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Leeland - Sounds of Melodies

Average User Rating: 9.42 out of 10
Total votes: 12 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 8

1. Sound Of Melodies
2. Reaching
3. Yes You Have
4. Tears Of The Saints
5. Beautiful Lord
6. Can't Stop
7. Lift Your Eyes
8. Hey
9. Too Much
10. How Wonderful
11. Carried To The Table

Posted on 03-02-2007 by akaukal
Awesome album. Great emotion and musicianship. Easy 10.

Posted on 04-06-2007 by Gsus_Rawks
I'm not going to vote.

I haven't actually heard all the songs on this CD, but from what I've heard it is pretty strong.

I was really hoping for a large amount of people to vote so I could see what people think.

Posted on 04-27-2007 by Naragrath
One of the best albums I own. The only worship music that sounds to me like actual worship. Not church people singing stale tunes with an emotional bent, not rockers trying to make worship 'cool', and not a wacky take on the worship form. Passionate, earnest songs of love, brokeness, and happiness to God from one of the most real sounding singers I've heard in a while.
Sound of Melodies is certainly my favorite, even though I've heard it a million times. Tears of the Saints and Carried to the Table are tied at second, whith Yes You Have right behind. Amazing stuff.

Posted on 05-04-2007 by heisouronlyhope
I got this CD for christmas, I alot of this CD but acouple of the songs sound like they just got put together in acouple hours because they needed more space on the cd.

Posted on 07-25-2007 by tl_guitarnut
This cd is really good. Passinate, real. Just about everything you want in a cd.

Posted on 08-24-2007 by Lilole`me
this cd is fantastic! And Leeland is an incredible worship leader!

Posted on 08-29-2007 by sunsurfer
Leeland has the most amazing voice I've ever heard.

Posted on 08-29-2007 by 2ManArmy
I really like "Tears of the Saints" but that is the only Leeland song I know sooo far.

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