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As Cities Burn-Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest

Average User Rating: 8.75 out of 10
Total votes: 16 (Click here to vote)
Total comments: 18

1. Thus From My Lips, By Yours, My Sin Is Purged
2. Love Jealous One, Love
3. Incomplete Is A Leech
4. Bloodsucker Pt. II
5. Terrible! How Terrible For The Great City!
6. The Widow
7. Wake Dead Man, Wake
8. Admission: Regret
9. One: Twentyseven
10. Of Want and Misery: The Nothing That Kills

Posted on 01-21-2007 by earlessdog
i like it, definetly nota 10.
not yet, i'll listen to it closer, but come on guys, 10?
the widow is one of my all time favs, but i'm gonna listen to it hard.

Posted on 01-23-2007 by guitarwannabe16
I thought this CD was quite original. I really love these guys alot

Some of the songs sound the same and are a little forgettable but overall i give it an 8.

Posted on 01-28-2008 by unopposed
Great CD One of my recent faves!!
I give it a 9
I like the new album as well, even with the other vocalist.

Posted on 01-30-2007 by Stain of Peace
Awesome CD, I usually listen to stuff a little harder, so at first I didn't like this CD that much. Listening to it more I realized I liked it alot. I gave it a 9.

Posted on 01-31-2007 by inferno420
these guys rock, they arent broken up, but one of the leads got married and had to leave the band, my favs are of want and misery, and Terrible! How Terrible For The Great City!
good stuff.

Posted on 02-01-2007 by Ax
I find it enjoyable, but not 10 worthy. I gave it an 8. They're horrible live though.

Posted on 02-01-2007 by earlessdog
well i changed my mind somewhat, I really like them now, still no 10, maybe a 8, stretch a 9? i'll have to listen more, but I really enjoy these guys now.

Posted on 02-01-2007 by Adam_8287
[QUOTE=AXguitar;2785511]I find it enjoyable, but not 10 worthy. I gave it an 8. They're horrible live though.[/QUOTE]

how so?

Posted on 02-01-2007 by Ax
[QUOTE=Adam_8287;2785598]how so?[/QUOTE]

What the album being enjoyable but not being a 10? or Live? Because this isn't the place for discussion of the latter.

It's not a 10 just because I don't consider it 10 worthy. I don't know. 10 level albums for me are albums that come to mind when I think of some of my most listened to and favorite albums. This album just isn't that.

As for live, I'll give a quick reason. I saw them live at the Masq. They didn't do much on stage... The vocalist was so inarticulate that he just sounded like mush. And their amps were totally excessive. (They ran full stacks, probably dimed, while mic'd, in a very small, intimate venue.) And they made One:TwentySeven into this really long, repetitive, super boring song.

Posted on 02-01-2007 by guitarwannabe16
^I hate when bands dont play their songs like on the CD. Occasionally they'll make it sound better but most of the time it sounds worse.

Posted on 02-01-2007 by Disciple Freak
this cd was pretty good

Posted on 11-09-2006 by Adam K
Awesome cd! I love the Blindside sounding scream!I give it a 9.

Posted on 11-09-2006 by akaukal
I freaking love this album! It reminds me somewhat of Blindside in the days of A Thought Crushed My Mind. Easy 10.

Posted on 11-10-2006 by Adam K
[QUOTE=akaukal;2674935]I freaking love this album! It reminds me somewhat of Blindside in the days of A Thought Crushed My Mind. Easy 10.[/QUOTE]


Posted on 11-12-2006 by normajean777
I give it 5. It did not impress me at all. Sounded like a rock band with a so-so sound. Not what I expected, and I bought the CD-T-shirt package when it came out.

Posted on 11-12-2006 by Mr. claw
Listen to it closely. It's brilliant. Bloodsucker pt. 2, wake dead man, wake, the list goes on. Loads of cool songs. Excellent debut cd.

Posted on 11-12-2006 by John Allison
I've had this cd for several months, and i LOVE it.
The winding guitar-work is amazing and i hadn't heard much like it.
His screaming and singing is really gd.

Posted on 12-16-2006 by ice_wiz
Meh, is all I really have to say about this album. Nice lyrics, but I find it kind of annoying, 6.

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