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August Burns Red - Thrill Seeker

Average User Rating: 9.17 out of 10
Total votes: 12 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 9

1. Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins
2. Speech Impediment
3. Endorphins
4. Too Late For Roses
5. Barbarian
6. The Reflective Property
7. A Wish Full Of Dreams
8. Consumer
9. A Shot Below The Belt
10. Eve Of The End
11. The Seventh Trumpet

Posted on 01-09-2007 by DKelly
A very solid CD. This CD features some of the most complex metalcore I've ever heard, topped off with crazy time signatures and really technical riffs. The vocals are good, but have nothing on the musical quality of the CD.

I'd give it a 9

Posted on 01-09-2007 by Gecko of Doom
A 9 from me as well. This is probably the best metalcore album I've heard.

Posted on 01-23-2007 by guitarwannabe16
This CD was solid. Everything sounded really tight, especially the first 5 songs. I gave it a 9 and the only reason it didnt get a 10 was because after Barbarian, the songs got a little repetitive and started sounding like the "chug chug" formula.

Posted on 01-23-2007 by Disciple Freak
i [SIZE="7"]LOVE[/SIZE] this cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 01-28-2007 by skreamo syko
awesome! one of the best!

Posted on 01-30-2007 by Stain of Peace
Awesome CD, Barbarian is one of my favorite songs.

Posted on 05-03-2007 by Mr. claw
I was going to give this cd a 9, but I just couldn't do it. This cd goes waaayyy above and beyond the call of duty for most metal bands. Judging from this cd, this is hands down my favorite metal/metalcore band. And from what I've heard off their new album, it's going to be just as awesome.


Posted on 09-24-2007 by earlessdog
I didn't know I didn't post in here, yeah, 9, unreal stuff.
I still need Messengers, i've heard some of it, but not enough.

Posted on 09-24-2007 by normajean777
Ya I've been listening to this lately. Preparing for them to come to my city with Unearth. Anyway they're a great band (part of a sweet patch I guess, they were introduced alongside BTA), and it should be an awesome show in October.

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