Year)
11. Carry on Wayward Son
12. Death Finds Us Breathing

Posted on 02-28-2008 by saveferris1643
Yeah guys, they didn't really change their style. They don't scream as much, but they ARE a southern metal band. They are from Tenessee. What do you expect?

Personally, this has become one of my favorites. A very tight album, and I love the cover of Carry On Wayward Son.

Posted on 03-04-2007 by akaukal
I don't like this album at all. Bland, uninspired, and uber cheesy. 4.

Posted on 03-04-2007 by normajean777
If anyones wondering, if you buy this CD at a Christian music store, you will not have Fanatics and Whores, because it was sensored out by the Christian music industry.

Posted on 03-04-2007 by akaukal
[QUOTE=normajean777;2825020]If anyones wondering, if you buy this CD at a Christian music store, you will not have Fanatics and Whores, because it was sensored out by the Christian music industry.[/QUOTE]

I got it at a christian music store..

Posted on 03-04-2007 by normajean777

I messaged them on myspace and thats what they told me.

Posted on 03-04-2007 by akaukal

I messaged them on myspace and thats what they told me.[/QUOTE]

Yeah. Maybe that's just what happend in the States?

Posted on 03-13-2007 by ice_wiz
I like this CD, probably more than A Chorus of Oblitheration. The one complaint I have is that it seems so many metal bands are going southern. I wish they would have stood out of the pack a bit more and done something a bit different. Neverless, I still like to give it a spin.

Posted on 03-13-2007 by -[R]-ChurchPunk
Well, I checked the "Music Christian" store, and the copy they sell doesn't have Fanatics And Whores on it.. heh.

Posted on 03-14-2007 by earlessdog
I'm not buying this album, i'm upset they left there other roots and went Southern. I only heard one song and it sucked, my friends bro may buy it, i'll give it a try, but i was a fan of the old stuff.

Posted on 03-15-2007 by Adam K
I liked most of the songs, and I give it an 8. Although they're doing something that's already been done, they do a real good job. This is real Metal.

Posted on 04-10-2007 by DKelly
I love this album. This, to me, sounds like Metallica(or what Metallica should be playing nowadays) and I tend to love heavy modern bands that actually play pure metal(which is probably why Becoming The Archetype is my favorite metal band right now in the Christian market).

Favorite songs include "Head Down", "Breath of The Swamp", and "Temptation Comes My Way".

I give it an 8.

Posted on 05-14-2007 by panhead_1596
they ARE southern. have you ever heard their lead singer talk?

Posted on 05-16-2010 by Darkhyperchaos
Barely a 6/10. So let's see, a melodic Christian death metal band releases an excellent album that will make your head hurt from head banging, then they release a southern rock album? Their first album was nothing short of amazing, it was heavy, melodic, technical, and really what a death metal album should be. For the genre it is, Temptation Comes My Way is not that bad, but why the band soiled their name from melodic death metal to southern rock is baffling. I want the old The Showdown back!

Posted on 08-18-2007 by josiah92
This CD is amazing! It's about my favorite album. I wasn't a fan of The Showdown's earlier album, but this is right down my alley. My favorite tracks are "Head Down," "I, Victim," and "We Die Young." But it's hard to list all my favorites because they're all so good!!!!! Buy this album!

Posted on 10-21-2009 by mcmarshall
Man I dont know if anyone reads these posts anymore, but i'll write one anyway.
I think showdown is a cool band, althogh I can only give them a 9 on scale of 1-10,
I still think they do a good job on the"mettal"part of the album, teptation come my
way. I also think there cover song, carry on my wayward son, is,well I think they
did realy good. Ive realy enjoyed this cd, all my friends hate it, my sisters hate it,
but I think it realy "wroks"

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