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Anberlin - Cities

Average User Rating: 8.97 out of 10
Total votes: 33 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 39

1. (Début)
2. Godspeed
3. Adelaide
4. A Whisper & A Clamor
5. The Unwinding Cable Car
6. There Is No Mathematics To Love And Loss
7. Hello Alone
8. Alexithymia
9. Reclusion
10. Inevitable
11. Dismantle.Repair.
12. (*Fin)
13. Uncanny
14. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
15. The Promise

Posted on 03-02-2007 by Adam K
Awesome album. I give it a 10.

Posted on 03-02-2007 by akaukal
Meh.. no progression from NTFP at all and the lyrics are half as good. 6.

Posted on 03-03-2007 by Adam K
[QUOTE=akaukal;2823204]Meh.. no progression from NTFP at all and the lyrics are half as good. 6.[/QUOTE]

"Godspeed" was the only song that sounded NTFP-ish, to me at least.

Posted on 03-03-2007 by monkeysmile
Should I buy it?

Posted on 03-03-2007 by Adam K
[QUOTE=monkeysmile;2823638]Should I buy it?[/QUOTE]

Yes, It is awesome. You can check out their Purevolume if you wanna listen.

Posted on 03-03-2007 by Gsus_Rawks
A great Album. I don't regret my purchase at all. 10 of 10.

[QUOTE=Adam K;2823777]Yes, It is awesome. You can check out their Purevolume if you wanna listen.[/QUOTE]

Their Myspace used to have the whole album. I don't think it does anymore. But usually their myspace has more songs.

Posted on 03-04-2007 by Mr. claw
My first impressions of this cd agree somewhat with what akaukal said. I gave it a seven, though. Here's what I heard while I was reading an issue of Alternative Press: "In the past, the band had occasionally argued concerning their sound, and with this cd, the conflict is gone." That wasn't an exact quote, but it's close. And it tells me that Stephen is a wuss. Don't quote me on this, but I also think they said that the cd sounded exactly like he wanted it to. He's 29, and the drummer is 19. So I guess the younger band members liked their harder sound. Don't get me wrong, I love catchy music, but I really liked the harder intros they had in NTFP. That said, I do really enjoy Godspeed, No mathematics, and Reclusion - I love Reclusion - because it sounds like one of their old songs. I thought that they failed to make the slower songs stand out from each other enough for me to like them. In a way, this cd kind of broke my heart. I had always really loved Anberlin's sound, and now they're just...bleh. I'm a hardcore guy, but Anberlin was always cool. Maybe next time they'll redeem themselves. None of the songs (except Reclusion) sounded serious. They were all just dandy. But if you love Anberlin more than you like screamo bands, you'll probably like this cd. Good for you. :(

Posted on 03-04-2007 by tl_guitarnut
I love this cd, but I didn't like that it didn't progress from NTFP. Still, it gets a 9.

Posted on 03-04-2007 by HolyRockJfreak
10 all the way....personally I loved their previous albums...but I thought this one even though a little bit better than the last one, was very impressive and had a more mature sound....

I personally thought the lyrics were top notch on this album.....the album had a little more variety on it shown in the difference between debut, godspeed, inevitable, alexithymia, and fin.....

Godspeed is an amazingly addictive song, and so are many of the other on this album...Fin was just excellent musically and a 8 and half min long song...Adelaide is incredibly catchy and sounds a lot like their last album....I think Hello Alone is the one of the best tracks on the album but will be overlooked...The Unwinding Cable Car is an excellent acoustic

my favs were Godspeed, A Whisper and a Clamor, Hello Alone, and Fin

Posted on 03-05-2007 by RawkforChrist
I personally like Inevitable and The Promise the most

Posted on 03-06-2007 by Mr. claw
I forgot to say this earlier, but I do think that their drummer was way better this time around. He doesn't get to go crazy too often on this cd, though. I'm not saying he was bad before or anything, but I heard a definite improvement.

Posted on 03-07-2007 by Small
I think it's impossible to say that since the album is more unified in sound, and sounds somewhat different than their past efforts, that Stephen is a wuss, or that as the oldest member, he badgered the other members into doing something they rather wouldn't.

It's entirely possible that they're simply maturing into a sound you'd rather not hear.

I love this album, but I agree that on some levels, it's an uncomfortable love. I'll never regret the money I spent on it, but I [I]do[/I] hope the next one is slightly better.

I don't entirely understand what's wrong with the lyrics; I thought they were quite proficient.

Posted on 03-07-2007 by Mr. claw
Alright, I'm sorry, haha, but I did read an article in said Alternative Press magazine that said the band had agreed to go with a more unified sound of Stephen's choosing. Not grudgingly, mind you, they were in agreement. Thus, my statement concerning Stephen. So it could be said, I suppose, that they are indeed, "maturing" and that I do not like their new sound.

Posted on 03-08-2007 by akaukal
I don't entirely understand what's wrong with the lyrics; I thought they were quite proficient.[/QUOTE]

The lyrics sound forced to me.

Posted on 04-02-2007 by saveferris1643
I thought it was a great CD. I think the lyrics are better, and the sound is more diverse. I love that they threw in some acoustics, but also had some of the heavy one the I really love also like Hello Alone and Godspeed. I also thought Milligan on lead guitar was once again suberb and the music was very well written.

Posted on 04-02-2007 by Mr. claw
"Hello Alone" is not, and never will be, a heavy song in any context.

Posted on 04-02-2007 by HolyRockJfreak

I don't entirely understand what's wrong with the lyrics; I thought they were quite proficient.[/QUOTE]

I agree...I thought the lyrics were excellent...they may have been less rock like lyrics like NTFP....but they were much deeper....

Posted on 04-18-2007 by tl_guitarnut
I thought the lyrics were much more poetic this time around. They matched the music perfectly.

Posted on 05-02-2007 by heisouronlyhope
This is a pretty good Cd, well done.

Posted on 05-02-2007 by tigerfan88
Not as good as I expected it to be, but still pretty good. I prefer their last CD to this new one. 8 for me.

Posted on 05-11-2008 by Pilgrim And I
Without a doubt one of my favorite CDs! I gave it a 10! I pre-ordered it from the band as soon as I knew it was coming out. I was 11 when I first found out about Anberlin. I've loved them ever since. When I first got my copy, which was the day before it came out (SUCKA!), I was disappointed. It just sounded like they were ditching their "Blueprints For The Black Market" and "Never Take Friendship Personal" sound that I fell in love with; and the truth is they were. Anberlin has matured intensely! I loved their old sound, and now as they calm it down a bit... EVEN BETTER! Steven has one of the best voices I have EVER HEARD! I love it so much!
So for all of you who gave it a six. Give it another thoughtful listen. It's definately worth it!

Posted on 05-12-2007 by HooBassist
I love the last song. Its rediculously epic.

Posted on 05-21-2007 by Gsus_Rawks
Yah know what? I don't think it deserves a 10 as I formerly said. It should get a nine.
The lyrics are better (In my opinion) - but it doesn't sound quite as good as NTFP.

Posted on 05-21-2007 by CDBongo
The lyrics were better, the music was maybe a bit more well recorded, the tracks were more solid as a whole. I thought it was a tad bit depressing, even though ntfp was slightly too. I think that the lead singer sometimes sings too high for his own good. When I decided to get into anberlin, it was because I heard "glass to the arson". I haven't actually heard that cd, but all of their other songs sound nothing like it. I sometimes wonder if their first cd had that sound because I'm not sure what it is but I like it. Here are my top favorite anberlin songs

Glass to the arson
Paper thin hymn
Dismantle Repair

Posted on 06-04-2007 by LesPaulSpecial
Great album I gave it a 9 No albums perfect.
Godspeeds a winner!

Posted on 07-07-2007 by schecter777
I loved it. "Godspeed," "A Whisper And A Clamor," and "Fin" are my favorites.

Posted on 07-12-2007 by HolyRockJfreak
this album will no doubt hold some of my favorite songs of the year....but I think "Fin"....maybe be the best song of the year....and maybe the longest ;)

Posted on 07-12-2007 by frankg
I liked it, especially unwinding cable car and Godspeed. I gave it an 8.

Posted on 07-12-2007 by leenieweenie
I really enjoyed it, an excellent CD. I especially liked Fin and Alexithymia.

Posted on 07-12-2007 by Oh!Gravity
[QUOTE=HolyRockJfreak;2970327]this album will no doubt hold some of my favorite songs of the year....but I think "Fin"....maybe be the best song of the year....and maybe the longest ;)[/QUOTE]
Not the longest. Relient K's "Deathbed" is 12 minutes.

Posted on 07-13-2007 by HolyRockJfreak
[QUOTE=Oh!Gravity;2970785]Not the longest. Relient K's "Deathbed" is 12 minutes.[/QUOTE]

that's really long...I'll have to check it out....

Posted on 07-26-2009 by tmlfan123
[QUOTE=DKelly;3437786]As much as I love Anberlin as a band, this is the only album of theirs I would give a 10 without thinking twice.[/QUOTE]

Have you heard New Surrender?

I agree. They came close to tossing a no-hitter with this one.

Posted on 07-26-2009 by DKelly
As much as I love Anberlin as a band, this is the only album of theirs I would give a 10 without thinking twice.

I've really come to love everything about the band, but I've always felt that Stephen Christian's vocal work was one of the best parts of the band. I firmly believe he is at his best here. He can easily go from demonstrating his amazing vocal range in one song to sounding brutally honest and real in the next. The other big reason I'm such a fan of Anberlin is because of their ability to write lyrics that convey emotion and feelings in an intelligent way. This album, I believe, features some of Anberlin's best lyrics to date(if I were asked to list a highlight, I'd probably have to include every song because I find myself constantly impressed with Stephen and Joseph's writing the more I listen to each song). Reading the lyrics to the songs is like reading poetry.

Of course, I also really enjoy their musicianship as well. They never fail to impress me with some of the catchiest musical hooks and choruses I've heard that constantly get stuck in my brain. However, unlike such subpar bands as Fall Out Boy and other bands in the same genre, these guys write lyrics that mean something and tackle personal and important issues with themselves, the people around them, and the world they live in, a higher level of musical ability and skill, and Stephen's voice is one of the best I've heard. Also, they really did an effective job at building mood on this album, especially with the intro leading up to "Godspeed".

So, yeah. This album definitely deserves a 10, in my opinion. I can't wait to see them continue to grow sharper as a band in the future.

Posted on 07-26-2009 by DKelly
[QUOTE=tmlfan123;3437850]Have you heard New Surrender?[/QUOTE]

That's the only studio album of theirs I don't own.

Posted on 07-27-2009 by tmlfan123
[QUOTE=DKelly;3437967]That's the only studio album of theirs I don't own.[/QUOTE]

Well if there was one not to own, that would be the one - although I'd still say it's worth it to pick it up. It's not as good as their previous stuff, but it's still Anberlin.

Posted on 08-03-2007 by +SEAL+
[QUOTE=LesPaulSpecial;2940125]Great album I gave it a 9 No albums perfect.
Godspeeds a winner![/QUOTE]

More or less exactly my thoughts.

I like this sound. Definitely not your standard alternative/emo album, but it keep the genre alive. Very nice, here comes another solid 9.

Posted on 08-03-2007 by natedawg5280
I give it a nine. I didn't really like any of their CD's so far, so when I found this one I was shocked. They played some more aeshetically pleasing songs, to fit my taste. I don't like all the songs, but Cable Car, and Fin especially are sweet. Simple progressions, but they realized how sweet 1, 6, 3, 7 is. :p (figuring minor as do)

It sounded more mature then their other CD's, in my opinion.

Posted on 10-23-2008 by livingalive626
Amazing cd. 10. The lyrics are deep and inspiring, and the music fits them almost perfectly. i do wish the guitars had a more raw sound but nevertheless this is one of my fav cds ever.

Posted on 11-28-2007 by Bingxactly!
i gave it a 9.

and it's every bit as good, if not better, live. :D

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